Donald Trump talks to Michael Savage

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In today’s issue: Dr. Savage spoke Tuesday with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump about a number of current topics, including the controversial new international trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Russia’s intervention in the war in Syria.

Here are excerpts:

Why are you opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal?

First of all, it’s countries that are going to allow China to come through the back door. They’re going to get the biggest piece of it. You watch, they always do. Almost $400 billion a year with China. But, almost as important, it’s all manipulation.

We don’t do anything about currency manipulation. … The single biggest threat we have is currency manipulation. … What they do is make it impossible for our companies to compete. And all it is going to do is take out jobs.

And the real reason it is going to pass, and the reason you have some people supporting it on both sides, the Democrat and Republican side, is because lobbyists and special interests are pushing them hard, for certain companies that are big beneficiaries of this. But this country is a loser, and it means jobs are going out of the United States, as usual.

What about U.S. policy in Syria?

First of all, we’re backing rebels. They talk about the Free Syrian rebels. Nobody knows who they are. Here we go again. You know, we backed rebels going into all sorts of places. We were backing a government that turned out to be a fictitious government in Iraq, and look what happened to Iraq. You look at Gadhafi, what happened over there with Libya. You know what the rebels did to the ambassador.

Now, again, we’re backing rebels, and as far as I’m concerned, if Russia wants to start getting into the quagmire — you know we’re in there for $4 trillion in the Middle East over the last number of years. We spent $2 trillion on Iraq alone. What do we have for it? We have nothing. What’s going to happen with Iraq, Michael, is that Iran, and right now as we speak, is trying to take it over. The oil reserves are among the biggest in the world.

Do you support Russia’s bombing in Syria?

It’s not a question of supporting. I think it’s wonderful that Russia — and by the way, as of today, they are really hitting ISIS hard. And do you know why? Because Russia doesn’t want ISIS going into Russia. OK? And we’re saying, “Oh, he’s hitting rebels that we’re friendly with.”

I spoke to a general three days ago. He doesn’t even know who rebels are. We don’t even know who these rebels are. They could be ISIS. They could be worse than anybody that we have. They could be worse than Assad.

Click here to listen to the whole interview.

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