Luntz focus group reveals Trump’s power

Luntz doesn’t like Donald Trump. Luntz thinks Trump says stupid things. Luntz is wrong about Trump. However, Luntz’s focus group tells another story. The focus group loves Donald Trump.

Watch this 10-minute video to see how middle America really feels about this election. Even if Trump were to go third party, which he won’t, his followers would vote for him.

Trump isn’t just another candidate who the establishment hates. Trump now controls the Republican Party. Trump has awakened the great middle class that the establishment Republican leaders have not just forgotten but screwed.

Luntz says he has never seen a phenomenon like this in American politics. Luntz’s focus group shows why Trump is winning. They reveal how most conservative voters feel and provide insight into America today.

2 thoughts on “Luntz focus group reveals Trump’s power”

  1. Something not mentioned here at all, is that Trump, being already rich, isn't going to spend a great % of his time and energy trying to figure out how to steal money from the American people, something that Obama has devoted a major portion of his energies to from day one…

    Sometimes I suspect that all of Obama's support of Muslim causes is just a smoke screen to divert our attention from the SIZE of the heist he's actually involved in. My guess is that Obama, when all is said & done, will be shown to have stolen somewhere north of $ 3 Trillion on behalf of himself, and all of his friends and supporters… criminals all.


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