Donald Trump will be our next President

by Dr. Ed Berry, also in NewsWithViews

On March 15, Donald Trump won 5 states. Cruz won zip. Here are the delegates to date:

After losing his home state of Florida, Marco Rubio dropped out.

Kasich barely won his home state of Ohio only because Rubio and Cruz told their supporters to vote for Kasich. Kasich should drop out. Although, if Kasich stays in, he will take anti-Trump votes from Cruz which will help Trump win.

Here’s the summary.

  • For Kasich to get 1237 delegates, he needs to win 106 percent of the remaining delegates. That can’t happen.
  • For Cruz to get 1237 delegates, he needs to win 79 percent of the remaining delegates. That won’t happen.
  • For Trump to get 1237 delegates, he needs to win 53 percent of the remaining delegates. That will happen.

Here’s why Trump will get over 1237 delegates.

The March 13 poll shows Trump’s national popularity rose from 40% a month ago to 53% today.


A March 18 Reuters national poll shows similar data:

Trump gained popularity while the GOP elite tried to take him down. Trump gained support while the media blamed the Soros-funded Democratic riots, in Chicago, Dayton, and Kansas City, on Trump.

Trump will win the “winner take all” states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nebraska, California, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. And he will dominate the “proportional” delegate states of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico.

That’s enough to give Trump over 1400 delegates.

The GOP’s attack on Donald Trump has nothing to do with his platform. It has everything to do with who controls Washington DC. The elite are scared Donald Trump will end their power over America.

They are right. Trump will return the power back to the American people where it belongs. As more Americans catch on to this fact, they will support Donald Trump.

The GOP elite, led by Mitt Romney, spent more money trying to stop Donald Trump than they did to try to stop Obama from winning in 2012. Makes you wonder whose side they are on.

Romney cost Trump Idaho. The Mormons in southeast Idaho who previously supported Trump voted for Cruz. Utah will likely vote for Cruz even though their values differ from Cruz’s values. Mormons seem to follow their leaders more than Catholics follow their Pope.

The GOP elite wasted $35 million on attack ads against Trump in Florida and Illinois. Trump spent no money to counter the GOP attack. Trump won Florida and Illinois significantly.

This is why we need Trump. The GOP elite don’t know how to manage money. Trump does.

Why a brokered convention will fail.

Some anti-Trump folks want a brokered convention to choose Romney, Ryan, Rubio, or Bush. They think these losers can beat Hillary. They think wrong.

The latest RCP poll shows Obama has a 51 percent approval rating. Obama has had a 49 to 51 percent approval rating for the past year.

Some anti-Trump folks claim face-off polls show another candidate would do better than Trump. They do not understand data. Face-off polls mean nothing. The general public can barely keep up with the present election, much less forecast an election that has not even begun.

The only way a Republican candidate can win the presidency is to pull votes from Democrats, Independents, and voters who have never voted before.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who has brought in new voters. Trump brings Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who had given up on the Republican Party.

Donald Trump has doubled and even tripled the number of Republican primary voters that Romney pulled in 2012. Trump’s new voters are there for only one reason: to vote for Donald Trump. They are the voters the GOP establishment screwed and long ago forgot.

If the GOP feeds them any candidate but Trump, these Trump voters will not vote GOP. Any candidate but Trump will lose to Hillary by a greater margin than Romney lost to Obama in 2012.

Many GOP elites have announced publicly they prefer Hillary over Donald Trump. They don’t belong in the GOP. They are Democrats.

Pat Buchanan wrote:

Fully 116 members of the GOP’s national security community, many of them veterans of Bush administrations, have signed an open letter threatening that, if Trump is nominated, they will all desert, and some will defect – to Hillary Clinton!

“Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin,” says Eliot Cohen of the Bush II State Department. According to Politico’s Michael Crowley, Cohen helped line up neocons to sign the “Dump-Trump” manifesto.

Another signer, Robert Kagan, wailed in the Washington Post, “The only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

There are only four kinds of voters. Which are you?

  1. American: You want Donald Trump to be our next president.
  2. Irrational Democrat: You want a brokered convention.
  3. Delusional Democrat: You want Ted Cruz to be our next president.
  4. Real Democrat: You want Hillary Clinton to be our next president.

It does not matter who you claim you are. We judge you by the results of your actions. If your actions help elect Hillary, you are a Democrat.

Irrational Democrats and Delusional Democrats are Democrats. If you are undecided, you are a Democrat.

There are only two sides.

Let’s be clear. There are only two sides in America right now. You are either for Trump or you are against Trump.

Dr. Ben Carson supports Donald Trump. Ben Carson is an American.

Ben Carson explained, according to Michele Hickford in

“The key thing for me was recognizing that the political establishment was pulling out all the stops to try to stop Trump. It seems to me that’s thwarting the will of the people. The people are the ones who are supposed to make the decision.”

Why a vote for Ted Cruz is Irrational.

The national YouGov poll has Cruz in second place with 22%, less than half of Trump’s support.

Cruz’s support comes from two sources: Very Conservative Evangelicals “Tea Party” (VCEs) voters who are Delusional Democrats and anti-Trump voters who are Irrational Democrats.

Don’t confuse “Very Conservative Evangelicals” with “Moderate Evangelicals.” Moderate Evangelicals support Trump.

Ted Cruz does not represent Tea Party values. Tea Party leader Debbie Dooley wrote in Breitbart:

I was disheartened to learn that you [Ted Cruz] recently joined  progressives and Republican establishment elitists by attacking millions of activists like me that support Donald Trump by calling us low information voters.

I would encourage you to climb down out of your Ivy League tower and find out just who we are and why we decided to support Donald Trump.

You would find among Trump supporters people that cherish the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. We have watched as candidates pledge to uphold the Constitution on the campaign trail and once elected they forget about their pledge in order to institute policy supported by their donors.  We know until the corrupt D.C. system is upended, the Constitution will continue to be ignored.

Cruz is a Dominionist.

Cruz is not your normal Evangelical. Cruz is an extreme rightwing evangelical Dominionist. He wants to replace our Constitution with his version of God’s laws. He believes God called him and anointed him to be president so his church can control America.

Cruz does not do tithing. His tax records show he made over $1 million per year from 2006 to 2010 and he gave ZIP to his church.

Cruz is a serial liar.

In the past month Cruz has told more lies about Donald Trump than we can count. Cruz believes the end justifies the means. Smart Evangelicals will drop Cruz and vote for Trump.

Cruz supports a pastor who tells you to kill gays.


Ted Cruz attended the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa in November to hear infamous “Kill-the-gays” pastor Kevin Swanson.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reviewed the anti-gay diatribe by wacko Pastor Kevin Swanson at a National Religious Liberties Conference.

Swanson held his Bible high in the air as he shouted that God commands us to kill all homosexuals.

Cruz should have immediately disavowed Swanson. But, right after Swanson’s sermon, Ted Cruz accepted Swanson’s introduction, then walked on stage and shook Swanson’s hand.

Here’s a short version of MSNBC’s video of Cruz and Swanson:

Here’s the full version on MSNBC:

Cruz is a Globalist.

Cruz, like Obama, is a globalist. He supports NAFTA. He was a policy advisor for Bush/Cheney. Canada Cruz wants open borders, amnesty, and no wall.

Cruz’s wife Heidi is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an executive in Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs wants a North American Union. Cruz wants to be the first president of the North American Union, which would join Canada, USA, and Mexico into one union.

