President Trump’s December 18 meeting

by Dr. Ed Berry

Byrne paints a scary picture of White-House staff controlling President Trump. Byrne tells what really happened in the December 18 meeting in these two videos.

Patrick Byrne attended President Trump’s 4.5-hour meeting on Friday, December 18. Byrne is the founder and former CEO of Overstock. Now, he is funding technical and legal work to prove the 2020 Presidential election is a fraud.

This video interview by Ann Vandersteel was on Tuesday, December 22 (first 30 minutes is most important):

On Wednesday, December 23, Trump presented his case in 13 minutes. He showed he is very aware of the voting problem.

This video interview by Dr. Dave Janda of DaveJanda.com was on Friday, December 25:

Patrick Byrne says Trump must begin working with him and Powell before January 1 or it may be too late for them to help Trump win.

Byrne says Trump hired Sidney Powell as his special counsel during the December 18 meeting. But Mark Meadows and other White House staff will not let Powell into the White House to do her job.

Byrne’s hackers found a wireless connector in a thermostat that connected to Dominion machines in the counting room. Communications with these Dominion machines track to a company in China.

Byrne shows President Trump has the data to win the election. The problem is Trump may not act to win. That would undermine America and all Trump supporters. Or was Trump just playing a game?

How can we get Trump to act?

Here is my best idea so far:

Ask President Trump to meet with ONLY Powell, Flynn, Giuliani, and Byrne. Each may bring one other person.

Phone the White House at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414.

(I don’t recommend specific actions for Trump other than this meeting because Powell, Flynn, Giuliani, and Byrne are the most capable people in the world to help Trump decide what to do.)


  1. Nothing shocks me anymore – they’ll all sell out Trump to save their hides – even Pence! I think Trump’s only option is to invoke the Insurrection Act and protect our nation via Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution.

  2. Are you sure about meeting on Christmas Day? Trump was supposed to be in Florida. I have seen a similar interview on another web site (Brighteon.com) several days ago.

    Great interview. Thanks for posting.

  3. Very interesting Ed. Thanks for that lead.
    I found the comments regarding Marines and Green Berets very astute. Also the inference that the left will send goons to Jan. 6, events seems all to likely.

  4. Trump sure is slow ‘out of the blocks’ on all this corruption. It’s been four years and he continues to ‘work’ with not fire the swamp creatures he hires. What do ‘they’ have on him?

  5. Thank you Ed for all the work you do.

    I am a New Zealander (Kiwi in common parlance). I have always liked Trump simply because he comes from a business, rather than a political background. It almost seems like it is a battle between the good and the bad; the courageous and the cowardly.

    I would, of course, like Trump to win because he is the true President Elect. However it may take a loss for things to truly be pushed to the surface and come to a head.

    For you and all your buddies – keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks again for the work you do. I was surprised and a bit skeptical because I have never heard of Patrick Byrne before. However, a quick search reveals that he seems genuine.

  7. Rich Conservatives, please buy bus tickets, all busses available in the USA, for common folk to show up 1/4-6/2021! Have millions show up! The rich can help with this!

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