Roger Koopman puts conscience before party

I publish this contrary opinion at Roger Koopman’s request. In my opinion, Roger’s position is suicidal, illogical, and immoral. Read D’Souza’s America or watch his DVD. Democrats are now the Progressive-Communist Party. The place to resolve Republican differences is in primary elections. Unless Republicans support all Republicans in final elections, we will elect Democrats and lose America. I supported Roger for Public Service Commission and would do so again. I now support Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke for Congress. – Ed

by Roger Koopman

RogerKoopmanA number of people have asked me to weigh in on the “Baldwin-Berry Debate” over voting for the so-called “lesser of evils.”  I will not attempt to advise anyone on the specific people for whom they should vote.  Voting records and public positions are readily available on most candidates; it’s not particularly difficult to determine who the genuine, free market, constitutional conservatives are.  The challenge is what to do with those Republicans who fall in the mushy-middle (let alone those who are firmly planted on the more law-loving left.) 

The issue, it seems to me, divides on one fundamental question.  Do we, as God-fearing, liberty-cherishing conservatives, embrace a short-term or a long-term paradigm of politics?  A view that focuses on the next generation or on the next election?   A commitment to our children, our grandchildren and our posterity, or a primary concern over how we will be living 2, 4 or 6 years hence?

I will posit that, particularly for folks in my age group, taking a long term view will not likely yield the kind of truly free society we seek within our lifetimes.  God is great, and all things are possible.  But the question is more about the kind of foundation we are now laying for future generations than it is about how much better (or worse) we will be living in the short-term.  To be sure, this was the firm conviction of our Founding Fathers, who pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor (many losing the first two but never the third in the process), that we might one day live and breathe free.  They did it for generations of countrymen yet unborn!  Thank God for the character and vision of these great men.

And so, I approach every election with a long-term view, firm in the recognition that the currently constituted Republican Party will never bring us to a place of freedom.  The DIRCs (Democrats-in-Republican-Clothing, as I call them) will never allow that to happen, as long as we keep violating our sacred consciences and voting them into office as the “lessers of evil.”  The sons and daughters of liberty will never be in a true majority in any legislative body, and we will always to retreating in a “one step forward, two steps backward” motion — drifting further and further away from the free society that once was our heritage as Americans.  That is the legacy we will be leaving for our grandchildren.  And as Patrick Henry once queried, “How then will we be able to defend our work?”

With this in mind, and recognizing that only a philosophically strong and consistent Republican Party (as the Democratic Party has always been) will ever lead us home again, I have dedicated myself to hunting down the RINOs and blasting them over to the Democrats where they belong.  I have pledged that I will never, under any circumstances, ever vote for a RINO Republican — period.  End of subject.  Can you imagine, if all true conservatives took that same pledge, how quickly we could turn things around and solve the problem we now face?

In the short-term, would the Republicans lose some races? Sure.  Would they be defeated by Dems who are even more big government-oriented than they?  Yup.  Would the GOP likely lose the numerical majority in Congress and in some state legislatures?  Probably.  But as we all know, conservatives long ago lost the ideological majority in these bodies anyway, precisely because of the corrupted, RINO-ridden nature of the GOP.

Like the Founders who boldly led us through a war of independence, we will, in the short-term, have to bite the bullet and face some tough times ahead.  But if we agree that we must take a long-term view, then what is our alternative?  To continue of the same frustrating course, losing ground with every election, while the RINOs stomp out the last vestiges of our liberties?  Where is our commitment, and are we truly looking to the next generation?  If we are, there is only one principled and practical course to take.

In closing, I should add one more thing.  By pledging to never violate my conscience in the votes I cast, this not only means I won’t vote for a liberal Republican, but that I won’t vote for a liberal Democrat, either.  I will either vote third party or skip the race entirely.

Thank you, my friends, for considering these humbly offered thoughts.  May freedom reign always in our hearts, and one day again in our country.

