Who will control Montana’s Republican Party?

by Dr. Ed Berry

On June 27, some 300 representatives of Montana’s Republican Central Committees will meet in Helena to elect the next Chairman of Montana’s Republican Party. They have three choices for chairman:

  • Will DesChamps, Chairman since 2009
  • Jeff Essmann, Representative from Billings
  • Dan Happel, former Madison County Commissioner

Here are some facts about the candidates.

Dan Happel is an Oath Keepers’ VIP. He was a featured Oath Keepers speaker in December 2010. He is a featured speaker in Oath Keepers’ 2015 movie “Midnight Ride” with Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, and Elias Alias.

Oath Keepers are not Republicans. They are the enemy within. Dan Happel associates with enemies of the Republican Party.

On November 6, 2012, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes wrote:

“Today, on election day, Denny Rehberg deserves to go down in flames just like Conrad Burns did in 2006.”

In 2012, Stewart Rhodes told his Oath Keepers:

“Romney is an oath breaking traitor. You vote for him, or support him, you become one too.”

In 2012, Oath Keepers National Chaplain Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote:

“… the differences between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are miniscule.”

“… a Romney-Ryan administration will do nothing to change the downward spiral of the nation. They will continue the fanatical interventionist, preemptive war policies of Obama and Bush. They will also continue to build and construct the Orwellian domestic Police State …”

In 2014, Baldwin told you to vote for Democrat John Lewis rather than for Republican Ryan Zinke for US Congress.

If you vote for Dan Happel for Chairman of Montana’s Republican Party, you vote for Stewart Rhodes and Chuck Baldwin to control Montana’s Republican Party.

Dan Happel testified against the CSKT Water Compact.

Rep. Jeff Essmann voted against the CSKT Water Compact.

4 thoughts on “Who will control Montana’s Republican Party?”

  1. If this Country had courts system that would enforce our laws , like up holding the Oath to the Constitution. Every elected official takes this oath , but 85% violate this oath. The courts do not follow their oath to the Constitution. Montana must close our primary elections, this would eliminate a lot of the RINO's . This oath all so applies to all the men who serve in the military ,and to all police.

    Preserve the Constitution

    The U.S. Constitution is not out of date. It could never become

    out of date because it confronts basic human traits, not 18th century

    fads or passing fashions. It confronts that everlasting lust for power

    and personal glory that has occupied the hearts of so many human beings

    from the beginning of time. It is a self-evident fact that almost all

    men, when vested with a little authority ,tend to take unfair advantage

    of others. Modern times have not changed that facet of human nature.

    The one most dynamic feature of the U.S. Constitution is it wise

    and proven system of checks and balances that prevent any one man , or

    conspiracy of several . from holding all governing powers at any one

    time. The Constitution grants to those who govern just enough power to

    protect the lives, liberty, and property of the people– but not enough

    power to take their lives , liberty, and property. That is a timeless


    It applied perfectly in 1787, and it applies equally today. When the

    U.S. government begins to abuse rather thorn protect, the fault lies not

    with the Constitution, but with the people who knowingly or innocently

    allow it to happen.

    Pretended Emergencies

    Men who lust for power love "emergencies." They constantly hunt for

    them, exacerbate them, and exploit them. When none can be found they

    manufacture them.They then offer as "solutions" extreme measures that

    inevitable shift more power to themselves, or to the government.

    But even in the most cleverly generated storm, The Constitution

    stands as a buttress against the accumulation of total power. That fact

    confronts all men who conspire to place one of their number on the

    throne of the United States dictatorship. That is why the conspirators

    for total control hate the Constitution.and that is why it has come

    under heavy attack. Is there a better way to kill the Republic then to

    rush its charter into an emergency room under the pretext of repairing

    it ? Does any one honestly believe the Constitution survive a CON- CON

    A lot of states are calling to take back sovereignty's , this will not

    work, it could cause a con-con . If the States want want to become

    sovereign ,STOP taking welfare from the Federal government. After all

    the States form the federal government.

  2. OK. Will you be writing a "book" about all the wonderful accomplishments of the third candidate that you omitted, Will DesChamps ? LOL

    BTW the only way to get rid of RINOs and Oath Violators is to recall, remove and indict them!

  3. Dear Glenn,

    Where did I shill for DesChamps?

    I stated facts. You created a hypothesis with no basis.

    Dear Ed,

    "Deriding" candidates vying for the GOP Chairmanship against Will DesChamps is not shilling for DesChamps? You stated opinions… opinions about Oath Keepers, opinions about supporting the Water Kompact. The only facts stated were the three candidates names which were spelled correctly. Is an individual stating their opinion about a candidate for office make them any more or less Republican? Have you even read the MT Republican Party platform?

  4. @3 Dear Glenn,

    Thank you for your challenge.

    You claim I stated only my opinions. I claim I stated facts. Let’s review …

    I stated facts that prove Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers National Chaplain Pastor Chuck Baldwin actively and forcefully campaigned against Republican candidates Denny Rehberg, Mitt Romney, and Ryan Zinke.

    You call these facts opinions? Do you claim Rhodes and Baldwin actually supported Rehberg, Romney, and Zinke?

    I also stated that Happel testified against the Water Compact and Jeff Essmann voted against it. Do you claim these facts are incorrect? Do you claim these statements are only my opinions?

    In fact, many who will vote for the next chairman were against the Water Compact. These people would be encouraged to vote for a chairman who was against the Compact. Nevertheless, I just stated the facts. Clearly, I am not arguing the issue of the Water Compact here.

    I implied, to the extent of their influence, Rhodes and Baldwin are responsible for re-electing Democrat Jon Tester to the US Senate, and re-electing Barack Obama as US President. These are obvious conclusions from the facts. Do claim my implication is untrue?

    Do these facts “deride” the candidates? Facts do not deride. They only convey information. Any "deriding" is in the mind of the reader.

    Other facts I revealed are the very important part Dan Happel chose to play in the new Oath Keepers movie, and how the Oath Keepers publicity for their movie puts Dan Happel’s name right up there with the 3 most powerful players in Oath Keepers.

    Did I tell readers who to vote for? No. I just gave readers facts so they can better make their own decisions.

    In the context of politics, are you not being hypocritical? For example, I assume you are in favor of the media revealing facts about Obama and Hillary that relate to their job performance. But, it seems you are not in favor of the media revealing facts about candidates you support. Why?

    Glenn, no wonder your politics is all mixed up. You do not understand the difference between facts and opinions.

    I claim the most important thing in politics is to first seek the truth, which means get the facts. Then and only then can we make the best political decisions.

    You appear to argue that we must ignore and maybe even hide facts that disagree with your opinions.

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