Oath Keepers, JBS and the Lesser Evil

by Dr. Ed Berry

New York State declared Oath Keepers to be “Far Right Extremists” where NY defines “extremists” as

“These extremists must be distinguished from law abiding citizens exercising their first and second amendment rights – namely extremists are those willing to use violence, rather than the democratic process, to further their cause.”

and uses the following associations as evidence to make its case:

“Michael Brian Vanderboegh, a longtime militia member and founder of the III Percent Patriot Movement which was supported by Jerad and Amanda Miller, travelled to NYS at least once in 2013 to speak to the Liberty Oath Keepers meeting in Monticello, NY. The III Percent Patriots are a militia group comprised primarily of gun rights extremists who believe in the need to use violence against the government to prevent what they believe to be an impending seizure of all private firearms.”

“There have been multiple observed instances of overlapping membership in the Oath Keepers and the III Percent Patriots, and the Oath Keepers’ founder has spoken supportively of the III Percent Patriot Movement.”

Oath Keepers leaders don’t understand “principles.” They support the three false Mantras:

  • The Voting Mantra: “A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.
  • The Moron Mantra: “There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats.”
  • The Suicide Mantra: “People will never wake up until it gets much worse.”

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers National Chaplain Baptist Pastor Chuck Baldwin make serious political devastating mistakes. Evidence, shown below, suggests Oath Keepers leaders are “Far Left Political Extremists” who masquerade as “Far Right Political Extremists.”

New York State’s definition of “extremist” includes those who promote violence. Dictionary.com’s definition is:

  1. a person who goes to extremes, especially in political matters.
  2. a supporter or advocate of extreme doctrines or practices.

Oath Keepers Executive Director Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers National Chaplain Pastor Chuck Baldwin are political extremists. You have to be politically extreme, or schizophrenic, to flip from supporting Ron Paul, as Rhodes and Baldwin did, to supporting Democrats as they have done in practice.

Rhodes has turned Oath Keepers into a cult that helps elect Democrats, and these Democrats support the exact opposite of what Oath Keepers claims to support. Rhodes and Baldwin use the illogical, irrational, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, destructive Voting Mantra to promote the election of Democrats to their unwary rightwing followers.

Stewart Rhodes and Chuck Baldwin trash Mitt Romney

Chuck Baldwin introduced Stewart Rhodes at the Paul Fest in Tampa, Florida, on August 25, 2012, that Ron Paul did not attend. Rhodes calls Mitt Romney “an oath breaker”:

[The Republican Party] “has yet again betrayed our trust, and yet again put forward another oath-breaking destroyer of the Constitution in Mitt Romney. He is another neocon traitor … (cheers). The very last thing you should do is to let FEAR drive you to vote for the lesser of two evils.”

In 2012, Stewart Rhodes wrote:

“Anyone who thinks we have time to play politics for another election cycle, or two or three, is delusional. And even if that were not so, folding and supporting the lesser of two evils is still supporting evil. Romney is an oath breaking traitor. You vote for him, or support him, you become one too.”

In 2012, Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote:

“But the problem is a Romney-Ryan administration will do nothing to change the downward spiral of the nation. They will continue the fanatical interventionist, preemptive war policies of Obama and Bush. They will also continue to build and construct the Orwellian domestic Police State–and as Sonny and Cher sang, “The Beat Goes On.”

Watch this speech by Bill Whittle to see how valuable Mitt Romney would have been to America.

Now read this Summary of Mitt Romney’s Plan for America. I am one of the few who saved it and over 5000 people have read it. This summary establishes without a doubt that Mitt Romney would have been much better president for America than Barack Obama.

Stewart Rhodes promotes the false Voting Mantra.

“I will call out elected officials who are oath breakers. It is out duty to root out all oath breakers by voting against them. If we vote for an oath breaker, we are breaking our own oath and oath breaking is a sin and treason.”

“What if we have only a choice of two oath breakers? We cannot vote for either one of them. Voting for the lesser of two evils is exactly why we are where we are now. Fear is why people vote for the lesser of two evils over and over again.”

