Where’s Matt Rosendale?

by Dr. Ed Berry

Where’s Matt Rosendale? I expected he would be helping elect Ryan Zinke, winner of the Republican nomination for US Congress. I expected he would be telling his primary supporters to support and vote for Ryan Zinke. But I only hear silence. Same for Ken Miller.

I have to ask this question in all seriousness because Matt Rosendale openly associated with those who trashed Republican Denny Rehberg and Mitt Romney in 2012, and who now support John Lewis over Ryan Zinke.

And most of Matt’s supporters I have communicated with are reluctant to support Ryan Zinke.

Here’s Matt Rosendale speaking to an Oath Keepers political rally where Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin also spoke, and Baldwin now openly and without reservation supports John Lewis. (See all James Conner’s photos and read his article here.)

Matt Rosendale droned on, but said nothing improving on that extraordinary 30-second video in which he shoots down a dirty spying UAV with a deer rife. He was speaking at the right place. – James Conner

Let me repeat that: Matt Rosendale, Montana tea party darling for US Congress, associated with hypocrites who talk conservative but trash conservatives in elections. And Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin now supports anti-gun, global warming nut case, Obama supporter John Lewis for US Congress over conservative Navy Commander Ryan Zinke.

In 2012, Oath Keepers honcho Stewart Rhodes trashed Denny Rehberg, Republican candidate for US Senate, and Rhodes and Baldwin trashed Mitt Romney, saying Romney was no better than Obama.

Matt Rosendale spent a reported million bucks of his own money trying to get elected to Congress. It’s time for Matt Rosendale to make it very clear whether he is a real Republican or a liberal wolf in conservative clothing like the Oath Keepers leaders he associated with in the primary.

And what about Matt’s “tea party” supporters? Have they joined the pseudo-conservatives who now support Democrat John Lewis because Ryan Zinke “is not good enough for them“? If so, then they are hypocrites.

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10 thoughts on “Where’s Matt Rosendale?”

  1. I was and am a supporter of Ken Miller and Matt Rosendale, and now of Ryan Zinke for Congress. The primaries are the time for "warfare" based on adherence to (or departure from) conservative or Republican principles. I can think of NO Democrat who is closer to these principles than ANY Republican. I am a fiscal and social constitutional conservative and will support those I see as such. It seems we might be well advised to regard a statement attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Upon being asked how he felt about the members of his own party who opposed him on some issues, he is said to have replied "If someone votes against me 20% of the time, it means he votes with me 80% of the time". That 20% may be on some real important issues, but the 80% can be real important too. Let's not abandon the elephant because some
    may not be happy with the seal.

  2. Tony makes excellent sense. When the primary is over our focus should be on winning in November. We should be unifying rather than continue any infighting. We should all be adults and not short-sighted. Yes, Matt and others should be helping Ryan Zinke win.

  3. vinny in Livingston

    Seriously, get over the Denny Rehberg thing.
    That embarrassing neo-con drunk represented everything that is wrong with the Montana Republican party. Move on and quit alienating your potential allies by defending the Burger King of Billings!

  4. Great piece, Ed – don't let up on these misdirected Americans. Either they are obsessed with their righteous, and I believe, elitist fantasies as you suggest, or they are operatives (elitists as well) from the Left. Either way, it is disgusting and enormously dangerous for them to be operating in this manner – and they must be relentlessly exposed. For me, the specter of the pseudo-conservative (and practically speaking, anti-American) Dan Cox, who has indirectly done so much damage and caused impoverishment to so many people in Montana and beyond, by helping to elect (via the misdirected Libertarian Party) Democrats who take their orders from the Obama regime – is perpetuated by these people. They are, again practically speaking – as bad as the leftist community that voted out good conservatives (like Scott Boulanger running for state Senate in Ravalli Co.) by crossing over in the primary election. Many good conservative folks, my friends, are being taken in by Baldwin and his people. We all need to wake up to what is happening here, and soon.

  5. @3 Dear Vinny, I will get over how Oath Keepers Rhodes helped throw the 2012 US Senate election of Denny Rehberg to Tester when I get over the assassination of President Kennedy, Waco, and Ruby Ridge.