Cruz can’t negotiate.

In two debates, Donald Trump said he would try to negotiate a peace agreement between Israel and its neighbors. Cruz called such a negotiation a compromise of “principles.” Cruz said he would never compromise his “principles” for the sake of a negotiation.

Twice in the debates, Cruz called negotiation “moral relativism.” Cruz believes in “moral absolutism,” which means, “It’s my way or the highway.” Cruz cannot negotiate.

Cruz is an economic moron.

Donald Trump said he would improve America’s economy by using tariffs where necessary. Cruz claimed tariffs would raise prices and harm the economy.

Cruz does not understand feedback. Cruz sees only the immediate price effect of tariffs. Cruz does not realize that Trump’s tariffs would protect America’s manufacturing jobs and even bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

To have a good economy, America must manufacture its own goods where it makes sense. Manufacturing jobs pay higher wages. These higher wages more than make up for tariffs on imports.

Cruz chose the wrong side in the Chicago riot.

George Soros funded the riot in Chicago. Rioters included Sanders’ supporters, known members of ISIS, and Bill Ayers. Police reports show the riot was much worse than most media told you.

Riots are illegal at events protected by the US Secret Service.

Breitbart reported:

The most stunning part of this whole storyline is perhaps not that liberals got violent trying to stop him: It’s that Trump’s GOP primary opponents, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, blamed him and not the violent liberals for the chaos. reported:

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich sided with Bill Ayers, Black Lives Matter, Communists and violent far left protesters.

Ted Cruz lost support of prominent conservatives.

Cruz is not fit to be president.

Cruz is ineligible.

Cruz’s VCEs claim they are “constitutionalists.” Yet they support Cruz who is not a “natural born citizen.”

Lawrence Tribe, Cruz’s Harvard law professor, says Cruz is ineligible to be president. When Cruz was born in Canada in 1970, the Canadian government did not allow dual citizenship. It required Cruz’s parents to choose between USA and Canada for Ted Cruz’s citizenship. They choose Canadian.

Ted Cruz was still a Canadian citizen when Texas elected him to the US Senate. He illegally served in the US Senate because was not a US citizen. Cruz is dishonest and unethical.

In 2014, Cruz became a “naturalized” citizen. This is further proof he is not a “natural born citizen.” Cruz knows he is not eligible to be president. So he lies about it.

Don’t expect the 5 or so eligibility lawsuits filed by non-candidates to stop Cruz. Only Donald Trump can prevail in an eligibility lawsuit against Canada Cruz. Trump’s lawyers are ready to prove Cruz is not eligible. The problem is politics.

If Trump files the lawsuit, he may lose votes because the general public does not respond well to negative actions. So Trump must decide if and when he will drop his “trump” card on Cruz. Meanwhile, the best way to beat Cruz is with more votes.

To resolve the “natural born citizen” issue, elect Donald Trump. He will ask Congress to define “natural born citizen.”


Americans will vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who can and will win the presidency. He is the only candidate with the necessary and proven CEO experience to run America and to save our economy.

Trump will win the final election against Hillary by a landslide. He will choose the best people for his cabinet and advisers. He already has Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Carl Icahn, Rudy Giuliani, and other superstars on his team.

Trump will choose the best Generals and Admirals. Trump will not micromanage how they do their job.

Trump will choose the best science advisor. I hope Trump contacts Princeton Professor of Physics Will Happer.

Trump will not take orders from the CFR. Trump will audit the Fed. Trump will build America’s economy. We need a strong economy to make America great again.

I stand with those who want to build up America. I am an American.

89 thoughts on “Donald Trump will be our next President”

  1. Dr Ed wrote:

    "I stand with those who want to build up America. I am an American.

    So do I !

    Well written article Dr Ed!

    Thank you…

    1. I couldn't have said it any better. I have been speaking along these lines from the very beginning. Yes there will be a landslide. yes we do need to show the GOP that the majority of the Republicans want Trump. A change is gonna come in a big way. If you can try to become a delegate.

    2. Donna Belenchia

      Thank you for this great article. It is a great follow-up to Thomas Ertl article yesterday, "An Evangelical Analysis of the Trump Candidacy".

  2. How sad that America's choice will be between Jezebel and the sleazebag casino king Trump, whose sordid stream of wealth flows from people losing money at his gaming tables. The man is foul, rude, disgusting and utterly obnoxious. Unfit to run anything, let alone a country.

    Trump has single-handedly lowered the tone of debate to childish, brutish name-calling and insults. He is a disgrace to America and this article is also a disgrace.

    1. Losing money at gaming tables, people choose to gamble this is not like government where you forced to pay for what you don't want, free markets allow people to choose what they value and spend their money accordingly.

  3. Robert Lippincott

    This is the very best I have ever read. this guy (Alan Franklin) is about as far off as can be. I am sure he's one of those with his hand out asking the Dem-o-rats, what can and will you give me today. What a nut and I bet he voted for OBummer and may even be in the closet with him.

  4. The choice for America will be criminal Hillary, communist Bernie, or capitalist Trump. After 8 years of barrys war on America and a GOP that ran on opposing barrys war on America and once in office did NOTHING to stop his relentless efforts to destroy our country, the time for President Trump is now.

  5. You guys are so precious.

    Laughing my ass off at blowhard Ed "Not Actually a Climate Scientist" Berry and the legions of crazy mofos commenting on this page.

    The timely collapse of the Republican Party is a joy to watch, but also scary, because you're all completely insane.

    1. Jonah is an uneducated liberal who uses Cargo Cult Science because he can't understand real science. We pity Jonah for his ignorance. He's part of the problem.

    1. Common sense did not prevail when we 2 times elected the most racist, hate filled intolerant man to ever hold our highest office. Lets hope America decides it wants to continue and end this war on America waged at its highest level under barrys rule.

  6. Love the article Ed, super stuff, spot on…wasn't Bee's rant a riot…thanks for writing this all up so succinctly. Much appreciated! Go Trump!!!!!!!

    Have you read his book, CRIPPLED AMERICA? It's very good..I just wish he understood how dangerous charters and vouchers/choice are

    1. Trump is still learning, and he's very willing to listen to the people. It is my understanding that he DOES know all about the global cabal of criminal psychopaths that has been manipulating humanity for decades (NWO, Agenda 21, TPP, etc.etc.etc.), and he DOES intend to correct that situation as it affects the United States. That single thing should make every American vote for Trump. I just hope he starts addressing these issues for the so-called conservatives who support Cruz.

  7. It's been a long time coming. Watching our country deteriorate has been heart breaking over the years. I'm near seventy years old. There have been many people whom have claimed they would right the wrongs of establishment government prunes, but none who have put their money where their mouth is. Donald has done just that and he is real. He has worked, made many mistakes and righted those mistakes, improved on himself, the lives of people whom work with and for him. He is a no bulls–t person, if he was he wouldn't be who he is today. There is a story that I heard many years ago of Donald's generosity. Whether it is true or not, I can't vouch for.

    Donald was being driven/traveling to a certain destination by his limousine driver. A tire on the limousine deflated for whatever reason and the driver had pulled to the side of the highway/freeway. The driver for whatever reason was unsuccessful in changing out the deflated tire. The driver if I understand correctly tried to flag down passing motorist to assist him. After many motorist passed by a semi truck driver pulled over and asked the limousine driver if he could be of assistance somehow.

