Oath Keepers “Midnight Ride” is the dark side

Movie Review by Dr. Ed Berry

Oath Keepers 2015 movie Midnight Ride features Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, G. Edward Griffin, Larry Pratt, Sheriff Mack, Chuck BaldwinDan Happel, and seven others. You can watch the trailer and download the draft script.

What’s the movie about?

The draft script tells it all.

It’s an anti-government conspiracy-theory sales pitch to get you to join Oath Keepers so you can help Stewart Rhodes save America. They want you to buy the movie, join Oath Keepers, and donate to help pay the movie’s cost of $81,745.

I will save you all that money.

What’s the movie’s pitch?

The movie asks,

What’s “the real reason the power elites are building the police state?”

It concludes,

“the most likely event … would be a crash of banking system.”

Hmmm. Those “power elites” are out to get us.

What solution does the movie propose for this doomsday problem?

The movie’s answer is on page 30 of the script:

America CAN be restored to her first principles by reforming the banking system and revitalizing the Militia of the Several States. A revitalized Militia will provide better checks and balances between centralized Federal power and local State power. This will open the door to a SOUND monetary system with REAL economic growth …

And if WE THE PEOPLE control both the “Power of the Purse” and the Power of the Sword” we can survive any catastrophe or change.

So Oath Keepers would have us believe they will “revitalize” the state Militias under the command of “General” Stewart Rhodes.

These Oath Keepers Militias will improve the “checks and balances” between the Federal government and the States.

And these improved “checks and balances” will make the world banking system implement a SOUND monetary system that will give us REAL economic growth.

But will Oath Keepers save us from the power-elites’ police state?

Wanna buy a bridge?

I have one to sell you if you believe this monumental ignorance.

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