The Value of Positive Thinking

by Dr. Ed Berry

EXB150In the past month, I showed how radicals, liberal and conservative, use negative false Mantras in their voting. I showed their negative Mantras are illogical and immoral, without taking a position for or against any religion, or for or against any political party.

Then, I showed how the True Voting Principle, proposed by St. Thomas Aquinas, is a positive and best approach to voting. It is supported by at least six major Christian religions.

Some conservatives have rejected their radical Libertarian positions and now vote Republican. Others still prefer the negative Mantras and negative preachers who sound like Obama’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright, “God Damn America.

Here are some advantages to thinking positive.

Progressive Democrats and Obama believe we can’t create wealth. They believe the only way to get wealth is to steal it. They believe America has stolen all its wealth. Therefore, they want to take down America in order to make things even. They are negative thinkers and our foremost enemy.

Dinesh D’Souza’s America (BlueRay DVD, Kindle, and hardcover) tells us what we must know to save America.

The Progressives are wrong about their fundamental belief that wealth cannot be created. Just as I proved the negative Mantras are false, so we can prove that wealth can be created out of nothing.

I won’t prove that here but I will in the future. For now, just observe that the great composers stole nothing when they created value out of nothing but their imagination and work. Software engineers create wealth out of nothing but their imagination and hard work. All private businesses develop from someone’s vision and hard work without stealing property from others.

The Democrat vision of America is for it to become a third-world country. The Republican vision of America is for it to grow to be the best country in the world. The negative people who claim there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats are not visionaries, are not productive, and are not worth listening to.

You will have examples of the value of positive thinking from your own life. Here are two examples from mine.

The stock market is an example of positive thinking.

If Obama’s negative view controlled America, our economy would be in the tank. I bet on the value producers in America.

Data show our privately-funded oil and gas businesses are driving our economy. Our biotechnology and computer technology businesses are creating valuable products out of nothing but vision and hard work.

Recall last month I told you how historically eclipses have preceded changes in the market? I am not a financial adviser so don’t use my personal examples as advice. I just do my own thing.

After the eclipse, I watched the progress of SPY and AAPL as they dropped until about October 16. Then I bought AAPL Jan 15, $100 Calls and SPY Jan 15, $210 Calls. I already owned stocks in AAPL and other companies that are powerhouses of innovation. Did I stock up on gold because of doomsday predictions? No. I will buy gold if and when gold looks like a positive investment. I have now tripled my money on the Calls in three weeks and done very well on my stocks.

Moral: Always think positive and reject the doomsday predictions. How do you think America’s entrepreneurs look at life? They are positive. They believe in themselves and they are out to make a buck. By investing in the people who think positive, we help them make a buck and we get part of the action.

Sports competition is an example of positive thinking.

With my wife Valerie as crew, I did very well in competitive sailing of small centerboard boats. We won championships all over America and Canada: a National Championship, a North American Championship, and the Canadian Olympic-Training Regatta at Kingston, Ontario, (CORK) which is almost like winning the Olympics because the competition included worldwide Olympic competitors. CORK has one long race per day for five days.

I began every race believing I would win. I used every change in wind, waves and tides to my advantage. I played the race like a timed chess game always trying to put myself in the best tactical position and a free wind position.

In the last race, I had to purposely give up first place in order to assure my regatta win. It’s a long story but it has to do with covering your competitors who can win the regatta if they win the last race and forgetting your competitors who cannot win the regatta if they win the last race. That’s the chess game part of sailing, and in world-class competition, every skipper thinks this way.

If I worried about capsizing by flying my spinnaker in 25-30 knot winds, I would lose to a better sailor. Only positive thinkers and doers win first place in world-class competition in any sport. Valerie became the first woman ever to win a first place in CORK.

So what is the moral of my stories? Think positive when we vote.

The True Voting Principle has unanimous support of at least six major Christian religions and it serves as the fundamental moral guide for our voting decisions:

  • True Voting Principle: “Our moral duty is to vote to achieve the most possible good, which eliminates voting for candidates who cannot win.”
  • True Voting Principle Example: “It is legitimate to vote for a more restrictive law regarding abortion over a less restrictive law. This action does not represent support of an unjust law. Rather it is a legitimate and proper attempt to limit evil aspects and to prevent worse legislation from being adopted.”

The True Voting Principle has nothing to do with political parties. It lets us decide which candidate represents the greater good. It only tells us to vote for the greater good for ourselves, our state, and our nation according to our own conscience.

The True Voting Principle requires we vote relative rather than absolute.

The True Voting Principle requires us to vote for the “greater good” among the choices available to us. “Greater” is relative, not absolute. This requires us to fairly compare the candidates who can win and to choose the one whom we believe will produce the most possible good.

The True Voting Principle prohibits personal “mandatory” conditions.

Some self-described Christians and cult preachers state “mandatory” conditions they require of a candidate in order to get their vote. Their mandatory conditions conflict with the True Voting Principle and are, therefore, immoral.

The True Voting Principle is the fundamental principle that must guide our vote. It trumps all other conditions we set for our vote. It applies to conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, because it lets each of us decide which candidate will produce the greater good, not just for us but for America.