    Long story short, after the semi driver and the limousine driver changed out the deflated tire, Donald Trump rolled down his window and offered to give the semi driver some compensation for assisting his limousine driver to change out the deflated tire. The semi driver refused to take any compensation and was honored to be face to face with Donald after Donald introduced himself. After some conversation and the semi driver still refusing any compensation Donald convinced the semi diver to give Donald his home address. The semi driver than parted ways with Donald and the limousine driver.

    It is said that when the semi driver arrived home and found out that his wife had received a bouquet of flowers from Donald Trump with a note attached – "Your mortgage is paid in full.", signed Donald Trump.

    Like I said, I can not vouch for the truthfulness of this story, but it wouldn't surprise me if is true. From every thing that I know from over the years of this man's drives, failures, and success he has integrity, honor, and great self esteem. He will lead the legal American Citizens to a restore United States of America.

  8. Totally support Trump! He is our Last real man standing! Cruz is totally illegal to run for POTUS or even serve to be the next POTUS….he knows this but will lie and cheat his way through the process. How can the people support another illegal to serve. Some have apparently been totally brainwashed.

    Thanks Ed Berry for the real info. I am passing your info to contacts.

  9. I've been tracking and analyzing delegates and polls. I thought it was interesting that Dr. Berry came up with numbers similar to what I've been looking at. I figured a bare minimum of 1300 to 1400, and possibly as high as 1500. Trump needs approximately 550 more delegates for the win. California is the grand prize with 172 winner takes all delegates. Current polls put him in the lead there. Arizona should be in the bag with 58 winner takes all delegates and polls are putting him at 64% of New York's proportionally awarded 95 delegates. Those three states alone drops the number of delegates needed for the win to about 260. That drops to 140 if he takes 40% of the remaining proportionally awarded delegates. There would then be about 350 delegates left available in the 9 remaining winner takes all states to pick up the rest of the 140 needed for the win. Even if he only picked up half of those, that'd be enough to put him over the top.

    IMO, the brokered convention talk is nonsense. Trump should have enough delegates to win the nomination outright.

    As for the national polls on a Trump/Clinton face off, I think Dr. Berry has the right of it there also. There are a number of things the polls don't factor in, although the data has been collected. The Democrats polled are largely undecided, where Trump supporters are confident of their choice.

    At the risk of appearing unkind, it has also been my observation that Clinton is attempting to woo,… ummm… less reliable members of our society. They are as likely to be too stoned to vote on election day as not. Plus, the Sanders supporters aren't all that thrilled with Clinton to start with. Picking someone in response to a phone call is different than driving to the nearest place to vote in person. The biggie, though, is that Trump hasn't started in on Clinton yet. Trump wins. That's what he does. He systematically destroys his competition. There's no reason to believe he will be any less effective against Clinton than he was against Bush and Rubio.

    1. Thank you, Don.

      Here are more updates:

      Donald Trump had a good rally in Salt Lake City on March 18. More dignitaries endorsed Trump this week, including Utah's Speaker of the House. It's looking like Utah will choose Trump over Romney's advice and give Trump the victory on March 22.

      The March 18 Reuters national poll gives Trump 49.7, Cruz 21.5, Kasich 12.3, and Rubio 8.9. The last three add up to 42.7. So Trump beats the total of his opposition by 7 points. More people will move to Trump when they realize how bad Cruz really is.

      Also, we can add Carson's 10 delegates to the Trump camp.

  10. A profoundly accurate and eloquent analysis of today's political scene, coupled with data which supports the election of Donald Trump. Your article will be derided, denied, demeaned, discounted, dismissed, and drowned in any mainstream publication that is permitted to print the truth. That fact alone substantiates the validity of your presentation. Congratulations.

    1. Dear Znam,

      Your comment reminds us of how important the Internet is to populist politics. Without "Al Gore's" Internet, we would have no way to communicate. The mainstream media would control how people think and thereby control how America votes.

      Trump has been able to communicate directly with us via Twitter and other Internet media. He can communicate fast enough to invite people to his rallies. Trump is winning because we have the Internet.

  11. I think you are being a little too hard on Mr. Cruz. Be careful what you wish for Dr. Ed. Mr. Trump has spoken very little about how he will restore our religious freedoms, which to me, is most important. If the federal government can force us to close down shop because we do NOT believe in homosexuality, then we have lost a great freedom. Trump says, "it's the law" so we must comply. This does not sound like someone who cares much about religious freedom, which is what our Founding Fathers fought for when fighting King George! A nation that kills babies and the elderly, cannot thrive. Do some research as to how we have descended downward since the 1960's.

    AS with any politician, they have some good points and bad. Mr. Trump ought to show signs of someone who embraces the Constitution and will follow it. I have not seen this.

    I hope you are right in your assessment of Mr. Trump, but I suspect, like most folks who are hoping for the best, will be at most, sadly disappointed.

    1. Dear Cindy,

      I reported facts about Ted Cruz. It's the facts that are hard on Cruz. Cruz supports a pastor who says to kill gays. That is a very extreme, illegal, and immoral position. This extreme position is not necessary to our religious freedom.

      Trump supports religious freedom very much. He will appoint Supreme Court justices who will support religious freedom. Trump is against abortion. Trump supports other parts of Planned Parenthood but not the abortion part.

      There will be no freedom if your economy tanks. There will be no freedom if America elects Hillary or Bernie. Only Donald Trump will lay the foundation that we need to support our freedom.

  12. I have a hard time wrapping my arms around the notion “To resolve the “natural born citizen” issue, elect Donald Trump. He will ask Congress to define “natural born citizen.”” for a myriad of reasons. Chief among them being relevant here are the following:

    1) “Congress” is the creation of the Constitution as it stands today; and,

    2) The Constitution does not empower Congress to define its creator outside the strictures of Article V; and,

    3) I do not trust the current Congress anywhere near modifying my Constitution any further than they already have; because:

    A) They do not honor their oaths to Amendments IX and X; and,

    B) They failed, miserably, to vet the ratification of Amendments XVI and XVII when neither was properly ratified by the prerequisite number of states; and,

    C) They, over the past decade, have made at least 8 unsuccessful attempts at removing the Natural Born Citizen qualification requirement for admittance to the Office of President because they all know that all those qualifying under the lesser grandfathered ’Citizen’ requirement have all long been dead; and,

    D) For near a century now, few in Congress apprehend the intent of “shall not be infringed”; and,

    E) 0bummer was a member of , and, Rubio and Cruz both are members of that Congress, Cruz without so much as a peep from that Congress on eligibility from that Congress; and,

    F) Last, but far from least, one very informed member of that Congress truly reasoned that the consequence of overpopulation of an island in an ocean would be that island sinking.

  13. Excellent article. I hope the people continue to wake-up and support TRUMP in their primaries and the general election……the future of this generation and generations to come depend on it..

  14. Great article, Ed! I am an American and I vote for Trump. By the way, I know Alan Franklin and he is not an American. He lives in England!

  15. This is the best article I've seen on the current political situation – you really hit a home run! I hope that it will be read by those who truly need to read it, because so many have not done the research that should be done prior to voting.

  16. I'm a West Point Grad & Vietnam Vet w/2 Bronze Stars. Nixon & Kissinger pulled us out in 1975.. John Kerry had a lot to do wit that, & now, he's doing the same in the Middle East. I left the Military & went to Law School. After 30+ years, I'm essentially retired after a bad car accident.

