TEA Partiers must learn Tactics

I agree with and support Tim’s thesis 100 percent. – Ed

by Tim Baldwin, Liberty Defense League

TimBaldwinA200In www.Politico.com, Joe Scarborough recently expressed the idea that differences of tactics should never divide people of the same political principles.

TEA Partiers must learn this principle because the loss is too great when the greater enemy wins and Republican principles cannot withstand the ever-pressing weight of Socialism. Experience proves that Republicanism loses and Socialism wins every time conservatives go their separate ways and divide their strength.

The TEA Party itself reveals the truth of this principle seeing that the TEA Party has not divorced itself from the Republican Party. Rather than separating from the Republican Party (whom some TEA Party purists constantly demonize because they are not “true” or “pure” conservatives), TEA Partiers simply identify themselves as “true” conservatives in the Republican Party.

In other words, the TEA Party’s classification is in reality, “more conservative Republicans.” Notwithstanding their feeble attempt to distinguish themselves from other Republicans, the TEA Party sees itself going nowhere without the Republican Party. They are but a few paddles on a very large ship at sea being pushed around not only by (opposing) human paddling but also by forces of nature.

The TEA Party’s choice to stay Republican is itself a tactic—a tactic of self-preservation, the greatest of all tactics. It proves, without equivocation, that (for now) conservative policies have no chance of success without the Republican Party. If there were another way to advance TEA Party principles without the Republican Party, surely they would jump the Republican ship and sail in another direction. But they don’t. The TEA Party’s lack of action, therefore, proves that pragmatics prevails over (or at least equals) “pure” principles and “party politics” is really important to accomplishing anything.

“Dr. No” himself, Ron Paul, demonstrated this tactic by abandoning his attempt to go his own way and by becoming a part of and loyal to the Republican Party throughout his career—even at the expense of his core Libertarian beliefs. You could say he chose the “lesser evil” of abandoning his personal libertarian conscience and getting nothing done for the sake of getting things done as a Republican Congressman. At least, Ron Paul demonstrated that nothing conservative or libertarian can be accomplished on a grand scale without a strong political party supporting his candidacy and showing his ideas—over a period of time long enough to grow roots.

So, why do TEA Party purists insist that they can accomplish political good without the cooperation and help of conservatives they may deem “RINO” or “Neo-Con”? In what way do they perceive themselves as different from any other political party that needs a majority to get anything done in politics?

Too, why do TEA Party purists think that THEY control the Republican Party?—as if helping Socialists get elected is noble and holding conservative votes hostage is statesman-like. The truth is, the TEA Party holds no power of future change because many TEA Partiers hold ideas that are repugnant to experience, reason and logic. The best they can do is threaten not to vote for the Republican candidate. This strategy is no strategy at all and offers no hope for the future. A “true conservative” movement, however, could be accomplished on a grand scale if TEA Partiers would quit isolating themselves into oblivion and learn the political principles of accomplishing good, better and best, depending what opportunities and circumstances exist.

TEA Partiers should learn from liberals and progressives, who have, over time, incorporated political principles that started with George Hegel’s philosophical works in the early 1820s. It took them centuries to accomplish their revolution against Republicanism, but they largely (and some would say, completely) accomplished it—even in a country founded on concepts largely opposed to Hegel and Socialism and Marx and Communism. They did not accomplish this by acting the way TEA Partiers do today.

The reality of political incrementalism should come as no surprise since, as experience shows, the United States Constitution was a product of about 200 years of Enlightenment Philosophy, which combatted, slowly but surely, the principles of Monarchism. What makes TEA Partiers think they can, single handedly, reclaim anything for liberty in the United States without a consistent yet flexible approach and long-term goals?

Principles of liberty are true, yes; but so are principles of tactics. Republicanism would do well if TEA Partiers learned both.

2 thoughts on “TEA Partiers must learn Tactics”

  1. The Tea party represents the private sector, the only real tax payers. Government employees (fed., state, counties, cities, and all school districts )have their unions and elected officials to represent them, and buy the way 55 percent of Americas workforce works for government. We in the private sector have no one to turn to , except TO a government employee. I ask a Congressman two years ago, who does congress represent , he told me the government sector, and could care less about the private sector. We in the private sector cannot retire till we are 62 years old, government employees can retire after 20 to 30 years, and their pensions start the day they retire. The average federal retire person average pay is over 100,000 dollars per year, and they receive free health care. Private sector salaries are 50 percent lower then government employees, all levels. Would a man making 10 dollars per hour in the private sector , hire a servant and pay him 40 dollars per hour. This is what we are doing, it is called a DEFICIT.

  2. Tim ; If the Republicans party is divide , this as no reflection on the Tea party, blame it on the Rino's in the Republican party, like McCain, and the Bushes etc. . Republicans have a hard time getting Conservatives to run for office, and it seems they embrace any man who does run. Most Conservatives that should run for office, are in the private sector and can not afford to run. Most Conservatives fight with each other, I think I am a very Conservative and totally support the constitution , but I have no friends. Ever time I go to meetings , I am in the audience , we are subservient to the speaker, why go to a meeting when you are not allow to talk, for years I have been pushing for "Round Table Discussions". When Our Founding Fathers met to write and form the Constitution , they had a big round table discussion , they did not have to raise their hands and ask George Washington , can I ask a question, no they respected each other , but they fought with each other, and they wrote the greatest document ever written. The Tea Party is doing it's best to weed out Rino"s ,and get Conservatives and Constitutionalists elected .

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