Communist China is already running America

Chinese Communist Propagandists Welcomed – American Journalist Shut Out

William F. Jasper, Liberty News Network National Correspondent was not allowed to enter the National Governors Association Annual Meeting, also known as the US-China Governors Forum, being held in Salt Lake City, Utah this week. Yet a journalist from China News and journalists from other known Communist propaganda news media were allowed in. 

by Ed Berry

Governor Gary Herbert, Republican of Utah, will not even talk to him.

Conference organizers told Jasper the New American Magazine, where he is an Senior Editor, was not an acceptable news magazine, which means they do not approve of what the magazine prints. Presumably, the organizers did not like the New American issue dealing with the truth about China. So, the real new American attitude is

Truth is out and Propaganda is in!

But this is not new. Our colleges, schools, and universities have been communist propaganda machines for almost a generation. They force the United Nations agendas of sustainability, global warming, and world government on the students. Trustees, including some self-proclaimed Republicans, of Flathead Valley Community College promote this UN agenda. They call it “diversity.”

Yet, their ilk does not allow diversity when it interferes with their propaganda goals, or else they would have allowed Jasper to attend the Governors meeting and report as he sees fit.

Next they may be shutting down websites that interfere with their goals … in the name of “diversity,” of course.

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