Dr. Ed Berry

We saved Montana’s economy by defeating the “Our Children’s Trust” petition in Montana’s Supreme Court, making Montana the first state where climate change science is legally “not settled.” We help you fight the climate change alarmists.

Carbon dioxide is not dangerous to our climate. Climate change legislation is not about saving the planet. It’s about controlling you, taxing you, reducing America’s access to reliable energy and making America a second rate country.

Dr. Berry can help you fight Climate Change claims. Ed Berry, Ph.D., is a physicist, meteorologist, engineer, and businessman. An expert witness in many legal trials, Dr. Berry has never been on the losing side of a case.



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Climate Physics

Here is where you can read about the Montana Supreme Court Climate Change Petition. Review the documents we used as evidence. Read the many open letters from climate scientists.

Nature, not man, causes climate change. Our present Holocene warm period will not last forever and we cannot survive on wind or solar energy. We must develop our coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy resources to survive the next 90,000-year ice age. There is no reason to restrict our carbon dioxide emissions.


Climate Clash

Here is where you can debate climate change science. We publish good articles about climate change for review and comment. Many people say the science discussions make fascinating reading.

Planet Earth is in no danger of overheating. We have recovered from the Little Ice Age. In our 10,000-year Holocene warm period, global temperatures have been much warmer than now. Our carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change.



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