Oath Keepers Rhodes, Baldwin help Democrats

by Dr. Ed Berry

EXB150Long before I moved to Montana in 2008, I wondered why a seemingly conservative state would elect so many Democrats. Now I know why. Montana’s fanatical Libertarian voters would rather shoot themselves in the foot than elect a Republican.

Most Montana Republicans do not know why they lost elections to Democrats in 2012 and why they may lose elections to Democrats again in 2014.

The reasons are two men who work as a team: Pastor Chuck Baldwin, founder of Liberty Fellowship and Stewart Rhodes, former Ron Paul staffer and founder of Oath Keepers. Both moved to Flathead Valley, Montana,  in 2010. Their goal seems to be to increase Libertarian voters to help Montana elect Democrats. Pastor Baldwin is the Oath Keepers National Chaplain.

Pastor Baldwin attacks Republican candidate for US Congress

On July 17, 2014, Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote (Ref A):

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how to say it any plainer: if you are forced to choose between a pro-war, pro-police state, neocon Republican candidate for federal office and a Democrat, and if you believe in voting for the “lesser-of-two-evils,” the Democrat is the one for whom you must vote.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the choice that the citizens of Montana have this year in its lone U.S. House race. We have a Democrat, John Lewis, running against a pro-war, pro-police state, neocon Republican Ryan Zinke. Without a doubt, the Democrat John Lewis is by far the lesser evil than Ryan Zinke.

Pastor Baldwin finally acknowledges the concept of voting for the “lesser of two evils” after much preaching against it. The next step is for him to realize truth must precede the comparison of the evils.

Pastor Baldwin’s argument is illogical and deceitful. He does not make an objective comparison of Lewis versus Zinke. He attacks only Zinke and claims this proves the Democrat is a better choice for conservatives. You can read an honest comparison of the two candidates here. Pastor Baldwin withholds this information about Lewis (which is the same as lying):

Voter’s Edge writes:

  • John Lewis has no political experience or political accomplishments.
  • John Lewis has never had a real job. His only employment was as an assistant to Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus from 2003 to 2013.
  • John Lewis’ education is limited to a BA degree in political science, Western Washington University

JohnLewis4Congress.com says John Lewis is bad for Montana:

  • After more than a decade working under Baucus, John Lewis has pocketed over $568,000 of taxpayers’ money.
  • Lewis has been laying the groundwork for his campaign by visiting every county in Montana on the taxpayers’ dime.
  • Lewis has spent nearly 12 years working under Baucus and was a top aide to the “chief architect” of Obamcare.

John Lewis is a global-warming eco-fanatic who wants to pump underground all human carbon dioxide emissions. He won’t listen to reason. Lewis proposes the same worn-out liberal mantras the Democrats use to destroy America. He will support Obama, Obamacare, EPA, and liberal judges. Lewis would be a disaster for conservatives and Pastor Baldwin’s arguments for Lewis are pure and simple lies.

In any fair comparison, Ryan Zinke far exceeds John Lewis in education, experience, and intelligence, and he shows it in his superior understanding of our economy.

The primary logical failure of most of Pastor Baldwin’s claims is he assumes the properties of some individuals accurately reflect the properties of a group. Every software programmer knows this to be false because logic is fundamental to programming. Everyone who has studied logic knows this to be false.

This logical failure has been known since Aristotle but few in the human species have taken the time to learn it. This logical failure is the basis of those who claim “the world’s problems are caused by the Jews” because some Jews are bad, or “all gun owners are dangerous” because some gun users are bad, and, yes, “all Republicans are bad” because some Republicans are bad.

Do you want to learn more about logic? If so, Bookfall.com has some excellent resources here.

The real Ryan Zinke

I have personal knowledge of Ryan Zinke’s political views, having spent many hours with him when he was running as Lt. Governor for Neil Livingstone whom I supported in the 2012 primary election. Maybe Neil Livingstone’s very conservative political views rubbed off on Ryan Zinke during their campaign. Maybe my conversations with Zinke made him a little more conservative than he was when he was a Montana senator. In any case, I learned that Ryan Zinke is much more conservative than Pastor Baldwin claims.

I learned that Zinke has an excellent understanding of the role of private business in the American economy. Zinke supports use of our mineral resources to enhance American energy production and he will not let the liberal concern for carbon dioxide emissions get in the way of American power generation by gas, oil, and coal. On economic issues, Ryan Zinke is very conservative which is what we need in Congress.

When Zinke is hesitant about transferring federal public lands to the State of Montana he is concerned only about making sure the transfer is negotiated in a way that will not hurt Montana’s economy. But in principle, he supports the transfer. Ryan Zinke has thought through every issue in more detail than have most conservatives and he has good reasons for his decisions and concerns. Yet he is always open to discussion of issues and is willing to learn.

Whether we agree with Ryan Zinke on every detail of every issue is not the point. None of us agree on every detail of every issue. The point is Ryan Zinke is looking out for the best interests of the State of Montana and will continue to do so after we elect him to Congress. He has both education smarts and street smarts and he is not about to let the Democrats take him for a ride.

Pastor Baldwin’s claim that Ryan Zinke is a “pro-war, pro-police state, neocon” is not true and it shows Pastor Baldwin’s bias against Republicans, perhaps cemented when he ran for President for the Constitution Party in 2008.

Ryan Zinke has signed a pledge to support a national right to work law.  This alone justifies supporting Ryan Zinke over John Lewis.