D’Souza’s America (BlueRay DVD, Kindle, and hardcover) should be a wake-up call to Americans. We have elected a president whose vision is to change America into a third-world country because he believes America deserves to be destroyed. We elected Progressive Communist Democrats to Congress who vote lock-step to support Obama in his goal.

America’s decline is not caused by the mainstream Republicans. It’s caused by conservatives who do not vote for Republicans.

No third party can ever beat the well-organized Progressive Communist Democrat Party. The only way to stop Obama and his puppet Democrats is to elect enough Republicans to dominate the Democrats.

We should not expect “perfection” from Republicans. That won’t happen. We are not perfect beings. But as a group, ONLY Republicans will fight against Obama’s planned destruction of America.

So when we vote in the 2014 election and beyond, let us choose candidates who will do the “greater good” for America. Here are the essential parameters:

  1. The “greater good” candidates will not be Democrats because even good Democrats will vote lock-step with the Democrat majority and Obama on every key issue.
  2. The “greater good” candidates will not be Libertarians because Democrats will ALWAYS beat Libertarians. Therefore, a vote for a Libertarian is a vote for a Democrat, which is a vote for the greater evil.
  3. The only “greater good” candidates in today’s world will be Republicans, whether we like it or not. If you don’t vote Republican, plan to tell your kids and grandkids that you voted to put them into slavery.

The key to voting for the “greater good” is to evaluate the Republican vision versus the Democrat vision for America. The Progressive Democrat vision is to take down America. The Republican vision is to build up America. Republicans may not be perfect but they have the only vision that will save America.

5 thoughts on “The Value of Positive Thinking”

  1. On yesterday's broadcast of Fox News Sunday, they played a very brief clip of Hillary saying that private businesses and corporations do not create wealth.

    Huh?? Is she crazy? Too bad, they cut the clip short, so we didn't get to hear who, in Hillary's opinion, does create wealth. Does she really think that more government creates wealth? The "government" has not a cent that it hasn't stolen from those courageous private entrepreneurs who created it.

    If there were such things as time machines and magic wands, it would be an interesting experiment to take Obummer's vision of the nation to its completion, then see just how many people continue to flock to these shores seeking a better life. But I would wish that on us only if there were a way to turn the clock back—certainly not as a permanent thing, so we'll have to do without the demonstration to prove to the politically and economically ignorant among us that private enterprise, while imperfect, is still the best method and is what made this country the envy of the rest of the world.

    I already know people who have holdings in other lands and are prepared to bolt there if things take an even worse turn here. Just wish I had the wherewithal to join them.

    I will be voting tomorrow almost totally Republican. (A few offices here only offer a choice of two Dems, and in each of those cases, there is one relatively good one and one very bad one.) I will be following the principles elucidated in Dr. Ed's essays to choose the greater good in each case. May all of you do the same.

  2. Good letter Susana. We will vote mostly Republican as well (a few races are non-partisan). Let's all be positive.

  3. We just have one big government party according to Judge Napolitano of Fox News. There is a Republican wing and a Democratic wing of this big government party. They both fight over who will be driving the bus over the cliff. Thomas Aquinas also said an unjust law is no law at all therefore we can conclude that an unjust candidate is no candidate worth voting for.

  4. @3 Dear Roger, You have got to get rid of the negative influence in your life. You are like someone else I know who preaches negative, negative, negative. The key to life is to find the positive in a field of negatives. True religion seeks good.

    Your message offers no hope, no inspiration, no solutions. It's all about an unavoidable dooms day. That is not the way to live.

    Nothing Aquinas wrote contradicts his conclusions on how we should vote. He said we should always vote to achieve the greater good. If he meant to qualify his conclusion, he would have so written. He would surely disagree with your conclusion that there is "no candidate worth voting for."

    Aquinas wrote that we should always vote for the candidate who we believe can produce the "greater good" and he specifically eliminated candidates like third-party candidates who cannot win the election.

  5. @3, Roger,

    I would like to add that I tend to agree with Judge Napolitano that we are now pretty much governed by one huge party with not too much difference between the red and blue wings. Over 30 years ago, I decided that the Republican Party had left me (not the other way around). For 30 years I was a registered Libertarian, but they never won a single office, and the news media would pick the most ludicrous of fringe candidates to make fun of, and thereby make fun of the party. Libertarian candidates such as the late Roger McBride and Ed Clark had positive programs, but they got no traction. When Ron Paul moved back from the Libertarians to the Republican Party (I think it was about 2004), I came back to the Republicans to be able to vote for him.

    I've discovered that just as there's a huge schism between the very left-wing thought that exists on both coasts and the deeply conservative philosophy to be found in the middle of our country, there is a similar degree of schism between those who "lead" the Republican Party at the national level (and to a slightly lesser degree, at the state level) and those rank-and-file members who are in the trenches, running for local offices, campaigning for those who run, and working to restore the party to its original values of smaller government, lower taxes, and maximum possible individual liberty. As long as that schism exists, I will stay active and positive, working from within to promote the best candidates, promoting the best of measures, and doing what I can to restore both parties to their original values. (When I was growing up, the Democrats were somewhat more the party of "bigger government," but they were far from the rampant socialists they are today.)

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