How they are turning off the lights in America

by Dr. Ed Berry (posted September 2009)

On October 31, 2009, the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company, once the largest aluminum plant in the world, will shut down because it cannot purchase enough electrical power. Based in Flathead County, Montana, the shutdown will cost American some industry and some jobs.

How did this happen in America? America was once the envy of the world in its industrial capability. America’s industrial capacity built America into the most productive nation the world had ever known. Its standard of living rose to levels never before accomplished. Its currency became valuable and allowed Americans to purchase imported goods at cheap prices.

America’s power depends on abundant, low-cost electrical energy.

America’s pioneers used America’s vast natural resources to help create the industrial revolution. A great economy is founded on the ability to produce electrical energy at a low cost. But people who opposed America’s greatness worked to extinguish America’s ability. Why?

In 2006, the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company negotiated a contract with the Bonneville Power Administration to receive electrical power until September 30, 2011. But environmental groups filed lawsuits to stop the electrical power contract. The liberal 9th US Circuit Court ruled the Company’s contract was violated the Northwest Power Act.

Why could Columbia Falls Aluminum not find sources of electricity other than Bonneville?

Our government helped environmentalists to shut down America.

Many environmental groups like the Sierra Club and America’s elected officials worked to take down America. The officials bought into the green agenda promoted by the heavily funded environmental groups. They passed laws to allow environmental groups to file lawsuits to turn off the lights in America. The dominos started to fall.

They began to stop nuclear power plants in the 1970’s. Since then, they have locked up much of America’s coal and oil resources with land laws. Finally, they passed tax credits that force working-class taxpayers to pay the tax bills that billionaire investors save when they invest in wind and solar energy projects.

The meeting that changed our future

In 1988, the Environmental Protection Agency called a meeting of atmospheric scientists and others with environmental interests. I remember well the meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area. The theater-like lecture room with the seating curved to face the center stage rose rapidly toward the back of the room. I knew the atmospheric scientists from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Stanford Research Institute, and some local colleges.

The room became silent when a man walked up to the lectern. He told us global warming is the new national problem. Human carbon dioxide emissions, he said, trap the earth’s radiation and this increases global temperature. Then, the increased global temperature will cause environmental disasters. He said the EPA and other government agencies will change their future research funding to focus on the disasters that global warming will cause.

The room was silent. I was the first to raise my hand to ask a question,

“How can you defend your global warming hypothesis when you have omitted the effects of changing cloud cover which affects heat balance much more than carbon dioxide? Also, why does your hypothesis contradict the paper by Lee in the 1973 Journal of Applied Meteorology that shows the atmosphere does not behave like a greenhouse?”

He answered me by saying, “You do not know what you are talking about. I know more about how the atmosphere works than you do.”

Not being one to drop out of a fight, I responded,

“I know many of the atmospheric scientists in this room and many others who are not present. But who are you? What is your background? What makes you think you know more than the atmospheric scientists in this room?”

He answered,

“I know more than you because I am a lawyer for the EPA.”

After the meeting, many of my atmospheric science friends who worked for public agencies thanked me for what I said, saying they would have liked to say the same thing but they feared for their jobs.

And that is my recollection of the day a federal government lawyer, announced how the federal government had bought into the global warming fraud. This government decision would change the lives of climate scientists. From that day forward, government agencies would give absurd “research” contracts to ecologists, rather than to physicists and engineers, because the ecologists would support the government’s global warming agenda.

Fast forward to today.

The federal government spends 1000 times more money to promote the global warming charade than it spends on the scientists have who argue against it. Why?

The reason half the public believes their Co2 causes global warming is the massively-funded, Joe Camel propaganda for global warming. Never before in history has a government used a massive publicity campaign to convince the public of a matter related to science. Why?

If a scientific conclusion is true, it takes no government effort to convince the people. The people understand the truth.

Money flows to the green eco-groups who have their umbilical cords connected to government. Most climate alarmists have no professional training in atmospheric science. They include environmentalists, ecologists, lawyers, and politicians. Many non-scientists believe they are experts in climate physics.

The eco-groups have made great progress. They elected politicians who passed laws that define carbon dioxide as bad. For example, California’s AB32 is based on science fiction.

In 2000, America planned 150 new coal-electric power plants to support its industry. These power plants would have been “clean” by real standards. But the Greens got the courts to legally define carbon dioxide as “dirty.” And the “dirty” definition helped the Sierra Club stop 82 of the 150 planned power plants under Bush II. They expect it will be a slam dunk to stop the rest under Obama.

So, the real reason the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company had to shut down is America stopped building new power plants a long time ago. There is now no other source where the company can buy energy. Wind energy is not a substitute for a reliable source of electricity for industry. The environmental groups have forced America’s energy-producing capability into a decline. And the decline is taking America with it.

In the 1960s, I was a member of the Sierra Club because it was a nice hiking club. In the late 1960s, the Sierra Club began its attack America’s nuclear power. So, I quit the Sierra Club. Many Sierra Club subscribers think they are supporting a good cause. The fact is they are supporting the destruction of America brick by brick. The Sierra Club and similar organizations are like watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside.

Inherent in ecology are three assumptions: “natural” conditions are optimal, the climate is fragile, and human influences are bad. Physics makes no such assumptions. By assuming climate is fragile, the global warming supporters have assumed their conclusion. In fact, the climate is not fragile. It is stable.

Global-warming believers dismiss physics and logic. As a result, physical scientists say the belief in global warming is a religion.

Environmentalists in government, colleges, and universities promote their new-age global-warming religion. They have brainwashed our people, inserted their environmental religion into our laws, and seek to destroy America from the inside.

Call to action

It’s time for wise Americans to come together to stop the climate myth from further destroying America. The science is clear. The climate alarmists do not have a scientific case to support their claims. They simply ignore the science and continue to promote their charade.

We will stop the climate alarmists. I will start a new effort to stop the climate alarmists in January. Be sure to sign up for my emails so you will have the opportunity to join our effort.


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Page 37: “Lee’s paper is a milestone marking the day after which every serious scientist or science educator is no longer allowed to compare the greenhouse with the atmosphere.”

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