47 Churches back Obama’s Gun Grab

by Dr. Ed Berry

EXB150Think you have a problem stopping Obama’s plan to take your guns? The problem is bigger than you thought.

The Catholic Church and 46 other churches support Obama’s effort to confiscate our guns. The New World Order has infiltrated our government, our scientific societies, our schools, and our churches. The NWO determines what people believe.

Catholic News Service reported the details on January 14, clearly stating that the Catholic Church’s position is “Firearms in the hands of citizens should be strictly limited and eventually completely eliminated.”

I did not realize until reading this how much the Catholic and other churches disregard facts when they draw conclusions. By the way, we have a similar pattern regarding global warming. The following statements contradict what is proven to result when a government attempts to confiscate citizen’s guns.

The report quotes from the document, “Responsibility, Rehabilitation and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice“, November 2000, says in a footnote:

“However, we believe that in the long run and with few exceptions — i.e. police officers, military use — handguns should be eliminated from our society.”

Tommaso Di Ruzza, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace expert on disarmament and arms control, said:

“The Vatican is one of just a handful of states that would like to see small arms and weapons included in the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which would better regulate the flow of conventional arms.”

Di Ruzza said more weapons in circulation makes it more likely terrorists and criminals will have guns, and that armed defense is appropriate for nations but not for all individual citizens in a state where rule of law is effective.

Di Ruzza shows the Catholic Church is illogical. Gun confiscation has never worked to the benefit of the citizens and never will. It will not reduce violence. It will work no better than prohibition or the drug war. Criminals will always get guns and the government will never find their guns.

According to the Catholic Catechism, the right to use firearms to “repel aggressors” is specifically sanctioned for “those who legitimately hold authority” and have been given the duty of protecting the community.

So only the police and the rulers can have guns. That makes a dictatorship where the government can slaughter its citizens. We already have bogus and fraudulent elections, so we should not trust that our “rulers” will be kind to us.

The Catholic Church and 46 others think there will always be a kind cop standing by to protect us from bad guys, when the reality is the cops will come later to draw a chalk lines around our dead bodies. I wonder what churches will be left after I eliminate the 47 that want to make America a dictatorship. And they are attempting to do so without justifiable cause. Read Obama’s Sandy Hook is a Greater Fraud than Bush’s 911.

Di Ruzza said in “a democracy, where there is respect for institutions (of law), the citizen relinquishes his right to revenge onto the state.”

“There is a sort of natural right to defend the common interest and the common good, and in 1791 (when the United States passed the Second Amendment), my right to have a weapon served the common good because there wasn’t an army; the democratic institutions were young and a little fragile, and I could have been useful in a time of war as a soldier.”

According to The Huffington News article “Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal“, the Vatican’s chief spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Saturday:

  • 47 religious leaders have appealed to the US Congress “to limit firearms that are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths.” [I would like to know who are the other 46 religious leaders. – Ed]
  • ‘The initiatives announced by the Obama administration for limiting and controlling the spread and use of weapons is a step in the right direction. [Get that, just the first step! – Ed]
  • The 300 million firearms owned by Americans is responsible for horrendous massacres like that of Newtown, Connecticut, and the way to prevent future occurrences is to take away these guns form Americans.

And so the battle will ensue because Americans will not willingly surrender their 300 million guns. Of course, Obama wants such a battle because this will be his opportunity to make him the dictator of America.

My opinion:

You people who claim Romney would have been as bad as Obama have your heads up your …. You are the idiots, the fools, who have brought this vengeance upon us.

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  1. frederick J. Hammel

    Most Catholic's in the world come from countries that have no gun rights, but I do not believe Americans Catholic think this way, except for the women. There was a poll taking in Wisconsin last week , asking would eliminate gun rights, 90% men said no , 80% women said yes. Countries were they had no gun rights were taking over by the socialist

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