The truth is Ryan Zinke is a better American, a better Montanan, and a better conservative than Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Most fundamentally, Ryan Zinke is concerned about the Truth and Pastor Baldwin is not. 

This is not the first time I have criticized the political actions of Pastor Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes but it is critical now because they are in a position to swing the 2014 election from Republicans to Democrats. You can read my previous posts on this subject here:

  • Rebuttal to Chuck Baldwin’s “A look at how Democrats and Republicans differ”
  • Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them
  • Suicide Politics does Not Work
  • Don’t Play Assassination Politics

The Republican campaign challenge

It’s impossible to reason with those who think voting Libertarian will solve their perceived political problems because reason is not what got them into their mindset in the first place.

Brainwashing got them there and it will take deprogramming to bring them back to reality. Montana Libertarian voters are as irrational about politics as the eco-freak activists are about global warming. Truth does not matter. Logic does not matter. Scientific method does not matter….

This is the challenge the Republican campaigns of Zinke and Daines must address if they hope to win in November. Plain old advertising will not deprogram these voters. It will take something else. Numbers show the Republicans must convert at least half of the 2012 Libertarian voters to Republican voters.

chuckBaldwin1APastor Baldwin’s sales method 

Pastor Baldwin has a powerful sales method. He begins his articles with statements we all agree upon. He preaches Liberty and attacks Republican failures. These statements hook unwary tea-party conservatives.

He continues with a good story to build the reader’s emotional support. He adds a straw man to set up the false platform for his conclusion and call to action. His call to action is a voting recommendation that will cause exactly the opposite result of the stated goal. But his mesmerized readers and listeners blindly follow his commands as if they are hypnotized.

Here is the rest of Pastor Baldwin’s lies about Ryan Zinke:

Ryan Zinke never met a war he doesn’t like. He is already on public record saying “civilians” should not be allowed to possess .50 caliber rifles. (Of course, now that he is a candidate for Congress, he has had a sudden election year conversion on the subject.) He has owning-interest in a drone manufacturing company. He is trying to use his credentials as a former Navy SEAL to propel him to the U.S. Congress; but Ryan Zinke is a warmongering, police state facilitator of the lowest order.

Being the U.S. House seat in Montana is typically a Republican seat, it is very likely that if the Democrat Lewis wins, he would be a one-termer. A GOP candidate (someone besides Ryan Zinke, who was the absolute worst of all the candidates that the GOP had to offer this year) would have a very good chance of defeating the Democrat Lewis in 2016. On the other hand, if Zinke wins this November, we are probably going to be stuck with this neocon indefinitely. This would be a monstrous mistake for Montana and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The real “monstrous mistake” is to believe Pastor Chuck Baldwin. He is trying to tear America down by giving full power to the Democrat communists.

Pastor Baldwin’s attacks on Ryan Zinke are sound bites with no evidence of truth. His followers should demand proof of his statements before believing them. But sound bites resonate with many tea party voters. In 2012, brainwashed tea party voters said “Romney is a neocon” over and over as if these four words encapsulated all the information one needs to know about Mitt Romney.

Pastor Baldwin attacks drones. Is there something wrong with owning a drone company? It is a legitimate business. John Lewis has never run or worked for a business. Owning a private business is a plus for Ryan Zinke and not being familiar with private business is a negative for John Lewis.

Drones are used in many ways by private businesses to save money. Farmers and ranchers use drones to quickly survey their land, crops and cattle. Drones can quickly find and count the number of wolves in Montana. Our Border Patrol should use drones to spot illegal border crossings.

But Pastor Baldwin thinks drones are bad because Obama has used drones to kill people. Pastor Baldwin cannot separate a technology from the act of using a technology. Pastor Baldwin uses the same reasoning that liberals use to support gun confiscation, e.g., “some people use guns improperly therefore guns are bad and we must confiscate everyone’s guns”. Then he decides Ryan Zinke is bad because Ryan Zinke is associated with a drone business.

Negative, negative, negative is all I read from Pastor Baldwin. To me, Pastor Baldwin’s rants sound like Reverend Wright’s “God damn America!

Pastor Baldwin wrote against Romney in 2012.

On June 21, 2012, Pastor Baldwin wrote (Ref B):

Given the choices for President that the two major parties have given us over the last couple of decades (including this year), it is a truism that it really doesn’t matter much whether the Democrat or the Republican nominee is elected. No, it really doesn’t. In fact, in many respects, the cause of liberty suffers more under Republican administrations than under Democrat ones. 

At the highest levels, anti-freedomists control the establishment political system, the establishment media, and establishment religion. This is why, since Ronald Reagan was President, it hasn’t mattered to a tinker’s dam whether a Republican or Democrat has been in the White House. And this is why it won’t matter to a tinker’s dam whether Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama or not.

Pastor Baldwin believes it would have made no difference to America if we elected Romney rather than Obama. Is Pastor Baldwin insane?

Your assignment: Take 15 now and watch Bill Whittle tell about the truth about Mitt Romney. Then tell me if you think there is no difference between Romney and Obama.

If Romney were president, he would not have notable Muslims in his cabinet, Harry Reid would not have been able to sic the BLM on rancher Bundy, and “ambulance chasers” Pastor Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes would not have had this marketing opportunity. We would not have our current illegal immigration problem. We would not be doing stupid things internationally. We would not have our EPA problem. Our Montana public lands would be open to mining and energy production. Our economy would be booming beyond what we have now.

