A Tribute to Murry Salby

By his friends and colleagues


Dear Colleagues and Friends of Murry Salby,

You all know the excellent scientific work of Prof. Murry Salby published in his books, hundreds of papers and conference contributions and also presented in several videos. But some of you might not be aware that Murry passed away earlier this year. I recently made contact with Murry’s son who confirmed that his father died of a rapid unforeseen illness while he was visiting his son in Melbourne. His son has given me permission to inform you of this directly through this email.

Murry was one of the few real experts in atmospheric physics and climate science. He had extensively studied the main processes controlling the Earth-Atmosphere System and was able to deduce from this the true connections of increasing greenhouse gases and a changing climate.

In times that are more determined by pseudo-science than serious climate science we have lost an important voice standing up for the true values in science and research and, even more so, in spite of the great personal attacks and existential impairments he had to bear over recent years.

We pay the greatest tribute to the deceased for his extensive scientific work which has contributed to a much deeper understanding of climate processes.

We mourn the loss of a great colleague and friend.

Hermann Harde

Dear Hermann,

I am deeply saddened by the news of Murry’s death. I have known Murry since he was a grad student at Georgia Tech. He was always bright, creative, and determined. Please pass my condolences to his son.


Richard Lindzen

Dear Hermann,

We all thank you for your work to create and produce Murry Salby’s videos and scientific papers (jointly with you) that will forever be reminders of his significant contributions to atmospheric science.

What controls the atmospheric CO2 level? – SCC (klimarealistene.com)
Control of atmospheric CO2 Part 1 – SCC (klimarealistene.com)
Control of atmospheric CO2 Part 2 – SCC (klimarealistene.com)


Ed Berry

Dear Edwin and other good friends,
We have decided that the Journal Science of Climate Change will have a new web site: scienceofclimatechange.org, and that the papers published here will be Open Access. This includes the two papers of Salby & Harde mentioned below and one paper just submitted (Oct 24). The new web site is under construction.
As a tribute to Murry we make all three papers available at these addresses:


Jan-Erik Solheim

new editor SCC, Norway

Thank you Gentlemen for your kind words.

Murry Salby was my friend – he visited Calgary in the summers pre-Covid and we enjoyed many good talks. He was very bright and fit and rode his bicycle long distances most days. I was expecting to see him again once the Covid panic had passed.

Murry Salby, Hermann Harde and Ed Berry all proposed the hypothesis that much of the increase in atmospheric CO2 was natural and not human-made. The jury is still out on their hypo, but some of the smartest people I know think they were essentially correct. Theirs was an exercise in pure climate science, because we don’t need their hypo to disprove and utterly demolish the false notion of catastrophic human-made global warming – a fifty-year-old scam that was never supported by any credible evidence.

Best regards to all,

Allan MacRae

Dear Hermann,

Although I just met Murry recently in several occasions here in Germany, I was very impressed by his broad knowledge and personal reluctant but always fair attitude, even towards those who don’t want his very best. I remember him as a very busy and in the very best sense posh person. It’s such a pity not to have him with us any longer. We become less and less.

Please forward my condolences to his son.

Michael Limburg

European Institute of Energy and Climate (EIKE)

Dear Professor Harde,

Thank you for the tribute to Professor Salby.  And thank you for hosting his video lectures. 
I wish I had the opportunity to meet him.  May he rest in peace.


Bud Bromley

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