The World’s most costly Scientific Error

Monday, September 13, 2021
by Dr. Ed Berry

The world’s most costly scientific error is the false belief that human CO2 causes all the increase in atmospheric CO2.

The truth is that nature causes most of the increase. The truth changes everything they have told you about climate change.

My new scientific paper describes this widely promoted scientific error.

The journal Atmosphere peer reviewed my scientific paper and accepted it for publication. Even if the dark side were to block this forthcoming Atmosphere publication, my scientific paper will remain a breakthrough, peer-reviewed scientific paper in climate physics.

My paper proves nature causes most of the CO2 increase and the human contribution to the CO2 increase is small.

The importance of the truth 

Climate treaties are useless because we cannot stop mother nature from increasing CO2.

Arguments that we must reduce our CO2 emissions to stop climate change are now unethical, immoral, irrational, and irresponsible because, according to IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data, our CO2 does not cause climate change. Nature does.

There may be other arguments for wind energy, solar energy, electric vehicles, and energy conservation, but stopping climate change is not one of them.

And when the Associated Press or your teachers or professors tell you your CO2 causes droughts, floods, hurricanes, forest fires, and species extinction, they are lying to you.

Arguments that more CO2 is good are valid, but those arguments are outside the scope of my paper.

Who will tell you the climate truth?

Today, only a handful of scientists recognize this major IPCC scientific error. 

Many scientists and media sources don’t know the truth and, if they did, they would not want you to know the truth. The dark side wants to keep you in the dark.

You see, those who support the climate error want to keep you dumbed down.  Their next election depends on it. Their job depends on it. Their retirement depends on it. Their wealth depends on it. Their reputation depends on it. Their ego depends on it.

Their power to control you depends on it. Believe them and you are their puppet. Follow the truth and you will be free. 

The climate fraud taught the dark side how to control you.

When they convince you to believe one science fraud, it is easier for them to make you believe their next science fraud. They learned to scare you to death with a problem and you will buy their “solution”.

The climate fraud showed government how they can make you believe anything. (9-11, COVID?)

The world’s most costly science error harms science.

Physics Today just published the article, “The US is falling behind in basic energy sciences, DOE panel finds.”

It is no wonder that America’s science is “falling behind” when America’s schools, colleges, and universities teach people to believe IPCC’s invalid climate assumption is true because you must reject basic physics to believe it.

Believe their invalid climate assumption is true and you will destroy your ability to think. It is that illogical. 

There is a whole generation of kids who think they can save the world by working to reduce our CO2 emissions. Their teachers and professors have so dumbed them down that they do not understand basic physics.

The source of true science.

My paper proves what the IPCC says is “incontrovertible” truth is a scientific error.

It does not matter how many “scientists” disagree with my proof because votes do not decide climate truth.

Science progresses when people prove a theory is wrong. My paper is a checkmate proof that the UN IPCC core climate theory is wrong. Therefore, my paper contributes to scientific progress.

With their billions of dollars of government funding, IPCC scientists should have discovered their scientific error. But none of them did.

True science is not dictated by people with important positions in government, universities, professional societies, institutes, or coalitions.

True science derives from simple arguments supported by accurate mathematics. That is what my paper does.

The history of science shows a groupthink majority such as these believers will defend their belief by ignoring or attacking the messengers of the truth.

Good students can understand my paper.

You don’t need a PhD to understand my paper, but some proficiency in math and physics will help. I can teach qualified high-school students to understand my paper, and it would be a valuable science lesson for them.

The logic of my paper is simple. It has four steps:

  • 1. It uses IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data. 
  • 2. It computes deductively the resulting true human carbon cycle.
  • 3. This true human carbon cycle disagrees with IPCC’s human carbon cycle
  • 4. Therefore, IPCC’s human carbon cycle is wrong.

IPCC’s human carbon cycle — the basis of all IPCC’s climate claims and climate models — contradicts IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data. 

My proof of IPCC’s error is independent of outside data and is deductive. Therefore, it is a checkmate proof!

True scientists will understand this IPCC error and will tell the people the truth.

You can promote climate truth.

My scientific paper backs up the science in my book, Climate Miracle.

Climate Miracle is easy to read. It is purposely short so it will not put you to sleep. Nobody is going to read a 300-page treatise on climate.

Climate Miracle can be a homeschool textbook on how to understand science.

People are buying Climate Miracle and they like it. (These book sales support my emails to you and my work in climate physics.)

But Climate Miracle threatens the dark side, so they write ignorant zero-star reviews on Amazon that prove they do not understand science.

If you have not done so already, you can promote climate truth by writing your review of Climate Miracle on Amazon.

I will appreciate your effort very much.


  1. Part of the problem we have in confronting the lie is that it is a deliberate lie premeditated as a control mechanism of the masses. It politicises fear and backs this with propaganda to enslave the minds of the global population. Reinforce this with indoctrination at schools and universities as you have said and you end up with a dumbed down population incapable of logical thinking on the issue.
    Having said that, the only antidote to this political manipulation is truth. Throughout tie it’s been the individual who marches against the throng that has the power to undo the plotting of the corrupt and evil purveyors of untruth. You are such a person.
    For this you have the respect of many. Please stick with it. You have more power than you realise.

  2. The concept that there was scientific error is a good one since it let’s many scientists off the hook. It was a scam, and many scientists bought into it and need a face saving way out. Perhaps they went along with the scam because they are sheep it doesn’t mater. You are a genius to have figured a way out. I believe the person who started the scam was Gordon MacDonald who published a paper “JSR-78-07” Titled “The Long Term Impact Of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide On Climate”. He introduced a lot of false science that is still the basis used to support AGW. He even claimed that atmospheric CO2 could acidify and heat up the oceans. Dr. MacDonald has been dead for over 10 years so we may never know why he published junk science. But I will add that 50+ years ago scientists questioned two issues with respect to AGW. One was possible source of natural CO2 and the other was heat from the earth. For both the answer was “we looked into it and the impact would be minimal” I believe the questions were posed by shills.

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