    Given the above, I used to be part of the "Conservative" Republican pack. I voted for Dole. Lost to the Leftists. I voted for McCain. Lost to the Leftists. I voted for Romney. Lost to the Leftists. For the first time in decades, we finally have a ray of hope in Donald Trump. However, the RNC "Establishment Elitists" appear to have dug their heels into the mud of their consistent "Loser" mentality.

    I 100% agree with you, that Cruz is just another Right Wing Extremist Conservative Evangelical, who preaches Christianity, but has Zero chance of beating Hillery Killery Billery.

    In this regard, I am so pleased that Dr. Ben Carson supports Mr. Trump. I suspect that, as a brilliant & highly educated Neurosurgeon, Dr. Carson knows, that from 1860 to 1960, the Republican Party was the Party of Abe Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation & freedom for Black Americans, including the Civil War. Unfortunately, Abe was assassinated in 1863.

    Meanwhile, in 1960, a bigoted Southern Democrat caused Martin Luther King to be imprisoned. Even Kevin Spacy's TV history production acknowledges, that the then-Republican Presidential candidate (Nixon) tried but failed, to persuade a high Democrat politician in that State, to release Martin Luther King.

    Instead, a man named Sergeant Shriver, got the telephone no. of Coretta King & persuaded Democrat presidential candidate John Kennedy to call Mrs. King & express support. From whence, Kennedy got King released from jail (even though the Democrats actually did Not want King released at all)! Astoundingly, Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, exactly 100 years after Abe Lincoln.

    Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Johnson, a Texas Democrat bigot, needed to keep Black American support, & in fear of riots (from civil disobedience & peaceful freedom marches}, Johnson ultimately caused federal legislation to be passed, "purportedly" providing "help". All a ruse, to take control over them, including projects ("hoods"), Abortion (which Margaret Sanger wanted, in order to exterminate Blacks from America) & welfare {demotivating Blacks from getting good education & good jobs).

    So the Democrat Party "stole" Black Americans from the Republicans. But to keep them, the Democrats created Socialist programs that keep Blacks down & out, including the dumbing down of education, ultimately leading to poverty, despair, drugs & crime. So how's that been workin' out for ya, Black America? Small wonder 70% of State prison population is Black.

    It's not the people, It's the self-perpetuating Democrat Socialist system, that never cared about Minorities in the 1st place. For the 1st time in over 50 years, we now have in Donald Trump, a Republican Presidential candidate who can draw support from reasonable Black Americans who have knowledge of true history. Trump is NOT another Extreme Right-Wing Conservative Fanatic that the RNC has served-up for consistent defeat, throughout recent decades. Rather, Trump is a Common Sense Republican who resonates across all Americans who, like me, are sick and tired of the corruption & fake political corruption, destruction of true freedom of speech, & total selling-out of America to the globalist multi-national corporations.

    They falsely twist & distort Trump's concern for American border security as racist & hateful of Latino's & Muslims, whereas, he only wants to protect America from those certain illegal aliens who, no matter what race, religion, color or creed, are criminals, burglars, drug traffickers, human traffickers, rapists, murderers and/or extreme Jihadist adherents of Sharia Law, which hates all Infidels, treats women like furniture, & revels in pleasure at abducting, kidnapping, torturing, raping & killing of women, & mass beheading of men who do not convert to their God of death & destruction.

    Why do those in top control of our political system, seem bent on fighting, stopping & destroying Trump at all costs? Don't they have the slightest clue, that the alternative, Any Alternative now, will result in Clinton appointing Leftist Supreme Court Justices who will destroy whatever is left of our 1st & 2nd Amendments? Jews, Christians, gays, & anyone else who do not become Moslem, will be punished (enslaved & killed), our economy & what we now still know as what remains of the American dream, will finally be shattered and destroyed altogether, in favor of the growing world government.

    How can Any of the major media, let alone political parties, get a clue, & start supporting Trump, instead of trying to stop and destroy him? What alternative would ever even TRY to help save America, liberty & freedom? God help us all.

    1. Dear Guy,

      Thanks for your comment. Obviously, you are a biased, uninformed Democrat who hates America. Those of us who support Trump will help save America.

  17. This article says what most patriotic Americans want to say and already think about Donald Trump. Government elites have classified Americans voting for Trump as uneducated and misinformed. This only goes to show the contempt the established Washington politicians have for Americans. In my lifetime I've never seen Americans rally around a presidential candidate the way they have for Donald Trump. Americans can finally see a chance to break away from the system thats been in place for decades that has been suppressing american growth and improvement. Good luck fellow Americans.

  18. A vote for Cruz is the wasted vote because he's not electable in November. Neither is Trump. So what's the point. Ultimately, the presidential primaries are about viability — they're not a feel-good exercise in futility. Time to sober up.

    1. Dear Kafantaris, Prove Trump is not electable. No other candidate is more electable than Trump. Since you presented no argument to back up your claim, you have no case.

    2. How is it that Hillary is electable? What amazing policy or leadership skills does she possess that would cause people to vote for that waffle-iron?

      I'm hoping if elected she's the first president to reside in the White House under house arrest.

  19. Excellent analysis and conclusions.

    Right – Trump is risking his life: Obama's only risk of assassination is from a few deep south confederate flaggers. Trump is pushing the same envelope that JFK pushed. And he is drawing the ire of everyone on entitlements – the Berners that want someone else to pay for their food, housing, college, and smartphone. (No haters interfered with Obama's rallies the way they come out against Trump.)

    Running for president is hard work. Some might argue that Trump wants to be President so that he can set policies to increase his wealth. I don't buy it. He doesn't need the money, and he doesn't need more. He could choose to live on a private island in the Caribbean, getting spa treatments and drinking mai-tai on the beach.

    It's outrageous that GOP (whoever they think they are) is plotting to undermine their front-running candidate. GOP is often accused of "being out of touch with the people they represent." This is proving the point.

  20. Ed,

    Thank you for your "opinion," because the 1st amendment allows all of us that right. But allow me to eviscerate your opinion because of the inaccuracy.

    Let's start with the birther opinion. Four states have thrown out objections to Senator Cruz' right to on the ballot for the primaries. When Trump announced he would file a lawsuit against Senator Cruz, Ted efficiently demonstrated in a news conference why he is able to run for President of the United States and told Trump to bring his lawsuit. Trump has not mentioned it again.

    In regards to your contention that Senator Cruz is a liar, as you are clearly a Trump fan, it is understandable that you would pick up on his mantra of "lying Ted." However, all of the things that you claim Senator Cruz is lying about, is well documented – both video and audio- from Trump himself. You see, Trump has a treasure trove of interviews that prove what Senator Cruz is saying. The liberal media and Hillary will have an abundance of this to choose from. Remember this one? "Hillary is a friend of mine, and I think that she has done a great job as Secretary of State."

    Your opinion that Senator Cruz is a "dominionist." Just because Senator Cruz is a Christian does not automatically condemn him as being a dominionist. Senator Cruz is a member of the Houston First Baptist Church and has been very open with the fact that he is a Christian. But for you to incorrectly state that he is a dominionist or that he will legislate as a radical Christian is totally false. Senator Cruz is a constitutional conservative who will uphold the Constitution. Conversely, Trump has stated – yes we have video- that he wants to open the First Amendment libel laws so as to suit the media.