    Rhodes helped add one Democrat vote to the US Senate, and that one vote can change the course of history in favor of the socialists and communists.

    "Move on", you say? Are you going to vote for gun-grabber Lewis over Ryan Zinke as Chuck Baldwin told you to do?

    Chuck Baldwin is an oath breaker. Stewart Rhodes is an oath breaker. These two men have betrayed and damaged Montana and America. And they refuse to change their destructive operations.

    "Alienating", you say? Are you so deft as to believe Rhodes and Baldwin are "potential allies" of conservatives? They are working to defeat conservatives.

    The real question is: How can you support the actions of Rhodes and Baldwin?

  6. Ed supports a RINO in Zinke who has been labeled a waffler by conservative Republicans. 67 percent of Republican voters decided they wouldn't vote for Zinke in the primary. This country is going downhill because people will vote for moderates over people who support liberty.

  7. @6 Dear Roger, I know Ryan Zinke much better than you do. While he is moderate on social issues he is very conservative on economic and energy issues. He understands business and he understands international affairs.

    And your statement about 67 percent is irrelevant. All those who voted for Corey Stapleton are backing Ryan Zinke who was their second choice. This gives Ryan an easy 80 percent majority. The only unknown is how many of the remaining 20 percent who likely voted for Rosendale are still stuck in their hate-driven, "stick it to him", irrational mentality that they may not vote for Ryan Zinke and thereby elect John Lewis.

    If you want your Montana Congressman to help the Montana economy (which translates into improving your freedom) and to stop Obama's irrational actions in our foreign affairs, including Benghazi, in blocking our energy production, in causing the EPA to intrude into our lives, in signing agreements with the UN that will cause us to lose our Second Amendment rights, and more, then you will vote for Ryan Zinke.

    However, if you are an Obama lover, and you really like Obamacare, Benghazi, gun confiscation, shutting down our coal-electric plants, unregulated illegal immigration, etc, then you will continue to irrationally trash Ryan Zinke.

    And if enough other irrational people like you join your effort, you will indeed be successful in bringing America down from within. It's not the people who vote for candidates like Ryan Zinke who are taking America down. It's the stupid people like you who refuse to vote for Ryan Zinke while thinking you can win your freedom by electing your worst enemy.

    Sorry, you will never make Commander or General with such irrational thinking. You don't know how to win a war.

  8. Ed,
    Several years ago my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting you at a speech given by Pastor Chuck Baldwin in Plains. I believe your sponsorship of this website is most commendable. I believe open and intense debate is good for all especially as the disease of political correctness continues to debase our culture.
    Background: I am the son of a WW II officer who was a college professor when Korea started and was called up to again play "The Great Game" from the front. My father's stone in Arlington shows service in WW II, Korea and Viet Nam. As result of the Tonkin Gulf false information provided by the bi-partisan LBJ military-industrial team, I volunteered and was an F-4 pilot during the Viet Nam era. As a result of this background, and my library of one thousand or so books, I am not automatically impressed by military officers or service in particular combat units as I have know both extraordinarily fine officers and some real dirt-bags. Being a member of the SEALs, Force Recon, Green Berets, or an Ace does not automatically make you a person beyond reproach. I am a member of Oath Keepers.

