Catch the 36-year pass

Here’s my 2-minute presentation to the HJ Committee on April 11. This is the big picture of the Compact. If you don’t get it then Tea Party “smart dust” has turned your brain into a goverment-controlled machine. – Ed

by Dr. Ed Berry

Catch the 36-year pass.

We are in the 1970’s. The federal government is helping the tribes win water rights lawsuits against Montanans.

The 1979 Montana Legislature grabs a federal fumble. On Montana’s 4th down, the Legislature throws us a 36-year pass.

Now we are running to catch their pass. We glance over our shoulder to see where the ball is headed and run to catch it.

Suddenly, the devil appears on our shoulder. The devil says,

“Don’t catch that pass.”

We say,

“Why not? I can catch it and run for a goal.”

The devil says,

“This pass is not good enough for you. Not enough spin, too much wobble. Make ’em throw you another pass.”

We say,

“This is the 4th down. We can’t do another pass.”

The devil says,

“Then let it go anyway. I will help you win your lawsuits. Trust me.”

We say,

“We can’t win on defense. This pass is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The Compact is an organized solution to a complex problem.

The Compact is a business plan. It will settle Montana vs tribal water rights so we can get on with improving Montana.

The Compact opponents think the issue is about whether the Compact is perfect. It’s not. The issue is

“What’s best for Montana? The Compact or no Compact?”

Compact opponents have no business plan.

Compact opponents have a long list of complaints about the Compact but no business plan for how to win if we reject the Compact.

If opponents had a valid case, they would have a business plan that shows Montana will receive more benefits if Montana rejects the Compact rather than approves it.

The opponents’ road will cost Montana 30 years of lost time and $2 billion to defend against the federal lawsuits. It would also lose the $2 billion federal investment in Montana.

Here’s what Compact opponents tell you.

“Your Compact is not perfect. Therefore, you are better off with NO Compact.”

“Your horse is not perfect. Therefore, you are better off with NO horse.”

“Gamble Montana’s future on the chance their 30 years of 10,000 legal defenses will  benefit Montana more than the Compact will benefit Montana today.”

Conclusion: Do what’s best for Montana.

Don’t trust the devil.

Don’t invest in a group with no business plan.

Don’t shoot your horse.

Don’t gamble with Montana’s future.

Catch the pass. Run for the goal, and score 6 points for Montana.

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