Chemtrail Club

Because you opposed the CSKT Water Compact, you are now a member of the Tea-Party “Chemtrail Club.”

You have joined the wackos who worship the alarmist conspiracy theories espoused by Elaine Willman and Catherine Vandemoer that the Compact was a government conspiracy. Your leaders believe our government uses chemtrails to disperse “Smart Dust” that falls 33,000 ft in one minute (= 360 mph) to turn your mind into a machine.

If you also voted NO on SB 416 then you are responsible for torching Montana’s Infrastructure bill. *Means not running again.

Democrats will crossover to help Republicans defeat you in your future elections.

Party Name SB 262 SB 416 Position
R Arntzen, Elsie N Y Senator
R Barrett, Debby N Y Senator
R Blasdel, Mark N Y Senator
R Brenden, John N Y Senator
R Brown, Dee N Y Senator
R Fielder, Jennifer N Y Senator
R Hansen, Kris N Y Senator
R Hinkle, Jedediah N Y Senator
R Howard, David N Y Senator
R Keenan, Bob N Y Senator
R Moore, Frederick (Eric) N Y Senator
R Ripley, Rick N Y Senator
R Rosendale, Matthew N Y Senator
R Sales, Scott N N Senator
R Smith, Cary N Y Senator
R Taylor, Janna N Y Senator
R Vance, Gordon N N Senator
D Vuckovich, Gene N Y Senator
R Webb, Roger N Y Senator
R Ballance, Nancy N N Rep
R Bennett, Gerald (Jerry) N N Rep
R Berglee, Seth N N Rep
R Brodehl, Randy N N Rep
R Brown, Bob N N Rep
R Burnett, Tom N N Rep
R Cuffe, Mike N Y Rep
R Doane, Alan N N Rep
R Ehli, Ron N N Rep
R Essmann, Jeff N Y Rep
R Fiscus, Clayton N N Rep
R Flynn, Kelly N N Rep
R Garner, Frank N Y Rep
R Glimm, Carl N N Rep
R Greef, Edward N N Rep
R Hagstrom, Dave N N Rep
R Harris, Bill N N Rep
R Hess, Stephanie N Y Rep
R Holmlund, Kenneth N Y Rep
R Jones, Donald N N Rep
R Knudsen, Austin N Y Rep
R Lamm, Debra N N Rep
R Lang, Mike N Y Rep
R Laszloffy, Sarah N N Rep
R Lavin, Steve N Y Rep
R Mandeville, Forrest N Y Rep
R Manzella, Theresa N N Rep
R McKamey, Wendy N Y Rep
R Miller, Mike N N Rep
R Monforton, Matthew N N Rep
R Moore, David (Doc) N Y Rep
R Mortensen, Dale N Y Rep
R Noland, Mark N N Rep
R Olszewski, Albert N N Rep
R Osmundson, Ryan N Y Rep
R Pinocci, Randall N N Rep
R Randall, Lee N N Rep
R Redfield, Alan N N Rep
R Regier, Keith N N Rep
R Ricci, Vince N Y Rep
R Schwaderer, Nicholas N N Rep
R Staffanson, Scott N N Rep
R Tschida, Brad N N Rep
R Wagoner, Kirk N N Rep
R White, Kerry N N Rep
R Wittich, Art N N Rep
R Zolnikov, Daniel N N Rep
R Curtiss, Aubyn N former Senator
R Jackson, Verdell N former Senator
R O'Neil, Jerry N former Senator
R Skees, Derek N former Rep
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