Pastor Baldwin, Oath Keepers National Chaplain, said there is no difference between Obama and Romney.

Pastor Baldwin’s reason for claiming Obama is the same as Romney is because, he claims, the Bush’s failed America. The premise “the Bush’s failed America” does not prove “Obama is as good as Romney”. This is a repeat of the same logical fallacy we discussed above: properties of some individuals in a group do not define the properties of the group.

The proper way to judge candidates is to compare their qualifications, goals, and visions. Obama has no qualifications and he stated his goals were to destroy America’s energy production and to develop a civilian security army stronger than our defense army.

Here is a Summary of Mitt Romney’s Plan for America. I am one of the few who saved it and over 5000 people have read it. This summary establishes without question that Mitt Romney would have been much better for America than Obama.

Stewart Rhodes trashed Republican US Senate candidate Denny Rehberg.

StewartRhodes200Stewart Rhodes sent this blog by public email on November 6, 2012:

Today, on election day, Denny Rehberg deserves to go down in flames just like Conrad Burns did in 2006. Conrad Burns lost to Tester precisely because he lost the liberty vote in Montana. And Burns lost the liberty vote because he had abandoned the Constitution and violated his oath by voting for unconstitutional laws, such as the Patriot Act.

Even GOP propagandists like Ed Berry acknowledge that the liberty movement killed Conrad Burns’ political career, with 10,000 Montanan’s choosing to instead vote for the Libertarian candidate, which is a larger number of votes than the number by which Tester beat Burns. The Montana liberty movement simply refused to vote for an oath breaker – they withdrew their consent. And without them, Burns was burnt.

Today, the very same thing is likely to happen to Denny Rehberg – and he deserves it. He deserves to be “Conrad Burned.” Like Conrad Burns, Rehberg is an oath breaker who has abandoned the Constitution by repeatedly and willfully voting for some of the most dangerous and spectacularly unconstitutional laws to ever be passed in Congress during the short life of this Republic. Rehberg voted for both the Patriot Act, and for the NDAA, among many others.

The man is an unrepentant oath breaker who has, so far, gotten away with it. And the reason he has gotten away with it has been the “lesser of two evils” con game. Being told that you have “no choice” but to vote for oath breaker A or oath breaker B is like being given a false choice between voting for Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler, with so-called conservatives urging you to vote for the fascist to keep the communist out of office. “Vote for Hitler or Stalin will win!” I won’t do it. No sir. I will fight them both, or either one.

The commonly accepted New American Freedom Index scores Republicans Conrad Burns (59%) and Rehberg (52%), well above Democrats Jon Tester (21%) and Max Baucus (19%). Yet Rhodes takes pride in saying the Montana liberty movement did the right thing to elect Tester for 2 consecutive terms to the US Senate. Is Stewart Rhodes insane?

Look at it this way. Suppose I offered to give you 20 percent of $10,000 or 55 percent of $10,000. Which would you take? If you are rational, you would take the $5,500 and smile all the way to the bank. But if you are irrational like Montana’s Libertarian voters, you would reject the $5,500 because you wanted at least $9,000, and go home with zero.

2012 Republican Governor nominee Rick Hill scored 64% and the tea party Libertarians rejected him in favor of Democrat Steve Bullock (a clear 0%-er if he were scored). Are Montana’s Libertarians insane?

In the Montana race for US Senate, Republican Steve Daines (60%) is running against Democrat Plagerizer John Walsh (0%). Only dedicated liberal Democrats support Walsh. Do I hear Baldwin and Rhodes supporting Daines? Either I missed the memo or their megaphone is not turned on. The message is clear. Baldwin and Rhodes hate Republicans. Baldwin and Rhodes are delusional anti-conservative exၴremists.

Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack, Ken Miller, and Gun Owners of America endorsed Denny Rehberg for US Senate but even they made no difference to Rhodes, a former Ron Paul staffer. Rhodes is a law unto himself.

“Shaft them all” as far as Rhodes is concerned. “Off with their heads!”, like the Queen in Alice and Wonderland. And you pay Rhodes your Oath Keepers membership fee to support this insanity?

Here’s Stewart Rhodes at the Paul Fest in Tampa, Florida, on August 25, 2012, calling Mitt Romney “an oath breaker”:

Stewart Rhodes, a lawyer, operates by emotions rather than by logic. Of course, everyone in marketing knows emotions sell better than logic. So from the business perspective of collecting Oath Keeper dues, Rhodes is doing the right thing. But here we are talking about doing the right thing for Montana and America, not for Stewart Rhodes.

The Oath Keepers stated goal of oath keeping is good. But using the Oath Keepers as a conservative front to promote the Democrat socialist-communist agenda is very bad. Oath Keepers members are paying Stewart Rhodes to promote gun control and other liberal goals.

An Oath Keepers political rally

James Conner reports on the Oath Keepers rally in Kalispell on April 19, 2014, in his Flathead Memo with his comments and photos:

Oath Keepers national chaplain Chuck Baldwin traveled to Bunkerville, NV, last week to inspirit the self-appointed protectors of Cliven Bundy ... returning to Kalispell in time to deliver a 30-minute report/sermon on the great crusade to help Bundy continue his freeloading ways. - James Conner
Oath Keepers national chaplain Chuck Baldwin traveled to Bunkerville, NV, last week to inspirit the self-appointed protectors of Cliven Bundy … returning to Kalispell in time to deliver a 30-minute report/sermon on the great crusade to help Bundy continue his freeloading ways. – James Conner

Proving that Oath Keepers and Pastor Baldwin are all about politics, several Republican candidates spoke at this Oath Keeper rally, apparently thinking this would get them more votes. This was a political mistake. The reality is their political association with Oath Keepers and Pastor Baldwin may have destroyed their political careers.

Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale, who lost his US Congress race to Ryan Zinke, speaks to the group:

Matt Rosendale droned on, but said nothing improving on that extraordinary 30-second video in which he shoots down a dirty spying UAV with a deer rife. He was speaking at the right place. - James Conner
Matt Rosendale droned on, but said nothing improving on that extraordinary 30-second video in which he shoots down a dirty spying UAV with a deer rife. He was speaking at the right place. – James Conner

Other Republican candidates who spoke at this Oath Keeper’s rally were Derek Skees, Jerry O’Neil, Ronalee Skees, and Michael Hebert, all losers except for Jerry O’Neil. See all James Conner’s photos and read his article here.

Jerry O’Neil can survive this association because of his long, successful history in Montana politics and his local support group. The rest, however, made a serious political mistake by associating with the same people who led the campaign against Rehberg and Romney in 2012 and are now against Ryan Zinke for 2014.

Their association with Republican haters and Democrat helpers will stick with them. I predict the political careers of Derek Skees and Michael Hebert are toast if they cannot successfully reject and overcome their documented association with this group.

The only way Matt Rosendale can save his Montana political future is to reject his association with Oath Keepers and Pastor Baldwin and to campaign vigorously for Ryan Zinke, which so far he has not done. Also, if there is a next time, maybe Rosendale should shoot donkeys rather than drones.

Who sent Oath Keeper Rhodes and Pastor Baldwin to Montana?

Stewart Rhodes has an admirable  front for his Oath Keepers: keep your oath to our Constitution. Therefore, you can’t criticize political advice by Stewart Rhodes because you would be criticizing our Constitution.

Pastor Baldwin has an admirable front for his Liberty Fellowship: Christianity. Therefore, you can’t criticize political advice by Pastor Baldwin because you would be criticizing Jesus Christ.

Rhodes and Baldwin wrap themselves in the Constitution, American flag, God, mother, and apple pie. But the Bible tells us “by their works we shall know them.” And the works of Baldwin and Rhodes sabotage Republicans and put Democrats into power. Their actions empower the whole socialist-communist movement in America. In Obama’s case, their actions empowered the strength of the Muslim anti-Christian movement in America.

Did George Soros send Pastor Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes to Montana? Montana may be the easiest state where a few tea-party infiltrators can actually swing a state from electing Republicans to electing Democrats, and with the razor-thin balance in the US Senate, a swung Montana election can swing America from right to left. Montana is a good place to apply left-wing political leverage.

If the 2014 US Senate election adds Republicans but they fall one vote short of controlling the US Senate, we shall have Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, and Montana Libertarian voters to blame for this disaster for America. This should be evidence to all freedom-loving voters that the political rantings of Stewart Rhodes and Pastor Baldwin is the path that will destroy America. What Rhodes and Baldwin promote about politics is the exact opposite of how to save and restore America.

How much did the selection of delegates to the Republican National Convention affect the Libertarian vote?

Some Libertarians say the reason for the large Libertarian vote in Montana is because the Montana Republican Party was not fair in selecting Ron Paul supporters to attend the Republican National Convention. Based upon this review by Gary Marbut, I agree the Montana Republican Party representatives might have been more diplomatic in their interactions with the Ron Paul people.

However, I have had many discussions with Libertarian voters and only one of them claimed this convention affair changed his mind to vote Libertarian. In all other cases, the Libertarian voters quote some phrase from Pastor Chuck Baldwin or from the Bible as the reason they did not vote for the Republican.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin changes his opinions to suit his goals.

Pastor Baldwin’s attack on Ryan Zinke began with this paragraph (Ref A):

Just as they did with his father, Ron Paul, globalist elitists within the GOP are pouncing on Kentucky Senator Dr. Rand Paul. Obviously, the only reason for Republican leaders to be ganging up on Rand like this is because they are scared silly that he might just win the Republican nomination for President in 2016. And if there is anything that frightens the GOP establishment, it is an independent-minded, non-interventionist, reader of the Constitution–you know, someone like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson–or Rand Paul.

It turns out that I agree with Pastor Baldwin that Rand Paul would make an excellent president. I also agree with much of what Pastor Baldwin writes until he makes his irrational claims about Ryan Zinke as quoted in the first part of this post. So you can see the hook in action.

It goes like this: (a) First make statements that the reader will agree with. (b) Set up a straw man: “a pro-war, pro-police state, neocon Republican.” (c) Attack the straw man without proving Ryan Zinke resembles the straw man. The mesmerized reader will follow right along and agree with Pastor Baldwin that Ryan Zinke is the enemy.

But I am not a mesmerized reader and I don’t fall for this stuff. If I were that dumb I would not have a PhD in theoretical Physics which requires proficiency in logical thinking.