    You have labeled me as a "delusional democrat," which is laughable. Your depiction of everybody other than those who vote for Trump is your "opinion" and since you are a physicist and not political sociologist, maybe you better stay out of that nomenclature. I am a conservative republican who is concerned about the liberty for ALL of the legal U.S. citizens. The process of primary elections is important to vet each candidate and to allow each candidate to debate policy. So far, we know that Trump's policies are "going to make us great." Just like Obama promised his followers "change."

    Senator Cruz actually has layed out his plans and policies, which does include building a wall and deporting the illegal immigrants and H-1B violators.

    In regards to Trump having a lead in delegates, there is a long way to go before the Republican convention in July. If Trump has the 1237 delegates necessary, then he should be the Republican candidate for president. But, if he goes to the Republican convention even 1 delegate short of the required 1237, then there will be a contested convention per the rules. A history lesson for you Ed. Lincoln went into the Republican convention of 1860 trailing Seward. Seward was confident of amassing the required delegates, but fell short. Lincoln then debated Seward and won the Republican nomination and ultimately the Presidency.

    You can write your "opinion" articles as much as you want Ed. But, just like your fellow writer Kelleigh Nelson found out, I'm going to challenge and debate what you write, because your depiction of Senator Cruz and his followers is incorrect and needs to be challenged. Maybe you should do a little research on Trump. You may find a lot more negatives that may change your mind regarding the mysoginistic narcissist.

    1. Dear Paul,

      I welcome your challenges to my article.

      Because your comment includes multiple subjects, I will reply in two comments so I can be more clear. This is my first reply.

      Let’s begin with agreeing on what all candidates openly agreed upon: All of the Republican candidates would make a better president than Hillary or Bernie. My article is addressed to those who agree with that statement.

      Second, we are long past the point where it is important to debate the relative merits of Cruz versus Trump. A month ago, such a debate was relevant. Today, those debates are over. The voters have made their choice clear. Data show Cruz cannot get 1237 delegates. Therefore, a vote for Cruz now is a vote for a brokered convention.

      What will a brokered convention achieve? The RNC will not choose Cruz because they don’t like him. They have already announced they will choose from Romney, Ryan, Rubio, and Bush.

      Therefore, those who vote for Cruz to get a contested convention have the burden of proof to show Romney, Ryan, Rubio, or Bush, are preferable to Trump and can beat Hillary.

      You have not argued that Rubio and Bush are preferable to Trump.

      You have not argued that Rubio and Bush can beat Hillary, because they can’t.

      You have not argued that Cruz can beat Hillary, because he can’t.

      For your information, my article has nothing to do with sociology. It has all to do with proper data interpretation and logic, which are my fields of expertise as a physicist.

      This is the key part of my reply and I believe it puts you in check.

      1. Ed,

        I never said that your article was about sociology. I said that in your article YOU are trying to be a political sociologist by coming up with your own nomenclature. Make sure you follow along and not try to change the context of what I'm saying.

        In regards to Trump filing a lawsuit…..

        POLITICS FEB 15 2016, 4:46 PM ET

        Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Against Ted Cruz Over Citizenship

        That is the article describing the lawsuit that Trump was going to bring against Senator Cruz.

        And there is no need for Senato Cruz to have to get any sort of ruling, but he held the news conference to point out why, in accordance to the Constitution, he is able run for President. You are almost as good of a con man as Trump is, by distorting the truth about Senator Cruz.

        You like polls. You used a European poll to make your case. But let's use some polls from the U.S.

        REALCLEAR shows trump losing to Hillary in 6 out of the 7 polls. Now when Cruz goes up against Hillary, Senator Cruz wins 5 out of 6 (Rasmussen did not poll on this matchup). The spread of the total sum of the polls has Senator Cruz beating Hillary by 0.8, but Hillary beats Trump by 6.3.

        Ed, your numbers don't add up. You must be part of the Obama physicist common core graduate program.

        And a vote for Senator Cruz is certainly not a vote for Hillary. You obviously did not read my history lesson that I pointed out to you regarding the 1860 republican convention between Lincoln and Seward.

        Just because you are a Trump fan, don't give out misleading information regarding Senator Cruz. If you want to display the merits of your candidate, then discuss Trumps policy in opposition to Senator Cruz, not the information that you have falsified or garnished from your Facebook friends (or Samantha Bee, laughable).

        1. Dear Paul,

          I defined my terms. This is not only standard but it is desirable. You get nowhere when you attempt to challenge my definitions, which you call “nomenclature.” The only way you can rebut my logic is to show my logic is wrong.

          Indeed, various news channels reported Trump’s threat to file a lawsuit against Cruz regarding eligibility. Fox News wrote:

          “Donald Trump dramatically escalated his feud with rival Ted Cruz on Monday, threatening to sue the Texas senator over his eligibility for office if he does not retract alleged “lies” about Trump’s positions.”

          I wrote: “Trump never announced he would file an eligibility lawsuit against Cruz.” That is true. A threat is not an announcement of an impending action. Trump has that option and it is still open.

          You attempt to claim insight into how a court will rule on Cruz’s eligibility. If you wish to argue that point then go to the link I gave you. The only thing we or anyone can conclude about eligibility is that the legal issue is unsettled. Your claim that a news conference settles a legal issue is irrational.

          The only way for Cruz to prove he is eligible, outside of defending against a lawsuit, is to get a declaratory judgment. Cruz is afraid to get a declaratory judgment because he knows he will lose.

          I showed in my article why head-to-head polls are meaningless. Therefore, your use of them is meaningless. You have no case.

          Further, you still talk of Cruz as a possible nominee. You are living in a dreamworld. Cruz has no chance to get 1237 delegates. Watch as new data make this conclusion more certain.

          You have made no progress toward showing my conclusions are incorrect. I concluded the nominee will be either Trump or the choice of a brokered convention. The choice of a brokered convention will not be Cruz.

          Your history lesson is irrelevant, so I did not respond to it.

          Since Cruz will not be the nominee of a brokered convention, the only relevant argument is to compare Trump versus Romney, Ryan, Rubio, and Bush.

          I argued, using data, that only Trump can beat Hillary. Until someone shows that conclusion is wrong, then it is proper for me to claim a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary.

          You can laugh all you want right up to the time you watch them swear in Hillary as president.

    2. Dear Paul,

      Here is my second reply. These issues are not central to my case so I kept these separate from my first reply.

      I added my comments about Cruz for only one reason: to encourage his devoted followers to vote for Trump. My comments about Cruz are not needed to support my conclusion.

      Regarding eligibility. Of course, the states will throw out lawsuits over the eligibility of Cruz. There are all kinds of reasons that these lawsuits have failed. Standing is one reason. However, Trump or Hillary can prevail in an eligibility lawsuit against Cruz.

      Trump never announced he would file an eligibility lawsuit against Cruz. Trump said if Cruz is nominated, Hillary will file an eligibility lawsuit against Cruz. Then win or lose the lawsuit, Hillary would win the presidency.

      Trump said what I say, namely, the eligibility of Cruz (and Rubio) is an unsettled legal question. There are extensive legal arguments on both sides. Only a court of law can settle the question. If you want to join the legal technicality discussion, click here.

      Cruz did not and cannot demonstrate at a news conference that he is eligible. A news conference cannot settle an issue that only a court can settle.