Rhodes goes way outside his stated context for Oath Keepers. He paints Republican candidates he does not like as “Oath Breakers” and tells his followers they will be “Oath Breakers” if they vote for an “Oath Breaker” and says this would be “sin” and “treason”.

Rhodes reference to “sin” turns Oath Keepers into a religious cult. Rhodes and Baldwin are a powerful marketers for the progressives to convert rightwing Oath Keepers members into Democrat or third-party voters. As the Bible says, by their works we shall know them.

The real “sin”, Stewart Rhodes and Chuck Baldwin, is in your purposeful influence in causing the elections of Democrats because you trashed much better Republicans. You were instrumental in electing Montana Democrat Tester to the US Senate in 2012. This may affect Republican control of the US Senate in 2014, where Republican control is the only way we can slow the damage Obama will do to America in the next two years.

You trashed Mitt Romney who was America’s best hope to restore our economy and freedom. To promote your irrational political cause, you helped take out Romney and you took millions of Americans down with you. This is not bravery. It is treason.

Depending which religion turns out to be most correct when we die, your “sin” in defrauding your rightwing patriots to not vote for Republicans will not go unpunished. If the Catholic Church turns out to be right, plan to spend some serious time in Purgatory for the damage you have done to America.

Stewart Rhodes trashes Denny Rehberg 

On election day in November 2012, Stewart Rhodes issued this proclamation to his believers:

[Montana candidate for US Senate] “Denny Rehberg deserves to go down in flames just like Conrad Burns did in 2006. Conrad Burns lost to [Democrat candidate] Tester precisely because he lost the liberty vote in Montana. And Burns lost the liberty vote because he had abandoned the Constitution and violated his oath by voting for unconstitutional laws, such as the Patriot Act.”

Stewart Rhodes trashed Denny Rehberg for US Senate even though Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack, and Gun Owners of America endorsed Denny Rehberg.

I repeat: Rhodes, a former Ron Paul staffer, trashed Denny Rehberg when Ron Paul himself endorsed Denny Rehberg. Go figure.

Rhodes Oath Keepers has some 40,000 members nationwide and he and Chuck Baldwin are Pied Pipers to the Montana tea party “liberty vote”. The votes lost from Republican to Libertarian were more than twice the difference that elected Democrat Jon Tester to the US Senate for another six years. By their works we shall know them.

Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin lies about Ryan Zinke.

On July 17, 2014, Pastor Chuck Baldwin not only attacked Republican Ryan Zinke but actually told his followers to vote for the Democrat:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how to say it any plainer: if you are forced to choose between a pro-war, pro-police state, neocon Republican candidate for federal office and a Democrat, and if you believe in voting for the “lesser-of-two-evils,” the Democrat is the one for whom you must vote.

“Unfortunately, that is exactly the choice that the citizens of Montana have this year in its lone U.S. House race. We have a Democrat, John Lewis, running against a pro-war, pro-police state, neocon Republican Ryan Zinke. Without a doubt, the Democrat John Lewis is by far the lesser evil than Ryan Zinke.”

Pastor Baldwin says Ryan Zinke is a “pro-war, pro-police state, neocon” with no proof. His followers should demand proof. The fact is Ryan Zinke is just the opposite of what the Pastor calls him. Ryan Zinke is the most honest, intellectual political candidate I have ever known. He is sincere and truthful. He has children who are in the military. He has seen war and he does not support war except when necessary to defend America.

RyanZ2Personally, I cannot imagine having a better friend or representative in Congress than Navy Commander, Seal Team Leader, Ryan Zinke. He is humble and sincere. He cares about people. He listens to you. He is strong enough to kill everyone in a room but he never shows it. He could crush the bones in your hand but he understands his strength and he is appropriately gentle. He never boasts. I just cannot imagine a more desirable candidate for public office.