Now here’s the flip side of Pastor Baldwin. Here’s how he began is attack on Mitt Romney (Ref B):

Given the choices for President that the two major parties have given us over the last couple of decades (including this year), it is a truism that it really doesn’t matter much whether the Democrat or the Republican nominee is elected. No, it really doesn’t. In fact, in many respects, the cause of liberty suffers more under Republican administrations than under Democrat ones. For example, we lost far more liberties under G.W. Bush than we did under Bill Clinton. And as bad as Barack Obama is, John McCain would have been even worse! The same people that control one control the other. The difference is, at least when a Democrat is in the White House, conservatives and Christians actively mount rigorous resistance. However, when a neocon Republican is in the White House, conservatives and Christians say nary a word of protest.

With this in mind, it was extremely disconcerting to me when I heard Senator Rand Paul endorse Mitt Romney last week. Mitt Romney is nothing more than Barack Obama lite! And every true conservative and constitutionalist knows it. Put Romney in the White House and it will be George H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush all over again. Goodbye freedom; goodbye Constitution; goodbye balanced budget; hello more foreign wars; hello more burgeoning police state; hello more surveillance society; hello more deficit spending, etc.

And on a personal note, I cannot express my disappointment in Rand Paul enough! With his father, Ron Paul, stepping down from Congress, we had all hoped that Rand would become the leading voice for constitutional government on Capitol Hill that his father has been for all of these years. In my opinion, Rand forfeited that leadership position when he endorsed Mitt Romney. Of course, we all know why Rand did it. It was the “politically correct” thing to do. Rand is, no doubt, posturing himself for a higher office. But the GOP establishment will never embrace Rand Paul, unless he were to totally recant his constitutionalist ideals. Romney will pick a controlled Vice President. I thought that fellow Bilderberg invitee, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, would be Romney’s choice; except it seems now that he is about to become the president of Purdue University.

Ron Paul’s star quality is his unwillingness to compromise with the globalist establishment. In fact, in 2008, Ron Paul refused to endorse the neocon, John McCain, and endorsed a constitutionalist third party candidate for President instead. Obviously, Rand is no Ron. That’s a shame!

So, in Pastor Baldwin’s view, is Rand Paul a good guy or a bad guy? Well it depends. Rand Paul is a bad guy when it helps Pastor Baldwin claim Obama is as good as Mitt Romney, but Rand Paul is a good guy when it helps Pastor Baldwin claim John Lewis is better than Ryan Zinke.

This shows how Pastor Chuck Baldwin will use you or anyone else in any manner that will help him promote the Democrat in an election. His goal is to elect Democrats.

Actually, if Pastor Baldwin really wishes to support Rand Paul then the best thing he can do for Rand Paul is to stop talking about him. Pastor Baldwin’s support of Rand Paul will cause the majority of Republicans to associate Rand Paul with Pastor Chuck Baldwin, which would kill his chances of being nominated. Rand Paul was right in supporting Mitt Romney and this shows Rand Paul is smarter than his father.

The Truth

The truth is voting for Ryan Zinke in November is a much lesser evil than following the political advice of Pastor Chuck Baldwin or Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes.

Ryan Zinke, Steve Daines, and all 2014 Republican candidates are much better for Montana and America than their Democratic opponents. We must support them.


26 thoughts on “Oath Keepers Rhodes, Baldwin help Democrats”

  1. Ed,

    I don't see that Chuck Baldwin or Stewart Rhodes are lying. They are men of integrity, following their principles. So stop picking on them.

    You likely don't believe in Karma, as you are making lots of Karma by doing these Divide and Conquer Tactics.

  2. I may comment more later but I want to make one point early regarding the long article by Ed. I have a brother who lives in Minnesota, where I grew up. Just recently he asked me this question. In Minnesota we have a Democrat governor and two liberal US Senators. Minnesota is considered a blue state. Montana is considered a red state but also has a Democrat governor and two Democrat liberal US Senators. My brother's question was, "What is wrong in Montana, aren't Montanans conservative?" Has Ed, perhaps, answered the question?

  3. Gary, Bodhi mom is more correct than Ed, Popeye, Barry. Montana is full of men and women of flesh and blood with thoughts and feelings and political opinions all their own. These children of God have been given a will and charged with the responsibility of administering their own estate or administering their own body mind and soul. Inherent in them is the innate ability to discern right from wrong.

    The act voting for a Democrat or voting for a Republican is the exercise of their free will. Neither of which is going to solve the age old problem humanity is continually faced with and that is the problem of worshiping false gods. We know that the act of registering to vote is the act of placing ourselves under the jurisdiction of a corporate State. The corporate State is not to be confused with the united states for America, a union of independent and sovereign states with the ability to sever their relationship with the other sovereign states.

    We find ourselves subjugated by a corporate government that has the appearance of a government of the people by the people but is not. We actually subjugate ourselves through an act of our own free will and therefore grant to this corporate government actual authority over our activities as long as we agree to be citizens of the corporation.

    What corporation? The UNITED STATES CORPORATION which has jurisdiction over Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and any other entity that volunteers into it's jurisdiction. We volunteer into the corporate jurisdiction through our voluntary agreement the we are UNITED STATES citizens and in so doing subject ourselves to the rules and codes of the corporation.

    If these ideas and thoughts are new to you don't feel as though you are alone. We all must go through a learning process in order to come to certain realizations. Some of us will never be fortunate enough to connect the dots and form an understanding of whom it is that has jurisdiction over us and why they do. To those who do congrats.

