What’s our real problem?

by Dr. Ed Berry


EXB150Like a dope dealer, Obama is pushing the worst things for America:

  • Obamacare
  • gun control
  • limited black powder that we need for bullets
  • fascist control of our industries
  • high technology to spy on Americans
  • decimating our military
  • a militarized Department of Homeland Security to use against Americans
  • climate change policy that will tax us more for less energy
  • more federal land to limit how we live and derive resources to rebuild America
  • giving Obama power to shut down our communications and Internet

And like dope addicts, too many Americans accept these policies.

You know all about this … unless you are a slave to the mainstream media.

Part of our conservative problem is most of us have jobs that take our time and energy, while too many liberals have government jobs, welfare handouts, or government grants or subsidies, giving them time, money and energy to work against us.

So I ask again: What’s our real problem?

Answer: We conservatives focus too much on yelling “Fire” and not enough on implementing the best solutions.

If we focus more on solutions, we might find our real problems are the false beliefs that control American emotions and decisions. 

Examples of false beliefs that affect America are:

  • Gun control is supported by those who believe confiscating American guns would make them safer.
  • Obamacare is supported by those who believe government health control will make them healthier.
  • Arming the DHS to be more powerful than the US military is supported by those who believe a government police state will protect them from terrorists, or who simply like having a government job where they can control their fellow citizens.
  • Allowing illegal immigrants to flood America is supported by those who believe we owe illegals a living or who support “diversity.”
  • Agenda 21 is supported by those who believe a one-world religion based upon earth-worship is good for America.
  • Carbon dioxide control is supported by those who believe human carbon dioxide emissions are destroying the planet, and who will not take the time to learn that their beliefs about climate change are as wrong as the beliefs that once supported witch burning.

Obama was re-elected by those who believed (falsely):

  • Romney was no better than Obama
  • A Mormon president was no better than a Muslim president
  • A legal president was no better than an illegal president
  • You should not vote for “the lesser of two evils
  • Voting for a third-party candidate would achieve their goals
  • There’s not a “dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats

Well, all those people screwed themselves … and us.

In other words, our problems are not Obama directly but our false beliefs that elected him. Maybe we can get a lot closer to solving our political problems if we focus on changing fundamental beliefs.

What is the source of the false beliefs that now control America?

The source of the false beliefs is the repetitious brainwashing by the media, environmental organizations, government agencies, public educational institutions, and our churches … and the willingness of too many people to accept the brainwashing.

Before you say I am wrong about churches, I point out that most Christian Churches support the gun control and the climate change myths.

And many churches whose preachers don’t fall for the gun control and climate change myths, preach other political myths like “Republicans are no different than Democrats,” “don’t vote for the lesser of two evils,” and “trash Republicans” who did not vote exactly they wanted them to … even if this means we elect far worse Democratic candidates.

Unfortunately, many tea parties have been taken over by such false beliefs. As a result, Montana tea parties, for all their meetings about our Constitution, accomplished none of their election goals. Their only accomplishment was in improving the Montana Republican Party Platform … and then they supported third party candidates who had no chance to deliver the goals in the Republican Platform.

By their works you shall know them, and the mainstream Republicans did much more to help conservative causes than the tea party leaders who called them RINO’s.

Some on the extreme right dumped on Rand Paul a few nanoseconds after he properly endorsed Mitt Romney. They call Rand a traitor, an oath breaker, etc., when Rand was really their best political friend. Such irrational, emotional thinking qualifies these self-appointed leaders as extremists.

Some leaders of “conservative” organizations who supported third-party candidates and trashed Republicans, now promote their organizations on the pretext that they will solve the very problems they helped create. This sounds a lot like liberals and Democrats.

To solve America’s problems we must first rid ourselves of political myths and stop following “snake-oil” salesmen who have not helped America.

How do you best support conservative causes?

Given that the leaders of only 4 of Montana’s 20 or so tea parties said before November’s election that they supported Republican candidates, I can’t recommend you join a tea party unless it has a record of supporting Republican candidates, avoids the fallacy of supporting third parties, and works closely with the Republican Party.

You can best accomplish your conservative political goals by joining and attending your local Republican Pachyderm Club. If you don’t like some things about the Republican Party, and the party is far from perfect, then you should be part of helping it get better. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

In Montana, here are some good organizations to support:

My mission with PolyMontana.com, ClimatePhysics.com, and ClimateClash.com is to help people cast aside their scientific and political myths so they can become productive citizens.

I will not attend or support any group or church that preaches false political mythology, any more than I would attend Obama’s Reverend Wright’s preaching “God damn America.

1 thought on “What’s our real problem?”

  1. frederick J. Hammel

    What bothers me is the States have no representatives in Washington DC. Senators no longer represent the States. On the State level, counties have no representatives in Helena. I would like to go back before the 17th Amendment, when Federal Senators were appointed by the State legislators and State Senators were appointed by the counties.This would create check and balances on our government. Say the voters wanted welfare and they vote for politicians who will give them welfare, if you vote for me. If this welfare bill got thru the house and it goes to the senate, the senators could turn the bill down because the counties do not have the money to fund welfare.

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