How to follow the US Presidential Election

by Dr. Ed Berry

America’s presidential election will decide much more than who becomes America’s president. It will determine “climate truth,” America’s future, and the world’s future.

To watch America’s future unfold on election night, click here to get your own online map that you can update as election results come in. Here’s my version after I filled in the generally assumed state results:


The brown states are too close to predict from polling data. On your map, you can set the colors by clicking on a state multiple times. When the east-coast results come in, you can set each state. Whey you set a state, the map automatically updates the total electoral votes.

If the east-coast states go for Trump, this will predict Nevada and Colorado may also go for Trump. And vice versa. Whoever gets 270, wins, assuming there are no claims of voter fraud, like we had in 2000.


I agree with Michael Moore, Wayne Root, and others who predict a strong victory for Trump. Moore says the working class who have lost their jobs will vote for Trump en mass. Root predicts a hidden 5-point Trump factor that is not shown in most polls and predicts there will be a Brexit factor that will put Trump over the top.

The most accurate poll in 2012 was the IBD/TIPP poll. It has Trump up by 2 points nationally. The USC/LA Times poll includes enthusiasm. It has Trump up 5 points.

Two college professors with political models say Trump will win. SUNY Professor Helmut Norpath says Trump has an 87 to 99 percent chance to win. American University Professor Allan Lichtman says Trump will win.

Myth Keepers are for Hillary Clinton. Truth Keepers are for Donald Trump.
The people of every English-speaking country, except America, overwhelmingly support Donald Trump. But only Americans and dead people get to vote. Russian TV shows make jokes about how incompetent Hillary is for the presidency.

Mmediajokeany Americans still get their news from CNN, ABC, NBC, and Fox News. These spoon-fed, information-deprived Americans will do as their TV tells them. They will vote for Hillary.

If Hillary Clinton wins, politics will prevail over truth. Climate Myth Keepers will control our schools, our universities, our media, and maybe our Internet. Hillary will force you to sing the hymns of the Myth Keepers Climate Church.

If Donald Trump wins, truth will prevail over politics. Trump will put climate back into science where it belongs. Truth will begin to flow back into our schools, our universities, and our media.

Polar opposites

The candidates are quite clear on what they will do as president. And they are polar opposites.

If you prefer:

  • millions of government sponsored abortions,
  • high taxes,
  • uncontrolled illegal immigration,
  • importing millions of diseased, uneducated Muslims who want to take over America,
  • outrageously high medical care costs,
  • government controlled schools that brainwash rather than teach,
  • blending of America into the North American Union,
  • loss of our manufacturing base,
  • loss of our military power,
  • destruction of the American dollar and economy,
  • being controlled by a national crime syndicate,

then I understand why you would vote for Hillary Clinton. Given your preferences, at least you are being rational.

But if you don’t prefer those things, and you still won’t vote for Trump, then you have a thinking problem.

Choose America

I just published a book that shows how to make good decisions. It’s title is Choose America.

The ability to think rationally is not about how to do complicated thinking. It is about how to make things simple so decision making becomes simple. Good physicists know how to make things simple. America’s working class knows how to make things simple. Many “educated” people get brain lock over too much data. They don’t know how to make things simple.

Here’s how to make your political decisions simple.

You must begin your political decisions with the Key Question. Your key question must describe your choices. Your choice is relative and not absolute.

You must choose the candidate who you believe will do the greater good for America. You must reject one-sided critiques of a candidate that do not relate to your Key Question.

For example, some of my friends send me references to articles that criticize Donald Trump. Even if these articles were accurate, which most are not, they miss the logical point. No criticism of one candidate can make the other candidate a better choice. Nothing affects your choice until you compare your choices. Kind of obvious but many people don’t get it.

My book “Choose America” will help people learn how to think for themselves.

For example, here is a common logical error.

Say, their theory is “Hillary will make a better president than Donald Trump.” Then they think opinions that support their theory prove their theory is true. Wow! Had these people been Aztecs, they would have believed cutting out beating hearts and rolling decapitated heads down temple steps, causes rain for crops, because eventually, rain came.

Fact: Corroborating evidence does NOT prove a theory true.

Those who believe the Climate Myth, do not understand this principle. They think corroborating evidence proves their theory true. Many PhDs make this logical error. So wisdom does not always derive from “education.”

We can’t prove any theory is true.

We can only prove our theory is false, if it is false. This is the basis of the scientific method. Everyone should know it but very few people do. Those who don’t know it, get all mixed up.

They get so mixed up that they reject data that would prove their theory is false. Those who commit this fatal error, lock themselves into a lifetime of ignorance. They join the Myth Keepers.

Here’s another example of a false conclusion: “Donald Trump will be another Hitler.”

People who believe Trump is like Hitler reject all the evidence that proves their myth is wrong. Such evidence is overwhelming. For example:

  • Trump does not want to control the world, Hillary does.
  • Trump does not want to control education, Hillary does.
  • Trump does not want to control our healthcare, Hillary does.
  • Trump does not want to control science, Hillary does.

They reject evidence that conflicts with their desired opinion. Their opinion came first and their “evidence” came later. Very bad judgment.

Then some call Trump an “authoritarian. Trump is not an authoritarian. Trump is for free enterprise. Hillary is an authoritarian. Hillary is for socialism.

Here’s a message just in from a Canadian:

I am a Canadian who does not understand Americans. Americans sat back for over seven years and watched a Muslim dictator destroy their country and they never protested.

Now, they have a man, Donald Trump, who wants to save their country and they are protesting against him.

Why would Americans want to have their country turned into an Islamic State? Do they not know that Clinton intends to import ten million Muslims as soon as she takes office”

The value of organization 

In Choose America, I explain the value of organization in layman’s language. It is a fundamental principle of physics. In physics, they call it entropy, but few people understand its wide application to almost everything we do.

The principle of organization is an example of how a powerful concept can dramatically improve our ability to make good decisions.

We trumpnopuppethumans consider works that organize things to be good, and works that disorganize things to be bad.

Michael Savage said this election is about socialism under Hillary Clinton versus free enterprise under Donald Trump. Socialism disorganizes things and free enterprise organizes things. Therefore, socialism is bad and free enterprise is good.

Choose America shows how Trump’s proposed actions will work to organize America, and how Hillary’s proposed actions will work to disorganize America. Trump’s actions are reversible. Hillary’s actions are not.

This is proof that Trump will serve America better than Hillary would. Physics proves Trump is good and Hillary is bad.

This conclusion is independent of who we might “prefer” or “like” for president. This conclusion is based on fundamental principles known to be correct.

The Positive Voting Principle

Choose America explains Aristotle’s Positive Voting Principle. It says we must always vote to achieve the greater good. When we combine that principle with the organization principle, we conclude we are morally obligated to vote for Donald Trump.