11 thoughts on “Trump’s election has Biblical proportions”

  1. Ezekiel 22 is reporting (:30) that God desired that a wall be built to stop the people of Israel who have mistreated the poor and needy, and wrongfully oppressed strangers (:29). God found no one for that task. So God poured out His indignation on those people by consuming them with "the fire of my wrath" (:31) and "I have recompensed their deeds in their own heads".

    Hard to know exactly what the last statement means literally. . . But at least one thing is clear: The focus is on those persons that mistreat the poor, and wrongfully oppress strangers.

  2. It doesn't really matter who gets elected. If Trump wins we may have a few more years. Clinton a few less.

    Either way the grim truth from both a secular observation of the cyclical nature of human history, especially the rise and fall of empires, and Biblical eschatology is the America has very little time remaining.

  3. The only hero who I know that could save the Republic, and most importantly the hearts of sinful men everywhere is JESUS CHRIST, the rest are nothing but impostors ready to lie, kill, and destroy.

  4. It literally has nothing to do with trump. All someone did was go in the nkjv and index search the entire bible on the words build a wall.

    The wall is a symbol of repentance and the gap is a symbol of the seperation of people and god due to sin. The one to do that is christ jesus. Not trump lol.-

  5. Trump is not the prophetic watchman in Ezekiel as he is building a wall to satisfy his racist ego and keep out hard working migrants who are looking for a better life ,in the tradition of the historical migrants of the past,the watchman in Ezekiel interceded on behalf of his nation for their sins, so God would not destroy them. There is no comparison btween the two here.

  6. Thank God that we are beginning to realize that humility comes before honor, and that those who care for the outcast honor their maker.

    Hopefully, if we truly humble ourselves and repent, God will hear our prayer.

  7. Brenda Fisher

    How ever Trump leads is how he will lead. Regaurdless, God has his hand in everything. He will make somethng good out of all bad. He knows our thoughts actions and the outcome of all of it. It will be what it is. It is our job as Christians to "TRUST, OBEY AND HONOR !" Even if we do not agree with who is or isn't our president. Mocking, degrating and hindering the job of our president is not of God! I can garentee that. Everythng that is happening is to live out the word of God, good or bad. He is of faith, love and honor. It is discusting how people have handled all of it. In the end people will reap thier actons. God help those who fell validated in such dissrepect.

  8. People must read the Bible carefully and not take things out of context.

    Biblical language is intense and it is vital that people avoid using the message therein to support political biases.

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