What Scientists Really Say About Global Warming

Here’s what scientists say:

  1. 2007: 101 key scientists contradict the IPCC Report.
  2. 2008: 650 scientists, over 12 times the 52 signers, dissent at the UN meeting.
  3. 2008: Japan Geoscience Union symposium survey showed 90% of participants do not believe the IPCC report.
  4. 2009: 700 key scientists sign the Senate report (Inhofe) debunking man-made global warming claims.
  5. 2009: International Conference on Climate Change: All 700 scientists agree that CO2 does not cause global warming.

Here is a summary of #1 above:

  • The IPCC Summary Reports do not represent the input, views or consensus of scientists.
  • Claims of global warming are not evidence that the global warming hypothesis is correct. Changes in glaciers, sea-level, species, etc., are not evidence of abnormal climate change.
  • The climate models are invalid. They cannot predict climate and even the IPCC reps agree.
  • The global warming hypothesis has been falsified by significant peer-reviewed research.
  • There is no basis to cut CO2 emissions. It is not shown that CO2 alters climate and it is not possible to stop climate change
  • Cutting CO2 is bad economics, is a tragic misallocation of our resources, will decrease our ability to adapt and will increase human suffering.
  • We must produce energy and not limit CO2 emissions. We need energy to adapt to natural climate change. The ‚Äúprecautionary principal‚ÄĚ (the idea of spending money to solve a problem that you are not sure exists) is irrational.

This is very strong support from the atmospheric science community for the position that the global warming hypothesis is dead.

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