What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 3 (Political Pressure)

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League

TimBaldwinA200The matter addressed here is the use of political pressure (i.e. parties) to help restore liberty.

What is the source of political parties?

As much as some citizens may disdain “party politics”, parties originate from human nature. James Madison described our nature to form political parties this way,

The latent causes of faction are thus sown in the nature of man; and we see them everywhere… A zeal for different opinions concerning…government…have, in turn, divided mankind into parties… So strong is this propensity of mankind to fall into mutual animosities, that where no substantial occasion presents itself, the most frivolous and fanciful distinctions have been sufficient to kindle their unfriendly passions and excite their most violent conflicts. Federalist Paper (FP)10.

Added to human nature, history shows that there is not a notable political event that did not involve parties accomplishing the political end, but in America this is especially true. Parties are what create political pressure for substantive change. This raises the next question.

Are political parties necessary to restore liberty in a stable, peaceful manner?

Yes. Try to imagine a political movement without a political party advancing that movement. Reason and experience reveal that political parties are the only method of getting candidates of similar principles into office. By comparison, if a “nation cannot long exist without revenues” (Alexander Hamilton, FP 12), how can liberty candidates get elected without organization and funding? Following the logic, how can a nation long exist if liberty candidates do not routinely get elected?

Madison explained this, stating that where political parties do not exist, we are on the brink or in the middle of disaster. He said in FP 50, “an extinction of parties necessarily implies either a universal alarm for the public safety, or an absolute extinction of liberty” (emphasis added). As the “vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty” (Hamilton, FP 1), so are political parties.  Madison showed that political parties hold an essential function in a free society and how we cannot ignore their importance and still have a positive effect for liberty. Madison’s description of political parties’ importance raises the next point.

Madison’s test: “universal alarm for public safety” and “absolute extinction of liberty”.

Neither extreme condition exists in America. Also, neither condition should be confused with government corruption. From the founder’s point of view, government corruption does not equate to a universal alarm for public safety or an extinction of liberty. Observing Great Britain, Hamilton said in FP 8, “[t]his peculiar felicity of situation [that is, the lack of internal war] has…contributed to preserve the liberty which that country to this day enjoys, in spite of the prevalent venality and corruption.” Throughout the Federalist Papers, the Federalists described what liberty was; given their definition, America still holds a lot of liberty, in spite of corruption.

Still, there are some who claim America is “absolutely extinction of liberty”; namely, our country is controlled entirely by elitists and globalists. Literally theorized, nothing of any significance happens without their manipulation and import. To them, the Republicans and Democrats (and those who support them) are party to this public alarm and extinction of liberty. Continue reading …

5 thoughts on “What Can the People Do To Restore Liberty, Part 3 (Political Pressure)”

  1. montanaguy says:

    Support the Republican Party? You have got to be kidding. Just yesterday 14 Republican Senators joined Communist Senator Chuck Schumer and voted to give amnesty to illegal aliens. The treasonous constitution oath-breakers included the Republican Party’s Best and Brightest Presidential Nominee John McCain and their rising star Marco Rubio.

    Like Chuck Baldwin says, ‘There is not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.’ It’s just a question of the speed that they drive America off the cliff into tyranny.

    America’s independence was won by a small minority of God-fearing men who had the courage to fight government tyranny. With God’s help it can happen again.

  2. Dear Montanaguy,

    You are referring to the US Senate vote on the Cloture Motion (Motion to Invoke Cloture on S. 744 ). See this link for the results, which are as follows:

    Yea: 54 Democrats + 14 Republicans = 68

    Nay: 0 Democrats + 32 Republicans = 32

    And you conclude from these data that "There is not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party."

    Duh, how many Democrats do you count who voted Nay? And if there were no Democrats, the Republican vote would have been 32 Nay versus 14 Yea, and the motion would have failed. So with Republicans you win and with Democrats you lose.

    By every statistical measure, the difference is significant. The numbers show the difference in the parties is not only significant but by far the best party for your freedom is the Republican Party.

    The fact is you and Chuck Baldwin do not understand how to interpret numbers. Therefore, your conclusions are wrong. And with incorrect conclusions, your fight for freedom will fail. Education matters!

    You had better re-read and study what Tim Baldwin wrote because he is absolutely correct.

  3. Not one of my premises was rebutted by montanaguy. Just another empty attack without any plan for people to follow.

    Who has started a revolution for independence? I have not seen any person even try–in a union of 50 states and hundreds of millions of people–not even Ron Paul. Revolution is about force, faction, separation, and survival. Voting is about numbers, parties, movement, change, discussion, debate, etc. If that God-fearing minority can't persuade a majority of Americans to join their movement and party, it proves fruitless.

    More than not starting a revolution, third parties are effectively non-existent. Just google "Montana Libertarian Party" and see what you get. They don't have a party platform; give no vision; provide no reasons why you should vote third party. How can this be considered a serious effort or movement?

    Are those the people that are going to lead America or even Montana into "liberty"? If you can't get people to join your political party when it is easy, how can you expect that party to lead people in a revolution?

    Emotional rhetoric and generalities are dangerous to the science of government and politics, do nothing to solve problems and mislead the people into paths that do not restore liberty in a peaceful, democratic method.

    Of course, if you are trying to speed up disaster and encouraging a fall presumably to come, then be honest and broadcast that message. Otherwise, pretending to make a difference by abandoning the only viable methods of political success does not fool the wiser.

  4. What can people do to support liberty? The answer quite simply is secession. We the people are not the Federal Government, and many of our State communities have – nor will ever – share the Egalitarian ideals the Federal System continues to ram down our throats without regard to our culture, or our ideals towards government and community. Our State Governments, while not perfect, are much more able to be influenced by the people of our states than we could EVER dream of doing on the Federal level with establishment shills and backroom deals. The dream of a Hamiltonian Empire is through. It's time to get back to those Jeffersonian principals of limited government and sovereign states.

    Withdrawal from this corrupt, and evil (yes, evil) Federal system is the only way to retain liberty and self-determination for our communities – and more people throughout our States are discovering this every day!

  5. frederick J. Hammel

    Remember since 1930, the democrats have controlled congress for 60 years, the Republican only 16 years. A lot of these problems would go away if the 17th Amendment was repealed. there are no checks and balances in Congress, because all care about is getting reelected. Congress has allow since 1930 the president to become a king. they have allow the supreme court to rewrite the Constitution. the House of Representatives controls all the spending of our money, the senate and the president cannot spend one penny of our money. The House could kill obamacare with just a simple vote, are we going to fund obamacare, yes or no, if the no's win , obamacare is dead. They could also stop funding the DEA, dept of education,and all the other bad bureaucracies. As far as the Tea Party in my opinion, they should represented the private sector, the only real tax payers.

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