1. A reader informed me on October 9, 2015, that Rosendale announced his support of Ryan Zinke at the Montana Republican Convention. Maybe. But at best, this is heresay.

    Rosendale never put his endorsement of Zinke in writing. He wrote no letters to the media to help Zinke beat Lewis. Nor did he take time to correct my post of September 14, 2014,
    Where’s Matt Rosendale that wrote Rosendale has refused to support Zinke.

    Fisher’s letter made Rosendale’s non-support of Zinke a major part of her letter:

    Let us not forget Mr. Rosendale was the losing candidate that refused to support the winning candidate ‘Ryan Zinke’ in the congressional race. That Mr. Rosendale concluded a Montana-born and -raised, 20-year Navy SEAL who devoted his professional life in service of his state and country was not worthy of Mr. Rosendale’s support as a candidate speaks volumes of Mr. Rosendale’s connection (or lack thereof) with Montana’s.

    Most telling is that Regier’s extensive rebuttal to Fisher did not deny Fisher’s claim that Rosendale did not support Zinke.

  2. @2 Dear Ed,

    No. Matt should not have supported Zinke because Zinke is a Republican. Matt should have supported Zinke because Zinke is better for conservatives than Democrat John Lewis.

    There are only two alternatives here:

    (a) If Matt believed Lewis was better than Zinke, then Matt is a Democrat.

    (b) If Matt believed Zinke was better than Lewis but did not support Zinke, then Matt is a nutcase.

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