    Edwin X. (popeye) Berry knows the truth about the corporate State but hopes you never do for if he and others keep you distracted he has accomplished hi diabolical goal. Be wise. Do your homework.

    John Swenson

  4. vinny in Livingston

    Ed finally realizes that the real political power in Montana belongs to the 6-10% of the population that is Patriot, Libertarian, or both.You won't win unless you win them.
    Party stooges control NOTHING in Montana!

  5. "Our side" ? More like the other side of the coin. I'm not even going to waste my time reading your dragged out commentary Dr Ed. The title says it all.

    Saul Alinksy knew that RIDICULE was one of the essential "rules for radicals." Our side doesn't do it enough — and often, when we do it at all, we don't do it well. – Comedian and Conservative Evan Sayet
    Read more at http://eaglerising.com/7660/comedian-rips-liberal

  6. Dear Bodi Mom, John Swenson, Vinney, and Ele,

    All of your attempts to rebut my article are so pathetic that I only need to say, "I rest my case."

    No one has shown any of my facts are wrong. No one has shown any of my conclusions drawn from these facts are wrong.

    No one, not even Pastor Chuck Baldwin, has presented any valid evidence to support his claim that Ryan Zinke is "a pro-war, pro-police state, neocon." As such, that claim is anti-American, inflammatory, left-wing, political rhetoric.

    No one has presented any evidence that Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes is nothing but irrational in his 2012 call send Denny Rehberg "down in flames" and thereby elect Jon Tester to represent Montana for another six years, when all rational tea party and Libertarian leaders said we must elect Denny Rehberg.

    If you cannot get your facts straight, if you cannot understand what you read, if you cannot see that Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes are promoting the election of Democrats to your own demise, then you have been assimilated into their Demonic BORG and you are no longer able to think for yourselves.

  7. vinny in Livingston

    Denny Rehberg was so contaminated that he couldn't carry his home, born and bred, Yellowstone county, yet Ed thinks we should have supported him because the party bosses know best.
    Same with Sip-n-Dip Rick.
    The Patriot / Libertarian middle IS forcing change in the uni-party system.

    1. Dear Vinny, These men supported Denny Rehberg:

      Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ken Miller, Johnathan Johnson, Sheriff Richard Mack, Neil Livingstone, Rick Hill, leaders of Gun Owners of America who rated Tester “F”

      They don’t sound like “Party Bosses” to me.

      Are you claiming you have more political insight than these people and that you are smarter than all of them collectively? If so, then you should be able to write an intelligent comment explaining why they were all wrong in recommending Denny Rehberg and you were right. Reference.

      Believing "The Patriot / Libertarian middle IS forcing change in the uni-party system" is delusional.

      You win nothing when you throw a grenade under our own tent and throw the game to our common enemy. Had you done this under George Washington, he would have had you shot for being a traitor.

      You make no progress toward freedom when you give more power to your enemy: Obama, Harry Reid, the EPA, the greenie ecofreaks, who stack the Supreme Court against you.

      By the way, thanks for giving us Tester. You harmed the lives of many hard-working Americans and you risked the future of American freedom.

  8. Ed: You did OK. I was the one who found it strange that Minnesota and Montana both have a Democrat governor and two Democrat US Senators. My conservative Minnesota friends can't believe that we have liberal Democrats in such positions. Minnesotans even have Al Franken. My advice in Montana is to have a good Republican run for Governor and not let Bullock have two terms. Any recommendations? Let's have a Republican who most of us would all support, so let's get it together. For your readers I just have to say that I served Ronald Reagan as a political appointee. (I also ran for the US Senate in Minnesota in 1996.) Your article Ed is OK and makes us think.

  9. Libertarians says the Republicans never get anything accomplish. Well since 1930, the democrats have controlled Congress for 68 years, the Republicans only 16 years. the Republicans are never in office long enough to accomplish any thing. Then add in to the Republicans control , half of of them are RINO's. Just maybe if the 17th Amendment was repealed , it would restore Checks and Balance to the Congress. The democrats would never allow the repeal the 17th Amendment. The word libertarian has been bastardized, like the word gay. Most good republicans are libertarians, in the way they think, liberty means everything. Ron Paul was a Libertarian, but he was smart enough to run as a Republican.

  10. Dr. ED: You are OK. Now, help us find 2-3 good candidates to run for Governor. Walsh is a real lemon and should drop out. The problem the Dems have is that they don't know who to put in Walsh's place in either the race or the temp Senator spot. Ed, we appreciate your website.

  11. Ed thinks we should elect a Liberal in Ryan Zinke as opposed to the more conservative Mike Fellows. If Republicans would nominate better candidates, they wouldn't lose to Democrats. Don't blame Libertarians for your failures. Voters own their own vote and can decide themselves, which candidate best represents them.

    1. Dear David,

      And who did you vote for in the Republican primary?

      You and other Libertarian voters had your chance to nominate Corey Stapleton who is just as conservative as Matt Rosendale but you blew your chance through your own stupidity. Matt had no chance to beat Ryan. Only Corey could have beaten Ryan. Read my articles that explain why this was true.

      Now you want to blame “Republicans” for your failure to make the best use of the primary? Sorry. Unless you voted for Corey, you are to blame for the nomination of Ryan Zinke. Look in the mirror before you blame “Republicans.”

      You are delusional to think Mike Fellows can win the election. Be realistic. Only two people have any chance to win: Ryan Zinke and John Lewis.

