Stand down? No, it’s time for Americans to stand up

by Gerald R. Molen, Producer: Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, 2016

JerryMolenAnyone else out there confused about the state of affairs in America?

If so, I completely understand. If one listens, reads or watches the evening news with any regularity, they have to come away scratching their heads. They might hear the news and then they might not, it depends on which network show they watch. If they have gotten their news from any of the primetime networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), including CNBC, MSNBC and CNN, they will find many subjects under a massive blackout because of political agendas.

The mainstream media is nearly non-existent and totally absent their once heralded position as the coveted Fourth Estate. The Fourth Estate being that “other than” force which, at one time, diligently kept their eye on the three branches of government. It was their commitment to report back to the American people and thus provide openness to the political process and help protect against the abuse of power, government overreach and even malfeasance.

As of this writing, the most widely reported example of my indictment of the media, is the case of four Americans being murdered at the consulate in Benghazi, Libya. To date, most of the news regarding that tragedy is being reported by Fox News. I’m offended by the lack of clarity from the other news outlets. Americans died, their families cried, the mainstream media sighed and the government denied.

The MSM is missing from their posts.

It’s as if they, also, have been ordered to “stand down” … take a pass… forget about the facts… don’t make waves.

Yes, “stand down.” It’s an order we have come to recognize lately as what the military is told when seeking permission to assist Americans in danger. Yet the media has obviously and conveniently furloughed their reporters, investigative journalists and cable news talk hosts. They refuse to report on four Americans being murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Why have the mainstream media abrogated their responsibility as investigative journalists, print writers and reporters? Where have they gone? Who controls their agenda and why aren’t they reporting on the outrage across America about the murder of an American ambassador and three other heroes? Why was there so much interest about the outing of a CIA agent but nothing about an attack on American property and the murder of its personnel?

Is it simply ideology or because they are locked in a biased political war and refuse to report anything that might prove negative to the Obama administration?

In my opinion, their incompetency is only rivaled by their lack of a strong desire for truth.

Four Americans were murdered. Murdered! One would think those that care about their fellow Americans would be screaming for justice. But the left-leaning media has no interest in justice or reporting on an issue that might reflect on the present administration in a negative way, especially with the election just around the corner. Is this a reason to vote for a new administration? You decide.

The American people continue to wait for the answers.

Will we learn that the American people were lied to? What then? The American people deserve better. But they won’t get it until real change comes to Washington.

On the Sunday morning talk shows, it is evident the primary networks have put a lid on any discussions of the Benghazi incident. On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulis” there was nary a word about Benghazi, the hottest issue of the week.

It had just been reported that the two murdered ex-Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glenn Dougherty had sought back up three separate times and had been turned down each time. Three times they asked for help from their fellow Americans and each time that help was refused. They were told to STAND DOWN. But by whom? Why?

On NBC’s “Meet the Press”, during an open discussion with the panel of guests, Carly Fiorina began a question regarding the Libya issues and was immediately shut down by David Gregory, the host, inferring he would bring it up later in the show. Gregory lied to her knowing full well the subject was moot and would never be discussed on his show. Again why?

America has always been known to look out for their own.

Never would an American knowingly leave another to the ravages of war and certain death without doing all in his or her power to aid and assist those in jeopardy. There are many examples of heroes giving up their lives trying to save others. But you may never hear about it from our press. Probably told to “stand down.”

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that we can no longer rely on the strength and power of the United States to watch the backs of our servicemen and women and for our media to watch for misconduct and malfeasance and to report it when they do.

We were told there would be immediate investigations.

Will we ever know? Maybe the only road to truth is a new administration determined to bring America together. Maybe then and only then will we see justice.

Our men and women in uniform take a sacred oath to defend and protect the United States of America… up to and including paying the ultimate price. Thus… the least our government can do is reciprocate in kind and use the full force and might of the United States of America to heed a cry out for help, then move heaven and earth to give it to them.

No — not “stand down” … It’s time to “stand up.”

And to the mainstream media, I say this,

“the America you seek can never be. It can never exist as long as there are those who will pay the ultimate sacrifice to keep you free to spin your lies, your obfuscation of facts, your goal of a progressive society and the lack of integrity and honor.”

It seems a life can be easily given or sacrificed as long as it isn’t yours.

Molen, of Bigfork, is the producer of “2016” and the Academy Award-winning “Schindler’s List.”

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