      Trump challenged Cruz to get a “declaratory judgment” to prove he is eligible. That is the proper way. Cruz refused. Cruz has sealed all his citizenship records. Therefore, no constitution-abiding American should vote for Cruz.

      Cruz told lies about Trump. There are too many to list here. After each debate the news media checked Cruz’s claims and found them to be untrue. We could take time to go through issue by issue but it would be a waste of our time.

      Your claim that Cruz is not a Dominionist is right up there with Peter denying Jesus three times. Just Google “cruz dominionist” and walk your way through the documentation. Also note the statement by Pastor Rafael Cruz, “My son is an anointed King, destined to take control of all sectors of society.”

      In conclusion, Cruz has not proved he is eligible. Cruz is a Dominionist. Cruz approves of a Pastor who tells us to kill all gays. Cruz can’t negotiate because of his religion. Cruz is a globalist. Cruz is an economic moron. Cruz choose to side with Soros, Bill Ayers, ISIS, and the Democrats on the riot against Trump.

      1. Ed,

        You may want to read my previous reply to you.

        I'm going to have to use this as a secondary response to your rapid fire conclusion, lest anybody reading your response may take it for the truth.

        Senator Cruz is legal to run, it's in the Constitution, and 4 states threw the litigation out.

        Senator Cruz is a Christian and not a Dominionist, although there are three levels of dominionism that could have ALL Catholics, Baptists, Hebrew, etc to be at the first level of Dominionism. Basically, you have faith in your religion.

        Senator Cruz does not agree with the pastor you reference. All candidates can shake hands or talk to a church and not necessarily know all of the particular beliefs of that person.

        Senator Cruz can negotiate, irregardless of his religion and he is a constitutional conservative, but that does not make him incapable of negotiation nor of being a globalist. And by the way, to deal with other world leaders and our need to renew ties with our allies, anybody would have to be a globalist to a certain degree.

        Senator Cruz gives a great view of his economic policy at his website (

        And seriously Ed, making false claims that Senator Cruz is siding with the mob left is truly disingenuous on your part.

    3. Dear Paul,

      Speaking to: “Let’s start with the birther opinion. Four states have thrown out objections to Senator Cruz’ right to on the ballot for the primaries. When Trump announced he would file a lawsuit against Senator Cruz, Ted efficiently demonstrated in a news conference why he is able to run for President of the United States and told Trump to bring his lawsuit. ”

      You are correct in that Cruz has been “able [illicitly enabled] to run for President of the United States”. However, Paul, news conferences do not qualify anyone for the office of president. The actual documentation of Cruz’s qualifications to hold that office is still curiously missing.

      If you have a copy of the Constitution of the United States, please open it to Article 2, section 1 (5). In pertinent part thereof you will find the following:

      ⁃ “ Qualifications for President

      ⁃ 5. No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ office of President;"

      Please note that the 'or' separating ‘no person except a natural born citizen’ from ‘a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution’ is a disjunctive conjunction putting the former in contradistinction to the latter. Also, please note that all those qualifying under the latter qualification have long been dead.

      Mere citizenship, regardless of how it is obtained, no longer qualifies anyone alive today to seek or be eligible to the office of President PERIOD. No one can demonstrate that the qualification clause, “at the time of the adoption of this Constitution”, has ever either been modified or removed, constitutionally. Cruz was not alive “at the time of the adoption of this Constitution”, so, Paul, it is impossible, sans any official documentation of Cruz’s reincarnation, to demonstrate Cruz’s qualification either to seek or hold the office of President. Turn out the lights, that party cannot get on the drawing board let alone get off the drawing board. The drawing board upon which that must be drawn up on simply does not exist anywhere other than in the lame minds of low-information subversives.

  21. And a footnote to your article Ed. If you're using Samantha Bee as a resource and as a polling source, you should not even be taken as a credible writer. Samantha Bee is a left wing liberal who supports Hillary. And Yougov is a polling service from England.

    You call the dissenters to your articles biased and democrats, yet you have a completely biased slant to your article with no objective data to support Trump.

    Just saying.

    1. Dear Paul,

      I show Samantha Bee only because it is a shorter version of MSNBC's video report that I link to and also show. I don't think anyone will argue that MSNBC showed a fake video of Cruz and the pastor.

      I used the national poll because it shows a historical plot. A March 18 Reuters national poll (inserted above) shows essentially the same numbers as the poll. Likewise, Real Clear Politics shows similar numbers.

      All these poll data show Trump has about 50 percent support and the total of the other 3 candidates is well less than 50 percent. This is one basis of my article.

      I call dissenters to this article, not all my articles, "Democrats" because that is how I defined them in this article. I attempt to argue that we have only two choices for president: Donald or Hillary. I conclude that all who do not support Trump now by default support Hillary. No one has argued that my logic is incorrect.

      I dispute your claim that my article is "biased." The "objective data" I use to support Trump are the poll numbers, the delegate numbers, and the source of Trump's support. I don't need any other objective data to support my conclusion that its either Donald or Hillary.

      If Bush, Kasich, or any other candidate had Trump's data, I would argue we must support that other candidate or else we would elect Hillary.

      1. Your article is biased because it only discusses your inaccurate information regarding Senator Cruz. If your article was intended to be why Trump will be the next president, please elucidate what Trumps position is on the policies of his campaign, and to be truly objective give your "opinion" as to his negative aspects as you were so willing to give Senator Cruz'.

        1. Dear Paul,

          Please see my reply to your longer comment above. In summary, my case depends only upon delegate counts, polling data, and demographics of candidate support. There is no bias. If these data favored any other candidate, I would tell you to support that candidate.

          My conclusion is that our next president will be either Donald or Hillary. No one has made a valid challenge to my conclusion.

          My case does not rely on my comments about Cruz. Those comments are solely to encourage Cruz supporters to support Trump.

  22. How stupid these American people can be who have no idea about the rest of the world. First they supported a WAR criminal George Bush and now this idiot Trump? I have been following these closely though I am not a U.S Citizen. What Trump says he will do, nothing is going to happen. Globalization is a product of America and if US can dictate other countries to open the market to sell US products, you need to expect the repercussion such as jobs getting shifted to low cost countries. The fundamental of capitalism is profit generation. Even the socialist countries of the world have opened their economy for trade liberalization. Trump would say what you want to say. You can produce shirts for one dollar in Asia which is not possible in US. May be he could inflate the price by Tariffs and taxes but that does not help. It's not going to happen as well. You can't bully the entire world. My best guess, if he continues the same policy after becoming president, there will be more and more Wars. But, chances are more that he will sing different tune once he become the president.

    I don't even want to discuss about his other comments on Muslims and Mexicans. How can you people support a guy who spread hatred.

    1. Dear Outsider,

      You have made no case against my key conclusion: Our next president will be either Hillary or Donald Trump. If you prefer Hillary then that is your choice.

  23. Dear Paul,

    You continue to claim Cruz is eligible. Your claim is invalid because only a court can make that decision. Further, if Cruz even thought he is eligible, he would have gotten a declaratory judgment to settle the issue. Cruz refuses to do this. If Cruz won't show he is eligible then no Cruz supporter has standing to claim Cruz is eligible.

    Cruz proved in the debates that he can't negotiate. He said the compromise necessary in negotiations is against his principles. He called negotiations "moral relativism" and claimed (incorrectly) that "moral relativism" is wrong.

    Forget what Cruz has on his website. Cruz proved in a debate that he flat out does not understand economics.