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  1. Thanks Roger for your article. A simple question of mine would be why don't you push for and develop and lead either the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party? That way you would not be troubled with the problems within the GOP. Additionally, I think more people ought to choose the party of their choice and get involved. That could be a fix for you for both short term and long term. After November 4th many Americans should re-evaluate their political leanings, be open and honest. Maybe that would cure most of the infighting that appears to be going on. Roger, in spite of our problems I believe that good days are ahead.

  2. "Unless Republicans support all Republicans in final elections, we will elect Democrats and lose America." Didn't I hear something similar to this regarding the 2008 elections? Or was it the 2010 elections? And didn't the GOPers have control of both houses? Something about the "Contract with America " comes to mind.

    BTW A friend of mine tried to post a comment, but his comment never appeared. Maybe it did and I missed it. Something that Dr Ed accuses me of doing often, miss the point.
    Below is Dick M's comment. I really do like his term, The Compromise Party, for whom I called the GOPers. His fit's better.

    Dick Motta:
    If the Compromise Party had an ounce of sense, they would be trying to assimilate Libertarian/Tea Party principles rather than criticizing them in the same manner as the Communist/Democrat Party. Another criticism of the Compromise Party is their willingness to accept and support RINO's. Why aren't the RINO's criticized and vetted in the same manner you criticize Tea Party/Libertarian candidates and voters. I no longer know what the Compromise Party stands for. I no longer accept “Campaign to the right, govern to the left”. If GOP wants support of Libertarian/Tea Party, state your principles and govern accordingly.

  3. vinny in Livingston

    Well stated, Roger!
    One thing is for certain…just like the Rehberg-Tester or Hill-Bullock races in the last election, the outcome WILL be dictated by the Patriot 10% in the Zinke-Lewis contest.
    As I speak to other Montanans of all stripes, I'm AMAZED at how many people think Zinke is a thug! I've heard of three separate incidents where Zinke actually threatened people, including a comment that he'd "run a drone up your ass" to Bob Fanning after a debate.

  4. @2 Dear Ele, Regarding "BTW A friend of mine tried to post a comment, but his comment never appeared."

    I never filter comments personally or by opinion. I use the popular Akismet plugin to automatically filter comments. Such filters are necessary. There is no way I can personally review every comment for possible spam. For example, today PolyMontana has 987 spam comments which I will now delete. In this world of spam we live in, we all need to do our best to assure our comments do not get caught by spam filters.

  5. @ dear Dr Ed. there you go again (said in Ronnie Reagan tone) I never implied that you filtered his comment or anyone's comments for that matter. I just said I didn't see it. He could have thought he sent it but didn't. So I just repeated his comment which I thought worth repeating.

    Why do you so easily jump to such conclusions? Unwarranted at that…. LOL

  6. @6 Dear Ele, Sorry. I am a little sensitive about the filtering thing because I do really try to allow everyone the opportunity to express their opinion.

    Thanks for adding Dick Motta's comment for him.

    1. @Dear Dr Ed, apology accepted. I'll be waiting for an apology if and when your Compromise Party favorites get elected and we have Compromise Party BS as usual. Elephants never forget, as long as Libertarians will keep reminding them.

  7. I think there is a difficulty in definition here, which comes from the use of the acronyms "RINO" or "DIRC." There is, it seems to me, a big difference between a Republican who votes conservative only 60% of the time and one who votes conservative only 10% of the time. In most states, there are few of the latter kind, but unfortunately in Montana there are—as a glance at the Montana TAB survey will tell you. Many in the latter group are Republicans for reasons of convenience only: It helps them get elected. I agree with Roger that voting for people like that make no sense. In fact it rewards outright fraud.

    The 60 percenters are a different matter. Someone who votes conservative 60 percent of the time is far better than almost any Democrat, at least in most states. Moreover, if a 60 percenter is in office conservatives are more likely to retain meaningful access than if the incumbent is a 10 percenter or a Democrat. Not voting for 60 percenters is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Each person has to make his own decisions, here are two I made: In the 1996 gubernatorial primary I ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Marc Racicot and in the 2000 primary against Judy Martz. During his first term Racicot had actually outflanked the Democrats to the left, supporting massive tax increases, a state takeover of health care, and favoring Roe v. Wade. In the 1996 general election, I did not support Marc Racicot, although I was quiet about it. (I think I voted third party.)