      Given this choice, Ryan Zinke is by far the best choice for Montana, for America, and, yes, even for you.

  12. Ed, you must think that it's OK to vote for a moderate like Zinke, just because he may be 5% better then Lewis. Zinke hasn't come out with any plans, and when they asked him for 3 things he'd cut, during the first debate, he rambled on about nothing. Your rants sounds like the gun ban and the Brady bill, after those bills passed with Republican support, the NRA proclaimed victory in only having lost 50% of our gun rights, instead of working to save all of them. Jesse Ventura, was sitting at 9% in the polls, then got elected governor. Amazing how that happens. Romney Care was the blueprint for ObamaCare and the Heritage Foundation promoted the insurance mandates. I don't mind supporting good candidates, but to you Ed any candidate with (R) behind his name is a good candidate. If Republicans want to win, they will have to run on the issues and work on getting out the vote. It doesn't help either when Republicans want to use the force of government, in passing a top two primary to control the free market, to eliminate their competition. Why are Republicans so afraid of competition, around this country. Republicans don't support the liberty movement, and this may one reason why some candidates lose. Conrad Burns's big mouth got him in trouble, plus the fact that Conrad loved to spend our money. Rehberg and Baucus were doing the same on the spending issue. Rehberg kept saying spending was a problem then voted for more spending. With Republicans like that who needs Democrats. So Ed in the long run it may not matter who's in office, because the direction of this country hasn't changed, it's just going downhill a little faster. We've given both parties chances to right the ship to no avail. Maybe things like Federal term limits might help, since those politicians wouldn't be in long enough to get the power to control our lives and pocketbooks.

    1. Dear Jan,

      Your comment focuses on negatives about some Republicans but it does not compare the negatives of the opposing Democrats. It’s not like we can vote for “No One” and end up with an empty seat. The winner of 99% of all elections will be either the Republican or the Democrat.

      Rather than just criticizing Republicans, we should say “When the Democrats put up a better candidate than the Republican candidate, we will vote for the Democrat.” Require the Democrats to put up a better candidate if they want our vote.

      Indeed, there are some “Republicans” like John McCain and the 3 others on the Gang of Eight, that deserve to be eliminated. But Burns and Rehberg did not deserve to be eliminated because they were far better than their Democrat opponents.

      If we elect enough Republicans to control the US Senate then it does not matter whether all of these Republicans score 90% conservative. What matters is how they will change the power structure against Obama. They would replace Harry Reid with a Republican. They would control the Senate committees. Even Rand Paul needs Republicans to control the Senate before he can really help us.

      If Republicans had controlled the US Senate, we would not have Obamacare. We would not have the 2 liberal Supreme Court judges Obama appointed, who are a real threat to America. We would not have Harry Reid trying to remove Bundy from his land. We would not have the EPA terrorizing Americans. We would not have Obama flying illegal immigrants all over America. We could actually impeach Obama. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      Simply gaining Republican control of the US Senate would be a major milestone toward achieving your own political goals. Denny Rehberg would have been far better than Tester so far as your interests are concerned, unless you are a Democrat.

      When you say Republicans don’t support the Liberty Movement, you show you have not even read the Republican Platform and the Republican Resolutions.

      Compare them with the Democratic Platform. The difference is night and day.

      Now back to Ryan Zinke.

      The difference between Ryan Zinke and John Lewis is much more than 5%. Zinke is 10 times better for you and for America than John Lewis.

      Read Ryan Zinke’s Energy Plan that you can download here.

      While there are parts of Zinke’s plan I would modify, his plan is far better than the Lewis plan that you can download here.

      Lewis wants to expand the renewable energy tax credit, expand wind energy, expand biofuels, and capture Montana’s emissions of carbon dioxide and stuff them underground. Lewis is an insane, eco-freak environmentalist. He wants the EPA to be more active in Montana and he supports Indian rights. His plans will double or triple your electricity rates.

      Learn more about John Lewis here and here.John Lewis has a lot of social plans but nothing that will help America’s economy or your freedom.

      Ryan Zinke has signed a pledge to support a national right to work law. This alone justifies supporting Ryan Zinke over John Lewis.

      Now if the Lewis plan is really what you want then vote for Lewis or waste your vote on Libertarian Fellows. But if you want more personal freedom and a better economy, then you will want to vote for Ryan Zinke.

      In conclusion, it makes a giant difference who we elect to represent us. Reagan proved it. The economic differences between Democrat-controlled states like New York, Illinois, and California compared to Republican-controlled states like North Dakota, Wyoming, and Texas also proves it.

      Giving more power to the Democrats is the sure way to turn America into a second-rate country that would remove your Bill of Rights.

  13. I keep on hearing Montana is a conservative state. Wrong; Montana is a welfare state. Look at the subsidies ranchers get on the east side. The Heritage Foundation did a report on farm subsidies about 2 years ago, I was amaze on how much money farmers and ranchers were getting, especially the corporation farmers and ranchers. Then count all the government employees ( fed., state, counties, cities, and all school districts). All the single parent so call families. There are over a million miles of roads, with money coming from our broke federal government. We could turn this State around by allowing logging , mining, oil extraction, after all this state is called the Treasure State, by the way ,those words are no longer on our license plates. Restore the family, fathers working , mothers staying home rearing her children, get rid of "no fault divorce".

  14. Fredh makes sense. Put "treasure" back on our license plates and then let's help make Montana energy independent. What is so complicated about that?

