1. Thank you. You said exactly what I have been thinking all year. How do we get the rest of the world to listen?

  2. Thank you Ed. I have followed you for manny years. A voice in the wilderness reverberates to many who are listening. Never give up. Harley

  3. Very precise info, totally accurate and absent in the lamestream media. Individualism vs the
    collective—who always want to dominate & control….I will pas this info on.
    What no one talks about is Election Reform— How can we possible have honest elections, just as in sports, without clear cut fair rules?

  4. Thank you Dr Berry. It’s good to see support for this viewpoint. I agree totally with your assessment of the situation. Nevertheless, my absolute belief in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy leads me to believe that the dark side (commonly known as “the Swamp”) will eventually succeed in their quest to rule the planet. In the meantime, they should be resisted for as long as possible, not only because they are patently evil but for the sake of bringing as many lost souls to Christ before he comes for his own and then proceeds to pour out his wrath upon the last godless generation.

    1. I agree with you, Don. By His grace, let us do what we can while we can. Let us not be weary in well doing. Sincerely in Christ, Edward Hoffman

  5. The Commissars have been trying to take away our rights for many years. Remember the antitobacco campaign. Smoking became Public Enemy # one. This campaign had little to do with your health and everything to control your behavior. OSHA, the government trying to protect you while you work. They made it impossible to do a job. Nuclear power plants are evil, so what did president clinton do, he placed Americas largest reserve of coal, he lock up 1.7 million acres in Utah, called Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The commissar’s kept on looking on how to remove our Rights. They came up with Pollution Control and the preservation o animals. They started to push wetlands, this was a way to steal your property. Gold mining north of Yellowstone, they paid the company who own the mine 65 million dollars to close that mine. Wyoming and Montana lost 233 million dollars in lost revenue. Environmental crimes run a parallel course with political crimes.One more thing the commissars came up with.”American Heritage Rivers” Land without water land is useless. The commissars took with this law 40 percent of the land in the United States How about the attack on the family, starting with the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. This Country imports minerals and rare earth minerals fron china, yet every mineral can be found in Montana. lithium in a by-product of Coal, Wyoming leads the U.S. in getting Lithium. Montana is call the Treasure State, but most mines are lockup.

    1. “They started to push wetlands, this was a way to steal your property”.
      “Many of these wetlands are seasonal (they are dry one or more seasons every year), and, particularly in the arid and semiarid West, may be wet only periodically. The quantity of water present and the timing of its presence in part determine the functions of a wetland and its role in the environment. Even wetlands that appear dry at times for significant parts of the year — such as vernal pools– often provide critical habitat for wildlife adapted to breeding exclusively in these areas.”
      This below demonstrates how the Obama administration is trying to use the law to increase its control over the people of the land.
      “Laws & Regulations
      Laws & Executive Orders
      There are a number of federal statutes passed by Congress and signed into law by the President that are central to the Office of Water’s mission. In addition, Presidential Executive Orders (EOs) play a central role in a number of Office of Water activities. EOs are legally binding orders that direct EPA and other federal agencies in their execution of Congressionally established laws and policies.”

  6. I agree with you regarding how crucial this upcoming, November 3, 2020, election is that President Trump and the decent republicans, who are up for reelection, win this election. It is going to be difficult to be able to see ‘our side’ win when the other side is pulling out all of the stops to assure that their far left socialist candidates prevail by pushing for mail in voting, which could be, and will be, easily corrupted to have the left’s people win.
    Remember the mess that was the recounts in the 2000 election in Florida when they had actual ballots to deal with? What will happen if the ballots that were sent out in mass to just random addresses are counted and the results contested?
    The real worry for me is that the tech players, such as the corrupt far left Facebook & Google use their platforms to try to influence the outcome of the election. They could have done so in 2016; but, they did not believe that Trump had a snowballs chance in hell of winning the election; so, they did not fully activate their arsenal of ways to try to influence the outcome of that election.
    The 2020 election is a different ball game and these corrupt tech giants, who have grown into dangerous enemies of the survival of the republic that we cherish, & they will use all the tools at their disposal to see that Trump is defeated.
    This good You Tube better explains that threat that Facebook, Google and Twitter present to our nation and that is the nation whose freedoms have led to Facebook, Google and Twitter becoming as powerful as what they are.
    Sen. Cruz Questions Victims of Censorship on Google’s Bias

     Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
    QUOTATION:        “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
    “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
    ATTRIBUTION:        The response is attributed to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN—at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation—in the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention.

    1. The link for this did not show up; so, here it is.
      Sen. Cruz Questions Victims of Censorship on Google’s Bias

      Yesterday I had an interesting sampling of how Facebook handles their business when I posted what follows and got blocked 30 days by them for doing so. They said that it was hate speech for posting this to a picture of some bacon and how Muslims want to see bacon banned. Is this a group that we want to have deciding who will be our President for the next 4 years? I think not.

      About your post
      Yesterday at 4:28 PM
      No one else can see your post.
      Bring on the bacon and ban the Muslims.


  7. Not a lot to add but THANKS for your efforts. God willing, the rational among us still outnumber the mind controlled (mostly Millennial) dupes.
    I didn’t specifically pray to live in interesting times, but who knew that the ultimate fruits of Marxism, Freudian Psychology (Its NOT my fault) as well as Orwell’s predictions would all intersect just as in…what was that book again….oh yeah… something to do with Revelation?
    Cheers and the blessings of Christ on all. ELK (USNA ’68)

  8. First and foremost, we Need Term Limits. Eliminate “career politicians”. While Trump is egotistical he is a business man running the gov’t like what it is, A HUGE BUSINESS. We don’t need lightweights like Pelosi and the barmaids having anything to do with the lives of working contributing Americans.
    They and their like should get out in the real world and experience real life experiences.
    How many common Americans have a $24,000 refrigerator or receive $200,000 plus dollars in salary after working for tips in a bar?
    If you put Biden and Trump on a seesaw there is no telling how high up Biden would go! He is a lightweight with no conscious nor ethics.

    1. Term Limits: Even more than for politicians, they are needed for federal bureaucrats: unelected civil “servants” who, with each passing day, control ever more of the public’s existance. Unless Trump can clean house (at which he has yet to be successful), the US will soon be the United States of Washington DC.

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