Oath Keepers Leaders support Democrats, deceive membership

by Dr. Ed Berry

EXB150If you are a conservative, you know your political enemies are the liberals. But your greatest enemies are those who hide within because they can better deceive you. Like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they penetrate your walls and you follow their suggestions.

From the outside, you might think Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers National Chaplain Pastor Chuck Baldwin would support the most conservative candidates in political elections. However, they help elect the most liberal candidates by encouraging Montana tea party voters to not vote for Montana’s Republican candidates.

See my article “How Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes help elect Democrats” for details.

You may wonder why a red state like Montana, which voted overwhelmingly for Romney in 2012, also elected Democrats Steve Bullock for governor and Jon Tester for US Senate. The answer, my friend, lies in the significant number of self-proclaimed conservatives who foolishly vote Libertarian, thinking they are voting for a more conservative America.

Why did they vote Libertarian? Partly because Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes and Pastor Chuck Baldwin led them to believe in a false premise, namely, that electing Democrats to powerful positions will somehow make Montana and America more conservative.

These two Montana tea-party leaders deceive their followers into believing in a fiction, and this fiction supports the liberal agenda.

Montana is a swing state where the large percentage of delusional Libertarian-minded conservatives can easily swing an election from Republican to Democrat. They take pride in their power to do so. They envision they are saviors of freedom when they vote away their own freedom … and the freedom of America. They complain about the RINOs but they are to the left of the RINOs.

Was there a liberal plan to move Rhodes and Baldwin to Montana in 2010, in time for them to help elect Democrats? If so, it was a brilliant plan.

In 2012, Oath Keepers founder, Stewart Rhodes, helped elect Democrat Jon Tester to the US Senate by trashing Republican Denny Rehberg.

In 2014, Oath Keepers National Chaplain, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, promotes Democrat John Lewis for US Congress by trashing Republican Ryan Zinke, a retired Navy Seal.

This week, Dick Morris said the result of the 2014 elections for control of the US Senate is too close to call. As the US Senate goes, so goes America.

If Republicans end up one US Senate vote short of control of the US Senate, we shall have Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers National Chaplain Pastor Chuck Baldwin, and their delusional Libertarian-voting followers to blame for this unnecessary disaster to America.

How many of the claimed 30,000 members of Oath Keepers and estimated 10,000 supporters of Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship are aware that these seeming conservative fronts are really stealth covers to help elect more Democrats?

And if they knew the truth, how many would continue to send their money to Stewart Rhodes’ Oath Keepers and Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship?


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