1. After I volunteered for the unpaid job of Expert Reviewer for the manuscript for IPCC AR6 (the latest version of the IPCC’s Climate Assessment Report), the IPCC reviewed my record of peer-reviewed publications in the literature of global warming climatology and on this basis accepted my offer. When I read the manuscript I noticed that it overlooked a glaring error in the argument made by an IPCC climate model. This was that the runs of such a model conveyed nil infomation gain to a would-be regulator of the outcomes of the events of the future for Earth’s climate system, precluding regulation of this system by a would-be regulator of it. On these grounds, I advised against the publication of this manuscript. Without addressing the issue I had raised, the IPCC ignored me and published the faulty manuscript. My appeals to the Chair of the IPCC and Chief Statistician of the United Nations were to no avail.

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