Donald Trump and the Myth Keepers

Totally brilliant. Most common sense article I have ever read on NWV concerning voting. EVERY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO READ THIS. – Barbara La Lena  by Dr. Edwin Berry, also NewsWithViews Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s article today did a magnificent job…

Should I Worry?

Dr. Nebert is a physician-scientist with 50 years of work in basic and clinical research. He has over 500 publications. His public-oriented articles, like this one, are about busting myths. He uses scientific facts to counter publicly accepted hype and hysteria. The…

Let’s not forget who gave us Senator Tester

by Dr. Ed Berry Montana’s Senator Tester helped bring Obamacare to America. Now Senator Tester is a key proponent of Obama’s Iran deal. Today, the Montana GOP requested donations to help them hold Tester accountable for his misdeeds. Jeff Essmann, Montana…

Why the Republican Party is fractured

by Dr. Ed Berry Everyone knows the Republican Party is fractured. Some people propose to glue the Party back together, as if it were a broken Humpty Dumpty. But before you can solve a problem, you must understand the problem….

The Four Faces of the Republican Party

Please go to this link to read my 2020 candidate recommendations for Montana. Sorry for the wrong link in my email. by Dr. Ed Berry Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center wrote an insightful article “The Four…

America: Imagine a World without Her

by Dr. Ed Berry The question is: “Is America worth saving?” Dinesh D’Souza’s “America: Imagine a World without Her” explains why we must stop Obama and the Progressive Democrats from taking America down. “America: Imagine a World without Her” movie and book is…

Mansions of the Lord

Mansions of the Lord

A tribute to the U.S. military service personnel who gave their all for our freedom.

Principles and the Lesser Evil

The Voting Principle defines moral voting and it prevails over the Mantras and over those who preach against it.

Accusers who say we have “sold out”, or “flip-flopped” by backing the winner of a Republican primary, are the ones who have “sold out” on moral principles.

Widely accepted moral teachings say when there are “two evils” in an election, we must reject third-party candidates who cannot possible win and vote for the candidate who will do the least evil and do the most good.

Those who say we should not vote for the “lesser of two evils” promote immoral actions and the greater evil.

Those who vote to achieve the most possible good from the options available act morally, logically, intelligently, and according to common sense.

Radicals and the Lesser Evil

The lesser evil Mantra conflicts with logic and with the principles of all major Christian religions. Conservatives must attack the logic and Christianity of radical rightwing leaders and the Mantras they promote, until the leaders’ followers wake up and realize they are being led astray by their false prophets.