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  1. ED; I have read the book by Dinesh D’Souza “America: Imagine a World without Her” and am very impressed with his ability, even though coming from India, to understand and realize all of the problems facing the nation today while it seems the ones who should be preventing these horrible occurrences from happening do not seem to have any idea ,at all, just what is happening. There are some Republicans that have an idea about it and what should be done to prevent the total destruction of the nation; but, is anyone listening to them? The key thing is that people need to get out and vote and vote for the Republican because they, even if you do not think they are conservative enough, at least will not be a total socialist like most of the Democrats are, such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    When doing some research on education in the U.S. I happened on this information:
    "Roughly 20 percent of the general population is liberal and 40 percent is conservative. Conservatives are in an uphill battle for the hearts and mind of a  generation–most students probably graduate without ever having a class taught by a professor with a conservative view point."

    If it is true that 20 percent of the general population is liberal and 40 percent is conservative, then one can certainly wonder at where they are come election day. If the results are what they have been the last two presidential election cycles where this most unqualified person, ever, to be president is elected, then this 40% has not voted and therefore has NO right to complain about anything this charlatan is doing to the nation.

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