Here’s a factual comparison of Ryan Zinke to his opponent John Walsh. Ryan Zinke is educated, experienced and extremely well prepared to be a member of Congress. On matters of our economy and energy, Ryan Zinke understands the climate change fraud and will not use the climate change fraud to deprive Americans from the energy they need. Zinke is a better scientist than the progressive’s forest ecologist wonder boy Montana Professor Steve Running, who fraudulently claims he has a Nobel Prize and who does not even understand climate science.

If Pastor Baldwin were concerned about the truth, he had his chance at the noon meeting of the Kalispell Pachyderm Club on October 3, 2014, where Ryan Zinke spoke and answered questions. Yes, in Montana you can actually talk personally with your Congressional candidate and even to your elected Congressman.

If Pastor Baldwin were concerned about the truth, he would have taken this opportunity to ask Ryan Zinke any questions he wished. Then Pastor Baldwin could have reported accurately on Ryan’s answers.

But Pastor Baldwin is not concerned with truth and neither are any of his followers who stick with him after this. He will lie to convince his followers to not support a Republican candidate. In my opinion, in his false claims about Ryan Zinke, Pastor Baldwin is guilty of disobeying the Commandment:

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

So much for the integrity of the Oath Keepers.

The bearing of false witness on our good Republican neighbors done by Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin and their Libertarian-voting followers reminds me of the song in the Jesse James movie:

“The dirty little cowards who shot Mr. Howard (and Mitt Romney, Denny Rehberg, Rick Hill, and Ryan Zinke …), and laid poor Jesse in his grave.”

Who are the radical “rightwing” leaders who will not support Ryan Zinke and other Republican candidates?

Three key radical rightwing leaders have challenged the conservative cause in Montana. They have drawn a line in the sand against Republican candidates. They will not compromise on their positions. There is no way the Republican Party can work with them. They are enemies of the conservative effort to save America.

You have just met two of these Pied Pipers of the tea party. Here is the full list:

  1. John Birch Society which infiltrated Montana in the Spring of 2010.
  2. Oath Keepers founder  and leader Stewart Rhodes who moved to Flathead Valley, Montana in 2010.
  3. Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin who moved to Flathead Valley, Montana in 2010.

Art Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society, promotes the false Voting Mantra (published on Nov 12, 2012):

“Never, never, never vote for the lesser of two evils, because its evil. Its unprincipled. And that’s why we are losing this country. Voting for the lesser of evils has caused the steady accumulation of evil that is killing this country.”


If you listen and read their works carefully, you will learn these three leaders focus on negatives rather than on positives and the rules they preach do not work.

These leaders promote the three Mantras to get their followers to reject Republican candidates. They cleverly train their flock to believe these three Mantras will bring them political and maybe heavenly salvation. Their brainwashed flock parrot and re-parrot these Mantras as if they were the Word of God.

The strange thing is the Mantras conflict with the teachings of all major Christian churches and most tea party folks claim to be Christians. These Mantras originated in America in the progressive movement led by Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden in the 1960’s. Those who follow these Mantras today are dupes of the 1960’s progressives.

The only reason these people are leaders is because they have followers. Their followers can stop this nonsense that is destroying Montana and America by waking up and rejecting the scam their leaders are promoting.

These “tea party” leaders talk proudly about our Founding Fathers but they reject the fundamental “lesser evil” compromises our Founding Fathers made of necessity in order to create the Constitution of the United States of America.

Based upon their works in helping elect Democrats, Art Thompson, Stewart Rhodes, and Chuck Baldwin are not conservatives. They are Democrats in sheep’s clothing.

Alinsky’s secret rule #13

Is there a secret Alinsky Rule #13 that told the progressives:

“When you understand how your Mantras prevented you from winning, infiltrate your opposition with the Mantras to prevent them from winning.”

Some say nothing coincidental ever happens in politics, which makes me wonder why these three separate players all arrived in Montana in 2010 in time to help Democrats win in 2012. Montana is a small state where a relatively small group infiltrating the tea parties can easy to turn elections from Republican to Democrat.

