Witness the Rebirth of America

by Dr. Ed Berry

Dr. Ben Carson joins Team Trump. This 47-minute press conference is the most significant event of the 2016 Republican Presidential primary election. 

To understand the real Donald Trump, watch this video.

Ben Carson explains,

There are “two Donald Trumps. One is a man who dominates headlines and the Republican primaries.” The other is a “very intelligent man who cares deeply about America.” When voters “begin to see the real individual … we’re going to be comforted as a nation.”

Carson and Trump will work together to make America great. Their goal is to return control of America back to the American people. Trump will give Carson an important policy making position in his administration.

You are a witness to a unique moment in history, if you have eyes to see. Donald Trump is Luke Skywalker who battles and will prevail over Darth Vader who leads the dark forces of evil that control Washington and the present Republican Party.

Ben Carson is a wise man. He choose the right side. Choose your side carefully because there are only two sides in this war.

An astounding number of voters, Democrats, Independents, disaffected Republicans, many who have never voted before, now support Donald Trump. They bring many new voters to the Republican Party. They see Donald Trump as our last and best hope to save America.

Trump knows it will take a great team to make America great. Trump knows how to build a great team. He is assembling the best presidential executive team in history, and he is not even president yet. Carson joins Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Carl Icahn and others on Trump’s executive team.

Donald Trump’s team is unstoppable. Trump win the Republican nomination and the presidency in a landslide.

To add to Trump’s day, conservative ICON Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Trump.

Here are RCP poll numbers for the March 15 elections. Carson’s poll numbers remained high even after he resigned from the race. Many people out there like Ben Carson. His voters will assure that Trump will win the nomination.

[table id=27 /]

Here are delegates as of March 11. You can add Carson’s 8 delegates to Trump’s:


2 thoughts on “Witness the Rebirth of America”

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  2. Henk Askes, PhD

    If Dr. Ben Carson joins Trump and uses his influence as a true Christian, nobody will and can stop this team.

    I pray that Americans will vote for these two people.

    May the ord guide this team to influence the American people in such a way that they will be surprised to see the final results. This is not only beneficial for America but for the whole world.

    Here is a man who has the guts to tell us what he wants and to indicate clearly who our real enemies are.

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