Trump can win New York

by Wayne Allyn Root, RootForAmerica

TrumpRootTrust me, Hillary Clinton is scared. Smart Democrats are panicking. Leading Democrats keep saying in the media that Donald Trump can’t win the general election.

Really? “Me thinks they doth protest too much.” That may be what they’re saying out loud, but it’s not what they are whispering in private.

I think leading Democrats know exactly what I know. Donald Trump can win New York State. And if he does, Hillary’s goose is cooked. If the GOP wins New York, Democrats have no electoral path to the White House.

Donald Trump is the consummate New Yorker. Donald Trump is New York. Hillary was a carpetbagger from Arkansas. Trump’s name is on almost every corner in Manhattan. He’s spent 69 years being the most famous man in New York.

Try walking down any street in New York and watch the mob scene that develops. Watch the number of working class New Yorkers who tell Trump “I love you.” Watch the number of black and Hispanic New Yorkers who yell “Trump!” and high five the future president. And that’s in Manhattan.

Try the same Trump walk in working class neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. Trump is a New York hero in those working class boroughs.

Trump can beat Hillary in New York.

But to make this development a reality Trump must invest his time and money into making it happen. Trump and his surrogates (like Rudy Guliani) must spend time in every New York county for weeks. Trump must assign famous celebrity supporters to New York’s every square inch the same way Rick Santorum attacked Iowa in 2012- with a vengeance.

Picture Donald Trump renting Madison Square Garden and 20,000 New Yorkers screaming “DONALD!” Trump could fill the Garden 5 nights in a row. Try getting a ticket to the wildest rally in New York history. Scalpers will make their year’s income in a week. It will be the hottest ticket in the Big Apple. Trump is Madonna, Billy Joel, Mohammed Ali, Elvis and the Rolling Stones combined.

How about the Nassau Coliseum? He’ll fill it with 20,000 Long Islanders 10 days in a row. How about the Syracuse Carrier Dome? Donald is New York. …

For 69 years people have told Donald Trump what he can’t do and he’s proven them wrong time and again. But winning New York sure isn’t one of those things he can’t do. New York is winnable with Trump’s name at the top of the GOP ticket. Only Trump can win New York and reverse the electoral math for Republicans. Only Trump can open the GOP tent to working class New Yorkers.

But why stop there. New York is only the start. Trump can win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio too. These states are filled with middle and working class voters that dig Trump’s honesty and politically- incorrect style. The kind of voters who think of Trump as a patriot, man of common sense and champion of the working man and woman.

If Trump wins even just a couple of these blue-collar, lunch-bucket, “working-stiff” states, he’s destroyed the Democratic Party. 

Democrats always start out with New York and California in their pocket to start election night. From that point on the GOP is playing catch-up- with little margin of error. With Democrats in control of both California and New York, Republicans need to literally sweep the board to win the election.

The GOP has a very difficult electoral path to victory. This is why Mitt Romney lost. This is why Jeb Bush or John Kasich would lose too. Wishy-washy moderate establishment Republicans do not appeal to working class voters.

But Trump’s popularity with working class voters changes everything. It flips the narrative. If Trump wins New York, suddenly it’s Democrats who are on the defensive. It’s Democrats who are playing catch-up. It’s Democrats who have almost no electoral path to victory. Without New York and even one more working class state like Pennsylvania or Ohio, the Democrat’s hopes for victory lay somewhere between slim and none.

How do I know Trump can win New York? Well first of all I was born and raised in New York. I lived there 27 years. Now I live in Las Vegas, where I’m surrounded by ex-New Yorkers everywhere I turn. There are so many ex-New Yorkers living in Las Vegas, The New York Post is sold in supermarkets.

I know New Yorkers as well as anyone in the world. But the New Yorkers I know aren’t making $10 million per year on Wall Street. They don’t run banks. They don’t shop on Fifth Ave. They don’t lunch on Madison Ave. Their kids don’t attend $60,000 per year prep schools.

My friends live in working class and middle class neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and upstate New York. And they tell me Trump will sweep those neighborhoods.

Outsiders don’t understand it. But Trump is the hero of working class New Yorkers. Always has been. We love his in-your-face moxie, chutzpah and raw politically incorrect honesty. We love it when he destroys Jeb Bush or John Kasich with a word, or a glance. That’s our world. That’s how we grew up and survived on the mean streets of New York. Be tough, or be eaten alive. “Give no quarter, take no crap.”

Every time Trump opens his mouth…every shocking and controversial statement…every aggressive attack…every macho pronouncement…Trump is us. And that makes working class, blue-collar New Yorkers feel good…feel strong…feel proud. Trump feels like home.

I was honored to be lead speaker and Master of Ceremonies at a Donald Trump rally in front of over 5000 Las Vegans last week. I spent hours after the event hanging out with the attendees. I wanted to find out who they were and why they love Trump. This entire massive crowd was filled with Reagan Democrats, blue dog Democrats and independents. This is great news for the GOP. The media keeps saying the GOP needs to expand their tent. Well Donald Trump has done it.

This mass of working class Americans is the Trump Army. It’s “The Trump Revolution of working class stiffs.” Good people. Honest people. Hard working people. Salt of the earth. The foundation of America. Real Americans who don’t want handouts, only a decent job with a decent wage, and the chance for their children to do better.

Why is Trump their hero? Because he speaks for them. He says what they are thinking. The middle class is being murdered- and they see it, they feel it, they are living it. They are being destroyed, annihilated, slaughtered. They are being driven out of existence by Obama’s socialist cabal…combined with the establishment GOP’s favoritism towards big business.

Both parties have destroyed the working class and middle class of America. The government is actively working against the people. The system isn’t fair. The deck is stacked against them. And they see one hero who speaks for them…and wants to fight for them- Donald Trump.

These people need hope. They need a hero. Liberals, elitist intellectuals, mainstream media and the establishment leaders of both parties may not understand it, but Trump is that guy. Or perhaps they do understand it, and they are scared to death.

By the way, even if Trump loses New York, he’ll make it so competitive that Hillary and the Democrats will be forced to spend precious time and money on defending New York. Which means they have less money to spend on razor-close battleground states like Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Virginia. Either way…Trump wins.

Trump is a new kind of Republican. The kind I’ve been writing about for years. The kind I wrote about in my national bestseller- “The Murder of the Middle Class.” The kind that forms a citizen revolution with the people that made America great- working men and women of the great American middle class. The kind of citizen revolution that fights hard and fights rough to take back this country.

Last week in Las Vegas, I saw it all, up close and personal. This is no longer just a theory. It’s fact. Now I know I’m right – Trump can win New York.

Whether Democrats know it or not, Trump is their worst nightmare.





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