Montana may have been the easiest state in 2012 to turn Republican victories into Democrat victories. Now, as we approach the elections of 2014, the 2012 Montana US Senate election these leaders helped to elect a Democrat may determine whether Republicans can slow the damage Obama will do in the next two years.

My opinion

Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, and Art Thompson are not village idiots. They know exactly what they are doing. They know their proclamations have and will cause the election of Democrats rather than Republicans. They know Republican US Senators and Congressmen and a Republican Governor will enact bills that will much better protect our Constitutional rights than Democrats would. But they work for the Democrats and they know the evil these Democrats will cause.

The only open question is: Why are they deceiving their people?


The purpose of this series is to awaken rightwing radicals to their error in rejecting “lesser of evils” Republican candidates when these candidates will deliver the greater good and are necessary to save America.

In Part 1, Logic of the Lesser Evil, we showed the Voting Mantra is logically invalid.

In Part 2, Religion of the Lesser Evil, we showed how all major Christian religions reject the Voting Mantra. They advise us to vote to achieve the most possible good rather than to punish a “lesser evil”. True religions teach us to focus on positives and to strive for the greater good. But false religions preach negatives and they control the radical votes.

In Part 3, Radicals and the Lesser Evil, we showed that Republican leaders must act now to prevent radical rightwing leaders from gaining a wider audience. Conservatives must counter the illogic and Christian conflict of radical rightwing leaders and the Mantras they promote. The goal must be to wake up the followers so they reject the false, destructive politics of their leaders.

In this Part 4, we learned that Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship and later of Oath Keepers, and field directors of the John Birch Society all arrived in Montana in 2010, just in time to help elect Democrat candidates in 2012. Therefore, we pray that Oath Keepers and JBS followers will wake up from their delusions and be wise enough to vote for our Republican candidates in 2014 and beyond.

Most important conclusion of this series:

Some people talk about “unifying” the Republican Party. But the three Mantras cannot be “unified” or “compromised”. Either you are for the Mantras or you are against them. And if you are for the Mantras then you are against the Republican Party. 

But if you are against the Mantras, then we can talk about “unifying”.

This is the most important conclusion of this series of articles about the Lesser Evil.

4 thoughts on “Oath Keepers, JBS and the Lesser Evil”

  1. I could care less about Oath Keepers, but as far as the John Birch Society, The society has been in North west Montana and Montana for over 45 years. The Flathead Co. Chapter leader in 1972 was a delicate to the rewriting of Montana's Constitution, I believe he was the only non trial lawyer in that group.
    The man who owns Mountain meadows resort became a member in 1968. Dick Mussey and Walt Dupey also became members in 1970. Walt Dupey who lived in Bigfork , was the first man to coin the word RINO, now it is a nation wide word. I join in 1990, if people think I am a racial , because I have been fighting communism and the break up of the family, by removing the father from the home, for over 40 years. For the last 25 years, the Birch has defeated many calls for a con con.

  2. Ed,

    Please remove me from your e-mail list. I know longer wish to receive your e-mails.
    Your character assassinations and lack of judgment are unconscionable.


  3. @3 Dear Mae,

    Stewart Rhodes and Chuck Baldwin did the "character assassinations" on Mitt Romney, Denny Rehberg and now Ryan Zinke, and their "character assassinations" misled many people and affected elections.

    Are you so brainwashed that you are willing to hide truth, forgo justice, and allow Rhodes' and Baldwin's unwarranted and inaccurate character assassinations to stand without rebuttal?

    Either you are for the truth or against the truth. Rhodes and Baldwin lied about the character of very good Republicans. I have told the truth about what Rhodes and Baldwin do, and you would hide the truth from the voters.

    Nowhere have you disputed the truth of this article. You have only said you cannot stand the truth. Well, sometimes the truth hurts.

  4. [* *]
    Dr. Ed,

    Mr Zinke is in fact an Oath Breaker. His vote in support of TPA, TPP, TTIP and TiSA. He deserves to be recalled, unemployed and prosecuted for betraying American citizens and the sovereignty of the nation.

    -A concerned Montana constituent

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