Coming to America if we don’t stop it!

by Dr. Ed Berry

“They” invented Political Correctness to produce in our population a mindset to accept losing our own culture. It is a mindset of defeat and we must change it if we are to save our freedom.

And in case you haven’t noticed, America is hiring muslims to staff our Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Let me get this straight …

First, the muslims hijack our airliners and blow up our buildings. Then we create our DHS to guard our transportation from the muslims. Now, to prove we are politically correct and do not hold any grudges against muslims, we hire muslims to run our DHS …

after we elect a muslim president.

To top it off, we let them build their giant mosque to show the world they have conquered America. We have not only voted away our freedom, we have lost our balls to fight our real war which is here in America. We have succumbed to the most expensive marketing campaign in history.

The video below shows what is on its way to America. It is an impressive underground video of muslims blocking streets and businesses in France using the excuse they must pray in the streets. Although it is illegal to block public streets, the police ignore them.

The police say it would not be “politically correct” to arrest them. Besides, there are a lot more of them than the police. So maybe the truth is it would not be “strategically smart” to arrest them.

The video is clear that this is not about the American ideal of an immigrant who wants to adopt his new country’s culture. The is about taking over a country by massively increasing numbers. In France, like in America, immigrants receive welfare that pays for babies, and muslims are having significantly more babies (purposely) than the French.

The same thing is happening in California where the white American will be a minority in not too many years. Then the Mexicans will own California.

You will find it shocking to see so many people in public with only eyes showing through their dress. This is a culture shock on its way to America.

France warns America to take action now before it is too late.

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