Alex Jones reveals secrets about Donald Trump

by Dr. Ed Berry

This video may be the most important 13 minutes Alex Jones ever broadcast. He confirms with details what I wrote:

The GOP’s attack on Donald Trump has nothing to do with his platform. It has everything to do with who controls Washington DC. The elite are scared Donald Trump will end their power over America.

They are right. Trump will return the power back to the American people where it belongs. As more Americans catch on to this fact, they will support Donald Trump.

Alex Jones says Donald Trump knows the Globalists plan to destroy America. The globalists sell off pieces of America for their personal profit. They want Americans to be poor so they can remove our freedoms and make us their slaves.

Donald Trump plans to stop them. Donald Trump knows his enemies want him dead. Donald Trump is risking his life to stop the Globalists.

Read the cover story in this week’s March 21, 2016, Globe:

“He’s vowed to take down party traitors and conspirators, including fellow campaigners Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, along with former loser-candidate Mitt Romney.”

This election is more than choosing our next president. This election is about saving The United States of America.

The Globalist control all the other candidates. The only candidate they don’t control is Donald Trump.

Americans are waking up. More and more they support Donald Trump. If you have an open mind, ears to hear, and eyes to see, you will support Donald Trump.

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