How Libertarians Elected the Worst of Two Evils

by Ed Berry

Here’s how Montana Libertarians (and third-party voters) elected Jon Tester to the US Senate and thereby gave America Obamacare:


In 2012, the Libertarians and other third-party voters threaten to send Jon Tester back to the US Senate by voting for Libertarian Dan Cox rather than for Denny Rehberg.

If you refuse to vote for the “Lesser of two evils” you are voting for the Worst of Two Evils.

4 thoughts on “How Libertarians Elected the Worst of Two Evils”

  1. Gordon Danielson

    Let's see, so the libertarians in Montana decided they like California so much they gave us the power to run things in Washington by not voting for the Republican. I bet Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein absolutely cherish them.

  2. Hi Redbone, I think you mean "Losertarians." I am sorry. I picked this up from radio talk show host Michael Medved many years ago. Given their track record, I think it is appropriate. However, I will refrain from using this term in the future.

    Thank you for your reminder.

  3. I would say you are looking at things backwards. A vote for McCain was a vote for Obama.
    A vote for McCain was a vote against the Constitution and now you're doing it again. Romney is a hard core socialist, so I'm supposed choose one socialist over another? No thanks, I couldn't live with myself. Vote Libertarian or get more fascism.

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