Climate Politics

Klaus: What is Endangered? Climate or Freedom?

by Vaclav Klaus

My answer to this question is very clear and straightforward: “Endangered is freedom. Climate is OK.”

After spending several years studying this issue I came to the conclusion we were deceived.

The Great Global Warming Debate is not about temperature or CO2 levels. It is not a scientific dispute inside climatology.

The Great Global Warming Debate is a dispute about us, about people, about human society, about our values, our habits, our life.

It is a clash between those who want to change us (not climate) and those who believe in freedom, markets, human ingenuity, and technical progress.

Global warming doctrine – as a part of environmentalism – is an ideology which uses (or better to say misuses) some elements of scientific inquiry to a totally non-scientific goals and aims.

Its goal is to mastermind the world and all of us.


Václav Klaus is president and former prime minister of the Czech Republic. Born in 1941, he grew up under communist totalitarianism. He knows well the methods used to curtail liberty and freedom of speech. He has written over 20 books, including one on the dangers of ‘environmentalism’, Blue Planet in Green Shackles.

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