Dr. Ed Berry – Biosketch

Edwin X Berry, PhD, CCM

Dr. Edwin Berry is CEO of Climate Physics, LLC, in Bigfork, Montana. He received his BS in Engineering from Caltech, his MA in Physics from Dartmouth, and his PhD in Physics from the University of Nevada.

At Dartmouth, Berry studied probability and Markov chains and philosophy of science under John Kemeny, a student of Albert Einstein. At Nevada, Berry studied physics under Friedwart Winterberg, Heisenberg’s best student, and William T. Scott.

Berry’s theoretical PhD thesis is recognized in textbooks as a breakthrough in the physics of rain and in numerical modeling, and still receives several citations per year.

Berry is an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM). Berry is a pilot, with glider, power, and instrument ratings. Berry was chief scientist for Nevada’s Desert Research Institute (DRI) airborne research facility. He designed the first airborne, earth-referenced radar before modern GPS instruments.

The Department of Defense (DOD) choose Berry to be the only civilian in a top-secret weather modification project.

The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) chose Berry to be its Program Manager for Weather Modification, where he managed the Metropolitan Meteorological Experiment (METROMEX), the National Hail Research Experiment (NHRE), and university research.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) used Berry’s methods to reduce wind shear accidents at major airports. The California Energy Commission (CEC) funded Berry to perform its wind-energy study of the southern California desert.

Berry developed a numerical model that was the first to present new evidence in a criminal trial. Berry’s model won the People’s Choice Award at Microsoft’s Windows World Open software contest against over 1300 entries.

The University of Nevada Alumni Association awarded Berry with its Professional Achievement Award, following nominated by his mentor, Friedwart Winterberg.

Berry has self-funded his climate research since 2001. His website, edberry.com, provides climate education and information for the public.

In sports, Berry’s overall athletic performance, when a graduate student at Nevada, earned him a membership in the elite Sigma Delta Psi national athletic honorary.

Berry and his wife, Valerie, won world and USA centerboard sailing championships.

In age-group competition, Berry placed in the USA Top-10 run-bike-run. He holds Concept2 rowing world records for 100m and one-minute. He is close to a world record for 500m.