Why your choice is now Trump or Romney/Ryan

by Dr. Ed Berry

Here are the delegate counts as of March 9:


Here are the delegates and polls for the elections on March 15. I will update the poll data as new data become available.

March 15 has 358 Delegates. Trump leads in all 5 states.

Before the March 15 elections, the Virgin Islands, Washington D.C., and Guam will award 37 delegates.

In the elections on March 8:

Rubio got only 1 delegate of the 150 on Tuesday. The February 29 Enquirer article on Rubio did not help him. Rubio disgusted many voters in the last debate when he would not shut up and let Donald Trump respond to his false accusations. On March 15, barring an improbable change, Rubio will lose his home state of Florida.

Kasich and Trump are the only candidates who have CEO qualifications. Cruz and Rubio are management novices.

Trump is on a roll. Trump won Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii. Romney’s well-funded attacks on Trump had no effect in these states. Romney’s attacks seemed to help Trump in these states.

Cruz won Idaho where polls had Trump leading Cruz by 9 points. The large votes for Cruz in Idaho’s Mormon counties indicate Romney’s attacks were effective in Idaho at least to the Mormon voters.

Canada Cruz and VCEs

Cruz’s support now comes from two sources: Very Conservative Evangelicals “Tea Party” (VCEs) voters and anti-Trump voters. Moderate Evangelicals support Trump.

I understand anti-Trump voters. If you don’t like Trump then it is logical to vote for Cruz or Kasich, at least until you realize the consequences.

I don’t understand VCEs because they are illogical. VCEs believe Canada Cruz is one of them. He is not!

The VCEs don’t realize Canada Cruz is a freakin’ CFR Neocon who will meld America into the North American Union.

Over the past 4 years or more, VCEs campaigned against the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Heidi Cruz is a Goldman Sachs CFR representative. Canada Cruz wants open borders, amnesty, and no wall.

Canada Cruz will not respect the sovereignty of America. Canada Cruz will meld America with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union. Canada Cruz wants to be the first president of the North American Union.

Yet VCEs support Canada Cruz. That is illogical.

Canada Cruz is not a conservative.

Canada Cruz supports job killing NAFTA. He is against securing our border. He claims anchor babies are natural born citizens. He was a policy adviser for Bush/Cheney. The Bush’s support him. Canada Cruz is a globalist.

Caitlyn Jenner announced “she” supports Canada Cruz. Nice company for VCEs.

VCEs claimed Obama is ineligible to be president. Canada Cruz is every bit as ineligible as Obama. VCEs think they have “principles.” Yet, they throw out their “principles” that get in the way of their political goals.

VCEs believe Canada Cruz is a true Christian whom God ordained to be our next president. It won’t happen. The only thing Canada Cruz can accomplish in this primary is to force a brokered convention.

Canada Cruz needs 63.3% of all remaining delegates to get 1237 delegates. His one big win was Texas. Trump will win New Jersey and New York. This makes it impossible for Canada Cruz to get 1237 delegates.

Do you know what will happen in a brokered convention?

They will nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. That’s the Republican elite plan.

Then what will happen? Romney/Ryan will go on to lose the election to Hillary or Bernie.

All the Democrats and Independents who support Trump will not vote for Romney/Ryan. These new voters came to the Republican Party for one reason only: to vote for Donald Trump. Without these new voters, no Republican can win the election. Only Donald Trump attracts them. Only Donald Trump can win the election.

Therefore, your Republican choices are now clear:

If you like Donald Trump, as I do, you will vote for him.

If you don’t like Donald Trump, meaning you are happy to piss away what’s left of America after Obama, then your best choice is to vote for Canada Cruz. If you are successful, Cruz will cause a brokered convention. The convention will choose Romney/Ryan. Romney/Ryan will go on to lose to Bernie or Hillary. You will be happy to be ruled by either the commie or the criminal.

What do I think will happen?

I think some VCEs will come to their senses. They will realize Canada Cruz is not a “natural born citizen.” They will realize Cruz is not a good Christian. They will realize Canada Cruz is a CFR neocon who wants to be the first president of the North American Union.

The smarter VCEs will realize Donald Trump is their best choice. Then Donald Trump will win the nomination with enough delegates to block a brokered convention.

If VCEs don’t wake up, then Trump still has an ace up his sleeve. Trump’s lawyers have a solid case ready to prove Canada Cruz is not eligible to be president. Trump has standing to bring this lawsuit. Trump will drop his “trump” card when he thinks it will gain him the most advantage.

None of the 5 or more eligibility lawsuits filed by non-candidates have stopped Canada Cruz from collecting delegates. Only Donald Trump can prevail in an eligibility lawsuit against Canada Cruz.

When Trump wins the nomination, he will go on to win the final election by a landslide. He will choose the best people for his cabinet and advisers. He will not be beholden to the CFR elite. He will audit the Fed. He will ask Congress to define “natural born citizen.”

Trump will build America’s economy like no other candidate can. No president since Ronald Reagan truly built America’s economy. We don’t know what a strong economy is like any more. A strong economy is the only basis of a great America. Our freedom is based on a strong economy.

In the end…

Joseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth” became the foundation of George Lucas’s Star Wars movies. That’s why we like Star Wars movies. Our hero, Luke Skywalker, leads the war against the forces of evil.

Donald Trump is in a war for the presidency. Trump is America’s 2016 hero who leads America’s war against the dark forces of evil.

The hero risks his life to make good prevail over evil. Donald Trump is risking his life and spending his own money. The only thing he asks of us is our vote.

Donald Trump will win some battles. He will lose some battles. In the end, like Luke Skywalker, Donald Trump will prevail. And he will save America.