9 thoughts on “Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: Trump will be president”

    1. David, No matter where you go, you show you know nothing about intellectual debate. Here, the best you can do is to make an ad hominem attack on the messenger. That mode of attack went out with Aristotle, which makes you a little out of date.

      Can you prove that Sadhu did not have the vision he claims? Of course not, because science can't measure the non-physical world. Therefore, science can't prove Sadhu's claims are incorrect.

      The only place science can enter this picture is to test his prediction, which will happen by November 9. That's why I posted his public prediction.

        1. Dear David,

          You have made lots of comments on this site, but you have not made any "intellectual, scientific" comment. When you do, you might get an "intellectual, scientific" response.

  1. Yes..mocking is common in the world..3 years Jesus conducted ministry and all jews theologian mocking him…lets wait until it november..if its true…he is true prophet.GBU

    1. Dear Obet, Thank you for comparing how some people mock a messenger with how some people mocked Jesus.

      Sadhu, humbly, made his very brave prediction public. He took a big risk, so he deserves honest credit if his prediction is true.

  2. Well, now we can all attest to the fact that Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is indeed a true messenger of God and what the Lord spoke through him has come to pass.

  3. Dear David, You made a complete fool out of yourself when you criticized the prediction of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. As you are aware, he was right and you and ALL the liberal media were wrong. I think you owe him an apology.

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