Download MT GOP Delegate Form to Support Trump

by Dr. Ed Berry

It’s no secret the elected and appointed leaders of the Montana GOP support failed and losing presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Therefore, it’s not surprising their Nomination Form for Delegates to Republican National Convention is impossible to download or print from the MTGOP website.

Therefore, as a public service, you may click on the link below download the MTGOP Nomination Form:

To be considered for a delegate, you must either mail your form postmarked by April 29, or scan and email it by May 2.

After all, the MTGOP leaders are the same irrational Tea Party leaders who:

  1. support a presidential candidate (Cruz) who is part of the same Bush establishment they believe they are fighting, is owned by Goldman Sachs and other billionaires, and who wants to implement the North American Union.
  2. support a presidential candidate (Cruz) who is ineligible to be president, has sealed his citizenship records, and has not even proved he is a US citizen.
  3. support a presidential candidate (Cruz) who believes God anointed him to be president and is a Dominionist who believes in “moral absolutism,” and who supports a pastor who says to execute all gays.
  4. support a presidential candidate (Cruz) whom John Boehner correctly says is a “Miserable SOB” and a “Lucifer in the Flesh,” and whose college classmates warn you is psychotic.
  5. support a presidential candidate (Cruz) who choose as his VP, Carly “Globalist” Fiorina, who replaced 30,000 Americans with cheap foreigners, and gave herself a raise.
  6. support a failed presidential candidate (Cruz) who must win 117% of the remaining delegates to get 1237.
  7. reject the only candidate (Trump) who can beat Hillary in November, and therefore they support Hillary for President.
  8. support the failed lawsuit to close Montana Republican Primary election that, if successful, would cause the Montana Republican Party to lose more elections.
  9. used stupid and irrational reasons to oppose the very important Montana-CSKT Water Compact.
  10. think they are the true Republicans when they are really tea party radicals who represent only a Republican minority.
  11. do not realize Donald Trump will win the Montana Republican presidential primary election on June 7.

Obviously, the MTGOP has sent their form to Cruz supporters or they would have corrected their site error by now.

It is likely the MTGOP also controls the votes for delegates, so if you support Trump they may not elect you.

4 thoughts on “Download MT GOP Delegate Form to Support Trump”

  1. Pete MacLachlan

    Thanks for the form, Ed and also for all your emails keeping us informed and sharp. I depend on your ongoing info, crucial to my decisions and learning curve. Thanks! I was approached this week by someone in the Montana Trump Campaign, asking me to consider being a delegate to Cleveland in July, with the deadline being the 29th (tomorrow). It would mean going to the state convention in July and possibly getting in as a Trump delegate, which could be an interesting experience to say the least! He didn't mention the May 2nd deadline for emails. Basically, I want to help our guy win Montana but might be more effective staying home and doing local and state-wide stuff – letters to papers, etc. Any advice? Thanks again, from Pete MacLachlan

  2. Dear Pete,

    I too would like to be a delegate to the National Convention.

    However, I cannot gamble 4 days of my time to attend the MTGOP Convention in Billings on May 13-14, on the hope the radical tea bags who will dominate the Billings Convention would nominate me. They don't like the truth I write about them.

    Like you, I can do a lot more good in 4 days by staying home. However, I may send in my nomination form anyway just to see what happens.

    (For you who don't live in Montana, it takes a whole day to travel from Bigfork to Billings and vice versa.)

  3. I just tried to forward your GOP download and everyone one came back Alert! The attached outbound message has been quarantined.

    We're sorry, but our mail server did not deliver your message because it was caught by our outbound spam filter.

    So I released every one and then I get this for everyone.

    Undeliverable: Download MT GOP Delegate Form to Support Trump

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