Is Climate Change Pseudoscience? Absolutely!

by Ivar Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics [Dr. Giaver is a Democrat. – Ed] In 2008 I participated on a panel at the Lindau meeting discussing “Global Warming” and to prepare, I looked into the subject using the internet….

Evidence for Predicting Global Cooling for the Next Three Decades

by Prof. Don J. Easterbrook, Global Research, November, 2008 INTRODUCTION Despite no global warming in 10 years and recording setting cold in 2007-2008, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC) and computer modelers who believe that CO2 is the cause of global…

Regarding Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

by Chuck Wiese, Meteorologist, Weatherwise, Incorporated, Portland, Oregon Why Al Gore’s Comments to Bill O’Reilly at Fox News Are Wrong March 17, 2013, post updated July 5, 2021. (Earlier version on WUWT here.)

German Professor: Decades of Cooling: “Climate protection is ineffective”

by P Gosselin, NoTricksZone Meteorologist Prof. Dr. Horst Malberg has an article posted at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here. He tells us we ought to be preparing for a cooler 21st century first half. Professor Malberg starts his…

Lindzen: Climate Science Isn’t Settled

by Prof. Richard S. Lindzen, also published in WSJ Is there a reason to be alarmed by the prospect of global warming? Consider that the measurement used, the globally averaged temperature anomaly (GATA), is always changing. Sometimes it goes up,…

Physics Guy Rap

This lyrical misadventure is the result of hasty two-night extra-credit project I did many years ago for a physics class in high school. Frankly, looking back, some of these lines are pretty awful.. I’ve kept this up on the Web…

Global Warming: How To Approach The Science

by Richard S. Lindzen, Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate Massachusetts Institute of Technology, November 17, 2010. PDF Testimony: House Subcommittee on Science and Technology A Rational Discussion of Climate Change: the Science, the Evidence, the Response

On the recovery from the Little Ice Age

by Syun-Ichi Akasofu 1. Introduction: The Little Ice Age (LIA) Significant data show the LIA certainly ended in about 1800-1850 and the recovery has continuously progressed to the present with superposed ‘fluctuations’ Let’s first review changes of temperature from about…

Lindzen: Global Warming – How to approach the Science

Richard S. LindzenProgram in Atmospheres, Oceans, and ClimateMassachusetts Institute of Technology Testimony: House Subcommittee on Science and Technology hearing on A Rational Discussion of Climate Change: the Science, the Evidence, the Response November 17, 2010

Climate History

by Harrison H. Schmitt [Senator Schmitt wrote four articles that include climate history. To make it easier for you to follow this climate history, I summarize the climate history of his four articles here. The numbers in the text are…