8 thoughts on “The Best Presidential Poll is Rally Attendance”

  1. Of course, rally attenance is not the best indicator of candidate preferences.

    Polls are. Where HClinton leads handily.

    But I understand why pseudo-scientists like Ed Berry want to try and pretend otherwise.

  2. You know, Ed, if you didn't say you had a PhD, I would have, based on what I've read of yours, thought you barely graduated high school.

    Your opinions, like this post, as so ridiculous, so abysmal, so comical, that there just isn't any evidence otherwise.

  3. Ed: What is the evidence that the candidate with the best rally attendence is most likely to win the election?

    You remember the concept of evidence, right?

  4. David, after you fail to apply science to Soon's scientific paper, now you want to apply your failing science to politics.

    We agree the latest polls show Hillary is leading Trump. Your hypothesis is that these polls mean she will win. We will test your hypothesis with the results on November 9.

    Be sure to return here on November 9 to either claim you were right or to admit you were wrong.

  5. David, Where is your PhD thesis publication? I would like to check it out.

    As regards mine, it is readily available on Research Gate. I bet you cannot even understand my thesis. I also bet my thesis paper has many more citations than yours does.

  6. David, one hypothesis in political science is that rally attendance is correlated with the number of people who actually vote. (I note you can't spell attendance.)

    Again, we will be able to test this hypothesis after the election when we get the data on voter turnout.

    You do understand the concept of testing a hypothesis by testing its prediction, do you not?

  7. LOL. Yeah them polls will always do that. The polls here said that Rodrigo Duterte wouldn't be the next president and he was going to lose but yet the 7-Election which is done at 7 Eleven told an entire different story and said Duterte would win in a landslide.

    The few days before the election all the polls flipped their script because they were afraid of losing their legitamacy. Don't believe polls. Their never correct.

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