Delegate count for April 27, CNN data


CNN posted the  latest delegate data. Donald Trump has a significant lead after his 5-state win yesterday.

Trump needs only 246 more delegates, or 43 percent of remaining delegates, to get 1237. This is a slam dunk. I now predict Trump will get about 1288 delegates.

America’s original 13 states have all voted for Donald Trump. These states began America. Now they lead the way to save America.

2 thoughts on “Delegate count for April 27, CNN data”

  1. Jim Hollingsworth

    Donald Trump has offended some pretty powerful people. I am sure that cannot be helped. I do pray that there is enough Republican left in them that they can support Trump over Clinton. Lots of classical books on economics that point out that socialism always leads to tyranny or slavery.

  2. "Against all odds" makes Donald J. Trump a very special candidate. Thanks edberry for being on top of this and sharing it with the voters and his supporters. TRUMP 2016.

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