This election will determine the survival of Western civilization

by Ann Coulter, Interview with Stefan Molyneux

This election will determine the survival of Western civilization. It is because of cultures, and demographics. Those are people who bring their particular cultures with them.

It has taken centuries to create the freest, most prosperous, fairest societies in the world. There have been lots of studies about this — especially Samuel Huntington, some professors at Harvard, UCLA.

You never hear about this, so the left can go on persuading Americans, Canadians, British, and so on, that the American culture is the worst culture in the world. The left says as soon as we replace ourselves, the better off we are. We are somehow oppressing these throngs of the third world that are now being brought in to replace us.

But the truth is exactly the opposite: We do have the most successful culture in the history of the world. It is the fairest to the weak, the vulnerable, women, children, plants, animals, on honesty versus corruption.

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