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Climate Physics

We stopped the Climate Change Petition in the Montana Supreme Court in 2011. This saved Montana's economy and made climate change science legally “not settled” in Montana.

Earth is not in danger of overheating. It's recovering from the Little Ice Age. Global temperatures have been much warmer than now in our 10,000-year Holocene warm period.

Carbon dioxide emissions do not cause climate change. Climate change legislation wants to remove your cheap energy, raise your taxes, and make America a second rate country.

When we exit our present Holocene warm period, temperatures will plunge. To survive the coming cold and defend America, we must develop our coal, oil, gas, and nuclear energy.


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Dr. Edwin Berry, Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Physicist, meteorologist, engineer, and businessman.

An expert witness in many legal trials, Dr. Berry has never been on the losing side of a case.