    Martz was more moderate than I would have liked and somewhat complicit in some of Racicot's actions, but she made good promises on taxes and regulations (promises she later kept). She clearly did not fully buy Racicot's extreme liberal agenda. After losing the 2000 primary to her, I fully and publicly supported her election; and although he quickly encountered the kinds of problems we had predicted for her, I still believe it was the right decision..
    – Rob natelson

  8. vinny in Livingston

    Gary Carlson:
    They support None-of-the-above, or Fellows, but those who loathe Dick Cheney sycophant Zinke may well vote Lewis just to put "the Devil we know" away for good. I've heard more than a few who will write in Corey Stapleton.
    I voted Fellows.
    Funny, six months ago, both Ed and I were in complete support of Corey Stapleton and in agreement that Zinke must be stopped at any cost.

  9. Thanks Vinny. Yes, there is overall frustration really with politics in general and Rob Natelson also touched on that. I believe people are aching looking for candidates who speak optimistically rather than just against their opponents. We are blessed to be living in Montana and great days can be ahead. Both parties should be inspiring our citizens – and then follow through.

  10. Republicans will support RINO's like Zinke over Liberty candidates like Fellows. How many chances do we give Republicans to reduce government, reduce spending and reduce the debt, given they controlled Washington for a number of years. I'd rather vote for a good candidate, rather then a socialist with an (R) behind the name.

  11. Here here Roger! I attended the CSKT Water Compact negotiations in Missoula yesterday (Oct 27) It was disgusting seeing Reps Dan Salomon and Kathleen Williams chumming with each other and the phoneys. All kissing up to the tribe members. Here's an eye opener regarding why these elected creeps support what and who they do. After reading it, don't look at the Libertarians as being the spoilers in MT.
    Of Elephants, Donkeys and Hippos…The Dung in America’s Elections.

  12. Ed said:  "In my opinion, Roger’s position is suicidal, illogical, and immoral. Read D’Souza’s America or watch his DVD. Democrats are now the Progressive-Communist Party." I agree & I have read D’Souza’s "America"  and was amazed at his insight into the problems that America now faces because of having someone such as Obama trying to act like he is president of what use to be a great nation; before he tried, and to no small degree, has succeeded in turning it into a third world nation. The fact that he was elected to do so twice makes me really worry that the nation has reached a tipping point from which it my not be able to recover and that has been achieved to no small degree by government hand outs to keep the unwilling to work and produce wanting more of the same and they realize for this life style to be carried forward, they must elect the ones wanting to buy their votes and that is the Democratic party.

    In the last election, Obama should never have won running against someone who has actually done something and has a good track record to prove that; but, it seems that the electorate that should have turned out to vote for Mitt Romney decided to just stay home election day in 2012; so, we have what we have and it is destroying the nation.

    I well recall when George H. W. Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton and that would have never happened had it not been for H. Ross Perot being on the ticket as an independent. Six out of every ten who voted in that election did not vote for Bill Clinton but he was none-the-less elected president and after the mid terms and the Republicans took the legislative branch and forced him to change his far left views, he went on to have a fairly successful presidency.

    I have found that the far left has a vicious philosophy willing to attack anyone they see as a threat, such as Sara Palin, and anytime I see these kinds of attacks I believe that whom ever they are focusing on must be a very good person. They do not need to be alive for this to happen as I well recall all of the vicious attacks on my Senator from Alaska when he was defeated by lies and trumped up charges and then was killed in a plane crash. The slandered directed at Ted Stevens was over the top, in my opinion.

    There is someone who will not have my vote, Democrat or Republican, such as Chris Christy, if they act like they believe that there is anthropogenic global warming, climate change or what ever they want to call it, because if they believe that one can only wonder what they will ever be right about.

  13. A reminder. Obama praised Romneycare. Why? I think we all know the answer to that. Party of Compromise party unspoken party line: Campaign to the right, slowly move toward the left and then, when elected, rule to the left.

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