Trump kisses banners, Remembrance Project Moms

For story, read StumpinForTrump.

Selected YouTube comments:

Eric Zarahn

We are a nation, not a doormat. Donald Trump represents us, not foreign enemies, and this is why we support him.


You’re god damned right Eric. If you’re voting Trump you should check out my channel, you’ll like my content.


This is an easy choice between a successful American who loves his country and a career politician globalist who doesn’t believe her first job is to help the citizens from her country.

Morton Kowalski

Donald Trump for America!!!

carlos olivas

Man this has got to get draining for him after a while, I’m sure he’s dead at the end of the night.

Adam Phosphor

Something you don’t see Bernie or Hillary doing.

Death to lies



00:471:10 just soooo many hot women at trump rallies lol


women know an alpha when they see one

Black Swan

We’ve got the hottest women on team Trump!  There’s plenty room on the Trump train for all women!

Dave Brewer

Wow, finally a man is running for President who truly cares about America and her people . May God watch over and protect him from all evil. American needs him badly.


That brought a tear to my eye.

Howard Morton

What a great man.

Diane Chavez

Donald Trump is fearless! The new General Patton!



ghost rappy

Very powerful. thanks for posting

My Name Is

God Bless this country for having such people. Trump 2016

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  1. Thanks to the couple who set up the fund for the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum Series. This year’s presentations were interesting. However, the bottom line is that belief in the Resurrection (or Life After Death) comes down to a matter of faith in the promises of Christ, as in John 14. Life after death is not demonstrable through science, nor should it be. Again, it is a matter of complete trust in the promises of God.Just my 2c worth.

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