    Ed, you state in #7 that you know Zinke better than Roger. Possibly you could state specific facts about your relationship with Zinke, and how you derived your strong support other than Zinke just being listed in the Republican column?
    Such as:
    1) Where and when did you first meet him?
    2) When, and for how long have you spoken with him face-to-face/one-on-one?
    3) What specific answers to your questions has he provided? Were his answers consistent with his actions and his previous and subsequent statements on the specific subjects you discussed? Do you have any written documentation he provided to your questions? If you have written documentation to your questions can you publish those answers so we may have a better understanding of your position of support?
    4) What do you know about the Billionaires, such as the Maloof family or Adelson (Both of Las Vegas), that are apparently supporting him? Is it more than just unlimited support of open borders and the State of Israel?
    In my opinion, the single most dangerous current and ongoing risk to the Republic is the extraordinarily high levels of both legal and illegal immigration from third-world countries whose culture and documented relatively low native intelligence level will likely preclude their assimilation into a technological society and the American culture. Additionally, Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa states that based on his research 25 Americans are killed by illegals each day…about half murdered and the other half in auto accidents…or about three times as many each year as were killed in the 9-11 tragedy. A daughter of one of my friends was murdered by an "undocumented migrant" as she was about to graduate from college.
    In my one-on-one discussion with Mr. Zinke, I asked him what he thought should be done with the twenty to thirty million illegals now in this Country? He stated that there were 17,000,000 to 23,000,000 million illegals here now and he would give them amnesty and work papers…
    I wrote the following letter to the editor of the Missoulian. The letter was published and Zinke did not dispute the facts as stated below.
    "The Mineral County Republican Central Committee held its Lincoln-Reagan Dinner this past Saturday (April 26) in St. Regis. Among the scheduled speakers were all five Republican candidates for Congress. Prior to attending the dinner I had narrowed my selection to two of those running: Matt Rosendale and Ryan Zinke. I was leaning toward Rosendale because of his very successful career as a business entrepreneur who had created good jobs for many people, and his excellent work as a Montana senator.
    I was able sit down with Zinke and discuss several of his published positions, including his expressed belief that all 20 million or so illegal immigrants should be given work permits and allowed to compete directly with our own citizens who need work. Flaunting immigration laws does not seem to be a concern of Zinke’s.
    Later, the candidates’ presentations were going along in a most civil and positive manner until Zinke spoke. His presentation was well-delivered, with the usual smattering of mom, God, apple pie and Ronald Reagan. (Reagan is often credited with strongly promoting the Republican Party’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”)
    Unfortunately, Zinke broke Reagan’s commandment in spades during his speech to Mineral County Republicans. While discussing the problem of President Barack Obama lying by saying you may keep your medical plan, and James Clapper, director of National Intelligence, lying by saying that the government was not spying on us, Zinke pulled out one of Rosendale’s political brochures from his coat pocket and called it a bunch of lies.
    Seems Zinke doesn’t care about immigration laws, more immigrants competing for our people’s jobs, or the simple rules of Republican decorum: A very serious character flaw in a man seeking to represent us. I shall vote for Matt Rosendale."
    /s/ Bruce Charles, De Borgia
    Additionally, in my one-on-one discussion with Zinke, he stated that Iran was our greatest threat. I did not have the space to state this in the above letter, but I wonder if he is unaware of the established nuclear delivery capability, as well as the mineral resources and economic and intellectual capacity of Russia and China?

    PS: Great guest column on "global warming." I am somewhat familiar with the various cycles, CO2 game, and the "tell the story as your Grant Funder Desires" problem, but was unaware of the Spiral Arm phenomena. Many thanks.

    RE: #5: Unfortunately, I, too, remember Ruby Ridge. Ruby Ridge was under "conservative" "lesser of two evils" "Read my lips, no new taxes." one-term H. W. Bush. I have spoken with both Bo Gritz and Randy Weaver and read their books. West Point graduate & FBI sniper Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi killed unarmed Mrs. Weaver while she was holding her baby…so much for automatic reverence for military officers…even West Point graduates.

  9. Why is Zinke supporting Obama's foreign policy in Syria. Zinke's educational policy includes fixing common core. Zinke has said he'll fix Obamacare rather then repealing that bad law. And on the 2nd Amendment Zinke has said there are guns that Americans shouldn't own. Gun ownership should be my choice to protect my family and property. The 2nd Amendment was very clear on that. You seem to think if we elect more Republican moderates and liberals, this county will be saved. Why not get rid of the political parties and have candidates actually campaign on the issues rather then just saying I'm not a Democrat please vote for me.

  10. I was going to pretty much say what Dennis ^^ already said. But wanted to add Zinke hopes to fool Montanans into voting for him on his record as a SEAL, yet wants to restrict our gun rights? Why is a "republican" more supportive of Obama than less? I fear we have no decent candidate running to represent the conservative folks of Montana. That's pretty sad!

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