    Face it, Cruz is a smooth-talking lawyer who has no experience in economics, business management, and business negotiation. Therefore, Cruz is unfit to be president.

    I gave you a reference on Cruz and Dominionists. Google " cruz domionist". These references are voluminous and indisputable. You attempt to diffuse the issue by distorting the definition of "Dominionist" used in these references.

    Now you attempt to defend Cruz's association with Pastor Swanson. Your devotion to Cruz has taken you way off course. You are now associating yourself with Pastor Swanson and his order to kill all gays.

    You can't deny that Cruz shook Pastor Swanson’s hand right after Swanson told his audience to kill all gays. You can't claim Samantha Bee lied because her evidence came from MSNBC.

    If Cruz were a "man" he would have told Swanson and the audience that he disagrees with Swanson’s orders. If Cruz were a "man" he would have stood up to Swanson. But Cruz is a wimp.

    This is proof Cruz is not fit to be president of America.

  24. Ed, first you quote polls in your article, and then you say they are not relevant when I point out to you that Trump doesn't win in November with the REALCLEAR polls from the U.S. That is an Alinsky tactic of changing the rules when it doesn't fit your dialogue.

    Also, I never said that Senator Cruz was going to win the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination. Senator Cruz will do just fine in the rest of the states, and by doing so neither he nor Trump will get the 1237 delegates. So when the Republican convention meets, it will come down to the candidates facing off and head to head, Cruz wins. The RNC will not attempt to fit in anybody as an alternative.

    So Ed, history is not important to you? You don't believe that history teaches you to learn from your mistakes? Well I believe that the story of how Lincoln won the 1860 Republican convention from Seward to be a tremendous lesson of perseverance and our great democracy. And it is relevant. What you are saying is that you would not have given Lincoln a chance to go to nor even to win the chance to be President.

    Your article does not prove anything, except that you have an opinion.

    1. Dear Paul,

      You wrote, "So when the Republican convention meets, it will come down to the candidates facing off and head to head, Cruz wins. The RNC will not attempt to fit in anybody as an alternative."

      All available information says a convention will NOT choose Cruz. They don't like Cruz. They will select from Rubio, Bush, Romney, or Ryan, or similar.

      Cruz has openly supported Pastor Swanson. If Cruz does not support killing gays, then he must disavow Pastor Swanson. Otherwise, no one should support Cruz.

      Cruz has openly supported the Soros-funded riots against Trump. If Cruz will not disavow the Soros-funded riots against Trump, then no one should support Cruz.

      What secret society does Cruz belong to? During the national anthem in several debates, Cruz displayed the "hidden hand" signal and the perpendicular feet signal. Cruz should come clean on what he secret society he belongs to and why he would display the secret signals during our national anthem.

  25. Yep, outsider, stupid, but, not nearly as stupid as having open borders and freely educating outsiders to efficiently do for themselves, eh…

    As to the unruly Muslims mentioned, that was first handily handled by Thomas Jefferson, 'to the shores of Tripoli', which brought a quick end to our merchant ships being pirated and held for ransom. So, outsider, the plain and simple answer to your query appears in history books, you effectively defend against aggressive hatred.

  26. Great article Ed. You touched ALL of the salient points and presented it in an attractive interesting article.

    A small observation I would like to add. Many of us come from families and have relationships with "Christians" who are involved to on degree or another in Pentecostalism.

    From my view: And I hope it is not wishful thinking: This election cycle has been very helpful in clarifying that departing from the fundamental gospel is perhaps the leaven that leavens the whole lump.

    I see people moving back to orthodoxy. Frankly Christians are put off by the antics of self-proclaimed adherents that overlook the basics. I would include in that group: Ted Cruz, Glen Beck, Marco Rubio, George Bush, Steve Deace, and many many more.

    Trump has been absolutely fantastic with his continual mention of Bible thumping and then lying! I hope I am not in error asserting that this is evidence and fruit of the Spirit of God.

  27. Even a blond can see the deference between the GOP establishments pick and the deference Americans and Unamericans

  28. You've made it clear that Trump will be the Republican candidate. But your assertion that not supporting him defaults to support for Clinton and in turn makes one a Democrat and further yet, not an American, is not well founded. To not be an American, to be a Democrat, to support Clinton, these are extreme consequential labels to apply to someone who has looked at Trump and naturally been appalled. Many, many conservatives look at this situation and find themselves in a quandary. Obviously, many will hold their noses and vote Trump. Some may hold their noses (as many Democrats must) and vote Clinton. Millions of our fellow citizens will be unable to reconcile their patriotism with the monstrous mismatch that Trump represents to their values. Does this really make them un-American?

    I've tried to find out what is good enough for the Presidency about D Trump. I have not yet been shown. This piece and your last did not say much about him at all. Other online readings are either obvious puff pieces that ignore his significant failings, or actually point out his significant failings. I know there are many smart people whom I can respect who are in his camp. Even yet, I don't know why they are there.

    But what do you think of the obvious non-coincidence of the rise of both Trump and Sanders? Both represent a break by huge swaths of the electorate from big-money politics. People usually go left or right for a mixture of reasons to do with their backgrounds and history, what they understand of economics and the proper roles of government, what they think needs fixing, and perhaps most of all, how most people they know or live near are leaning. That being the case, I would bet most Trumpers and Berners want essentially the same things and only have different understandings of how best to get there. But a lot of folks now lean left who did not before, because GOP policies have been devastating in some regions (e.g. Kansas, Louisiana, not to mention Iraq), while the damage done by Obama has been subtle enough to hide behind improved economic statistics. This suggests that anti-big-money voters who support Sanders may not be bad Americans. They might not even be Democrats (I'm not, never have been). They see the significant gamble in electing Clinton or Sanders, but look at Trump and go, good God, no, he's not even that great a businessman, and lies continually. His best feature lies in the fact that he's not religious.

    I respect your acumen a great deal and confess I remain mystified by your enthusiasm for Donald J. Trump.


    I am all for Donald Trump he will make American strong again we do not need Hilary she will destroy this country more then Obama did

  30. I would rather have any of the candidates as president rather than Trump, including the two democratic candidates. I can't think of enough negative adjectives to describe Trump. How could any rational person want to have him at the head of the USA and the face of America in the world?!

    1. Because he suggests we downsize NATO? Because he threatens the GOP convention with riots? Because he subconsciously denigrates women? Because he knows how to use his daddy's connections to build casinos? Because he knows how to use bankruptcy courts to protect himself from all his other failures? Because he isn't afraid to wing it on foreign policy and only just now assembled a team of whoever would accept a paycheck? Aren't those enough reasons?

      Out of respect, I'm still listening for reasons why people are excited about him and what they really think he can do. I'm still listening. I'm still listening.

      1. Excellent response Don.

        How about that in his speech to AIPAC, he professed how he stands with Israel. But, in his news conference at his hotel renovation he spoke about how we need Israel and other nations to pay us for our help. I think Israel pays enough by being on that front line against jihadist EVERY DAY.

  31. Howdy Dr. Ed,

    I must have missed something here:

    By equally deploying your yardstick, does not each candidate, by throwing their hat into the ring, each assert, even though tacitly, that they are qualified to the office of President in the first instance?

    According to your yardstick, is this monkey not squarely on the back of the candidate to support the assertion if and when challenged?

