Global warming is an eco religion

by Dr. Ed Berry, also in Daily Inter Lake Op Ed of August 31, 2014

“Piltdown Man Hoax Is Exposed,” announced the New York Times on November 21, 1953. Yet liberals like Bill Baum believe the global warming hoax because their environmental religion requires it.

Baum hangs his June 29 rebuttal of my March 7 talk on a second hoax perpetuated to support the global warming hoax, namely, that 97 percent of scientists believe human CO2 causes significant global warming.

Consensus is central to politics but irrelevant to science where logic and data prevail. But on the subject of consensus, a simple internet search of “97 percent of scientists” finds a dozen articles that prove the oft-quoted 97-percent claim is an urban myth.

The primary source of this hoax comes from a report by John Cook of the University of Queensland. Cook claims to have reviewed over 11,000 climate science articles.

Cook’s report says 97.1 percent of the reviewed abstracts conclude “humans are causing global warming.” Well, by how much? Everyone agrees there is a very small effect. So this statement means nothing.  Cook made the mistake of including in his 97 percent, papers by well-known skeptical scientists.

In 2013, Legates et al published a recount of Cook’s data that shows only 64, or 0.5 percent, of 11,944 papers published since 1991 say “most” warming since 1950 was manmade.

Here’s a short summary of my talk on March 7:

In the last 600 million years, our solar system passed through 4 spiral arms of our Milky Way. Earth’s average temperature was 22C when outside our galaxy’s spirals arms but decreased when inside each spiral arm, where cosmic rays are stronger.

From 450 to 420 million years ago, Earth passed through the Perseus spiral arm and average temperature dropped to 12C even while CO2 concentration was at 4500 ppm, 11 times today’s CO2 concentration. These temperature drops during high CO2 contradict the global warming hypothesis. Upon exiting the Perseus spiral arm, Earth’s temperature returned to 22C.

From 320 to 270 million years ago, Earth passed through the Norma spiral arm and the temperature again dropped to 12C, rising again to 22C when Earth exited this spiral arm.

150 to 130 million years ago, the earth passed through the Crux-Scutum spiral arm and the temperature to dropped 16C at the end of the 100 million year Triassic-Jurassic age.

For the last 20 million years, Earth has been in the Orion Spur spiral arm and temperature dropped from 22C to the range between 12C to 16C.

This shows CO2 has little effect on Earth’s temperature but more cosmic cause temperature to drop by increasing cloud cover.

Shortening our time scale, we live in the fifth 12,000-year warm period of the last 420,000 years and we have pretty much used up our 12,000 years. We are living in the fourth mini-warm period of the last 3000 years where each succeeding warm period has been cooler.

In 1820, Earth began its recovery from the Little Ice Age. This natural warming has continued with superimposed ocean cycles to today. Glaciers began to shorten in 1820, about 140 years before humans began to emit significant CO2.

Humans caused only 3 percent of the CO2 increase since 1958. Nature caused 97 percent. Even if we stopped all human CO2 emissions, we would have no effect on climate.

Natural CO2 emissions and absorptions are each 40 times human emissions, and the small difference determines whether CO2 rises or falls.

Nature easily compensates for human emissions. Claims that human CO2 emissions have “tipped” some “natural balance” is a doctrine of eco religion but has no basis in physics.

AIRS satellite data show warmer oceans, not humans, produce most CO2 emissions, and America’s vegetation absorbs more CO2 than its humans emit. Industrialized countries are more CO2 friendly than third-world countries.

RSS satellite data show no global warming for 17 years. The Central England Temperature Record shows no warming for 25 years.

All 73 climate models way over-predict actual temperature increase, and the models to not agree among themselves. The scientific method requires we reject the global warming hypothesis because its predictions do not match data.

Montana’s average temperature has decreased by 0.6F per decade since 1997. Glacier National Park Superintendent Jeff Mow’s politically-derived claim that human CO2 caused his glaciers to melt has no scientific support.

New analyses prove temperature drives CO2 change. CO2 does not drive temperature. Game over for global warming.

The claim that our carbon dioxide emissions are a significant factor in climate change is a hoax like the Piltdown Man. Our biggest threat comes not from human CO2 emissions but from people who believe what is not so.

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  1. Simply and well said Edwin. That the scientific method itself says reject the hypothesis needs as much airplay as it can get otherwise its back to the dark ages for critical thinking and education in general – which will be good for no one, except of course for eco religions.

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