  15. vinny in Livingston

    "But Burns and Rehberg did not deserve to be eliminated because they were far better than their Democrat opponents."
    …..if you like being represented by KNEE-WALKING, Denny-on-the-rocks, sue the firemen drunks like these two reprobates!
    No thanks!

    Keep kicking the Constitutionalist / Libertarian can, Ed – you might even make Walsh look good!

    1. Dear Vinny,

      So you believe the insane Libertarian religious doctrine that says it was better to put Jon Tester in the US Senate than Denny Rehberg, even though Tester supports Obama, Obamacare, Obama’s liberal Supreme Court judges, Obama’s flood of illegal immigrants to destroy American culture, Obama’s EPA destroying our industry and economy, Obama’s policy to tear down our coal-electric power generation, Harry Reid’s war on America and Bundy, Obama’s destruction of our military, Obama’s plan to put America under the United Nations and erase our border with Mexico, etc.

      You support all that and more. Are you freaking insane?

      Voting for the Libertarian was a vote for Tester. Until you understand that,
      you are part of the problem. Wake up and become part of the solution.

  16. Ed: You are correct that we need to be part of the solution not the problem. If the Army War College does not meet until August 15th to hear the plagiarism issue that still means that Walsh has to drop out before 11 August. I predict Walsh will drop out plus he should also drop out of the Senate. The problem for the Dems is "who should replace Walsh for the campaign and for the last remaining months as a senator?"

  17. Dear Gary, I predict Walsh will drop out and the Democrats will replace him with Schweitzer. The Dems know Daines will beat Walsh so they will replace him with their heavy hitter.

  18. Latest news is Schweitzer will not run against Daines. Other notable Democrats have also refused. Looks like a clean victory for Daines. Maybe the Dems will pick nobody and it will be a race between Daines and Roger Roots. If so, then that will be a fair race where the Libertarians can have their fun.

  19. It's pretty terrible that you pick on these two great men who have done more to point out the root causes of the evils in our society AND offer solutions. It is a shame you only know how to stick to one paradigm and not see that it is precisely your strategy of the "lesser evils" that has, and always, will result in a perpetual cycle of evil. Why don't you try to extend the olive branch to Rhodes and Baldwin instead of criticizing them. After all, it is a house divided that ultimately helps the opposition. It is high time that you reexamine your positions Dr. Ed.

    1. Dear Michael,

      You may not like the truth but I am telling the truth that needs to be told.

      The “house divided” is a consequence of Rhodes and Baldwin trashing, without good cause, Republicans who are far better for America than their Democratic opponents. There is no middle ground between the large number of conservatives who support Ryan Zinke and the small number of right-wing radical mesmerized followers of Rhodes and Baldwin who support John Lewis.

      You say Rhodes and Baldwin have pointed out “the root causes of the evils in our society and offer solutions.” Not so.

      By their works we shall know them. No matter how much you like their words, their so-called “solutions” elect the socialists and communists who control the Democratic party, which results in the exact opposite of the words they preach. This is insanity.

      If you support Rhodes and Baldwin, you support their “solutions”: Democrats who vote to have the United Nations confiscate American’s guns, vote to install liberal judges, Obama’s executive orders, etc.

      Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin is preaching to his flock to elect John Lewis to Congress rather than Ryan Zinke. This is proof Rhodes and Baldwin are traitors (unless they plead insanity) to the conservative cause.

      Ryan Zinke is so much better qualified for Congress than John Lewis that they cannot be compared. When the likes of former paratrooper, Oath Keepers honcho Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin criticize without rational cause Navy Commander Ryan Zinke, for whom they are not qualified to polish his shoes, they prove they are enemies of America.

      It’s time for Rhodes and Baldwin’s followers to wake up, desert their leaders, and support Republican candidates.

  20. I'm afraid Zinke isn't qualified to polish my shoes either. Let's support candidates who believe in Liberty for all not liberty for some. Zinke and Lewis may want liberty, but not liberty for all only liberty for some.

  21. The republicans are representative of banking and corporate interests.. they are the other wing of the same bird.. a vulture who picks our bones clean. Trashing Baldwin and Rhodes .. well I guess the founders had their disagreements .. I think Baldwin and Rhodes would be of the anti federalists… Henry and Mason . if it were not for them the Bill of Rights would not have been included in the Constitution .. supporting republicans .. its Dec. 2014 . so far we learn republicans support amnesty . passed a trillion dollar budget .. and basically consider conservatives disposable . what does it take to get through to knee jerk republican partisans before they find out . doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity .. the Whigs were replaced by Republicans . the Republicans will be replaces by something else.. the point is the establishment controls both parties . and we end up going in the same direction regardless of which party is in power. The only voices currently in congress who seem to have their stuff together are Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz . and Dana Rohrbacker . the rest of them . bought and paid for. IF the country goes in the same direction regardless of who is in power . R or D.. we have the Hegelian dialectic in play . some folks vote conscience ..it smacks of shallow sell out to condemn them for doing so . Rhodes and Baldwin . have their points.. democrats and republicans have become the property of the establishment .. one reason nothing ever gets done except more war and decline of the middle class .. I hope republicans go the way of the whigs. the sooner the better . and democrats.. they will implode are imploding .. both parties need to get gone. If you make a deal with Lucifer or Satan . the two parties.. you are still dealing with the devil.

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