    If not, then what legal theory exempts the first asserter from proving up the initial assertion and supersede the original burden to the challenger upon raising a challenge to the original assertion?

  32. I applaud that. He is what USA and we the people need right now. He is a man of integrity that will elevate our country for the best.

  33. Yes well written DR ED!! And so right on!! Thank you!! I can just feel in my heart as well that Mr Trump will be our next President and I already feel safe knowing that he will be at the Helm steering the way to make our country These United States of America safe and really Great again. God Bless you Mr Trump!!!! ????????

  34. Donald Trump is 69 years old. He has spent most of those years backing democrats and has vigorously backed Hillary Clinton in the recent past. Running on the republican ticket does not make Trump a republican. He may be a lot of things but he is not a republican or a conservative. Maybe he can be considered successful depending how you define successful but I will guarantee he cannot run the US of A like he runs his business entities.

  35. Mr Trump served as an expert witness in front of Congress regarding "bad law" ; i.e.,the 1986 tax act. He has been considered an "expert" for 25 years.

    To the best of my knowledge , no one else who has run for POTUS in my lifetime can make this claim.

    Bottom line: he is teachable and can articulate what he has been taught after doing his own diagnostics, then advocate his case from the Bully Pulpit directly to the American people…or we can elect another professional politician or even worse another lawyer.

    Find me anyone else who can make this claim. My favorite Donald Trump Quote : "I'm my own consultant" .

    "Making America Great Again " begins with finance, money & banking and economics.

  36. Mr Trump served as an expert witness in front of Congress regarding "bad law" ; i.e.,the 1986 tax act. He has been considered an "expert" for 25 years.

    To the best of my knowledge , no one else who has run for POTUS in my lifetime can make this claim.

    Bottom line: he is teachable and can articulate what he has been taught after doing his own diagnostics, then advocate his case from the Bully Pulpit directly to the American people…or we can elect another professional politician or even worse another lawyer.

    Find me anyone else who can make this claim. My favorite Donald Trump Quote : "I'm my own consultant" .

    "Making America Great Again " begins with finance, money & banking and economics.

  37. Little Bright Feathe

    Trump would commit Treason of he chose Rubio because Rubio is not a NBC as required for a VP. Rubio is an anchor baby. Cruz is a non-citizen altogether, regardless of a paid off crooked judge that give Cruz a pass to run; and I think they are pushing these ineligible guys to destroy the presidency, so their satanic OWG can take over fully. If Trump wrongly chooses to choose an Establishment VP, then he signs his death warrant. They will kill him to get their own man in office. He needs an outsider like himself for his own protection and Jesse Ventura would be perfect. How two alpha males would get along I don't know, but Ventrua has the political skills, the military skills and the things that Trump has no experience with, so it would be a good team.

    If Trump picks an Establishment person, his success will not have the chance to go into operations because he will be killed . That Establishment person would only be a spy on him until they took out Trump and just as they did with JFK and Reagan, if you have an Establishment VP, your days are numbered ! This is why the VP is always an Establishment guy ! Has no one ever noticed that ? AM I the only one who recognizes these things ? Often the face to win the office us USED just to get the VP in office as they did with JFK and tried to do with Reagan. Reagan was suppose to die – that was the plan to get Bush 41 in office. But after Reagan was shot Bush took over anyway and just used Reagan as the face to the public but he was no longer in charge ! Bush was.

    Both JFK and Reagan were forced to have those VP that they did not like or get along with .

    But elections and people do not chose the candidates – they are just made to THINK they do.

    If Trump has a chance at all of getting anything done that he wants to then he must chose an outsider who cannot be bought by the Establishment.And there is only ONE man that fits that bill and can be trusted – Jesse Ventura !


    1. Dear Little Bright Feather,

      I agree with your comment except for one thing. Our Constitution does say a VP must be a NBC. Therefore, a non NBC is constitutional but our Constitution would legally prevent such a VP from taking the place of the president if the president cannot perform the duties of president. If that situation were to arise and the VP was not eligible to be president then the speaker of the house, if an NBC, should assume the duties of president.

      We both know that the real problem is the judges are stacked with judges who favor Obama and these judges will not rule that anyone is not a NBC. Not Rubio, not Cruz. So we are in a precarious situation.

      How do we solve this problem? Only one way I know of. Somehow the people of America must elect Donald Trump president. Once he is president, he will get the NBC issue resolved even if he has a VP who is not an NBC.

      Actually, your comment would fit better in my newer article here.

      There, I suggest that if Trump cannot get 1237 delegates, because the GOP steals them from him, he may have the option to use a Plan B. The Plan B would be to make a deal with either Rubio or Kasich where he would make either of them VP in return for their delegates so he can be president.

      If the only way Trump can be president required Plan B then I still support Trump. We need President Trump to save America.

  38. Donald Trump should have run on a 3rd party ticket from the beginning. I hope he still holds out that option. When Ross Perot ran on a 3rd party ticket the American people were no where near as angry and fed up as they are now…and Mr. Perot was wiping the floor with both the Demirats and the Republirats. If he had not pulled out and tried to come back (assuming he could have stayed alive) he would have won easily. Trump can sweep the nation on a 3rd party ticket…BUT WE MUST GO BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS WITH STRONG CUSTODIAL POLICIES THAT MAKE A RECOUNT EASY…I WOULD RATHER WAIT A WEEK TO SEE WHO WON THAN PUT UP WITH MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE NOW!!!

  39. Little Bright Feather is very bright!!!! I was thinking the same thing because of what happened to JFK and Reagan. But my comment is that we will never make America Great Again unless we invite God back into our country and have God on our side. That means that we would have to REPENT of all the horrible things we, yes we have allowed to go on in this nation for way too long. I talking about abortions, etc. just to name one. We have become a sick nation and unless we turn from our evil ways, you can forget becoming anything short of totally destroyed and just part of a global third world sewer. We are well on our way right now and if you can see that, pull the blinders off.

  40. The best information i have read so far in the election process,it makes me laugh how the American media (and also Australian media)are running scared of Mr Trump.They do not like that maybe there will be a clamp down on their devastating biased reporting of facts .Mr Trump has to make America great again by giving it back to the people away from the so called elite GOP and Democrat politicians who have bought America to its knees.

  41. I am a Canadian citizen and have lived all of my life in Canada but follow American politics closely. If Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, I would do everything in my power to legally immigrate to the U.S. Finally a politician has spoken up about issues, i.e. temporarily suspending Muslims entry into the U.S., building a wall at the U.S./Mexican border, that all other politician are too afraid to speak up about. Donald Trump will make America great again, and he has my full support, even though I'm ineligible to vote in the U.S. I only wish Canada had such a man in charge of our national affairs, sadly we do not.

  42. It was refreshing to hear Mr Trump refer to words from President Reagan such as "Take down the wall". Why? Irony……..wall…….Wall Street? Hahaha. Also it was refreshing when he decided to deride the use of a video as a reason for the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi……….and the missed 3 AM phone call on the part of Mrs Clinton. Some of the things he was saying could have been more targeted, i.e., he could have said NASA when he said he was aiming to rebuild the US military but beggars can't be choosers.

    All in all…………….the foreign policy speech he made was refreshing.

  43. Dear Paul,

    Here it is March 1, 2017. Your predictions were wrong and my predictions were right. According to the scientific method, if your prediction is wrong then your theory is wrong. Your political theory has been proven to be wrong.

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