Honor Roll

Because you supported the very important, bipartisan CSKT Water Compact, we elected you to this Honor Roll. You will receive our support in your future elections.

Party Name SB 262 Position
R Ankney, Duane Y Senator
R Brown, Taylor Y Senator
R Buttrey, Edward Y Senator
R Connell, Pat Y Senator
R Hoven, Brian Y Senator
R Jones, Llew Y Senator
R Kary, Douglas (Doug) Y Senator
R Swandal, Nels Y Senator
R Thomas, Fred Y Senator
R Tutvedt, Bruce Y Senator
R Vincent, Chas Y Senator
R Berry, Tom Y Rep
R Clark, Christy Y Rep
R Cook, Rob Y Rep
R Custer, Geraldine Y Rep
R Fitzpatrick, Steve Y Rep
R Hollandsworth, Roy Y Rep
R Meyers, G. Bruce Y Rep
R Richmond, Tom Y Rep
R Salomon, Daniel Y Rep
R Shaw, Ray Y Rep
R Welborn, Jeffrey Y Rep
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