Libertarian Dan Cox tied to Harry Reid and Las Vegas mob

by Dr. Ed Berry

I have already discussed Libertarian Dan Cox’s ready willingness to be a toady for Democrat Senator Jon Tester.

Now, according to a source knowledgeable in Nevada politics, the stamp on illegal Dan Cox mailers trace to PDQ Printing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PDQ Printing’s clients stem from the sleazy ‘escort’ pornographic card peddlers to any and all liberal activist projects.  PDQ is known in Las Vegas for its emphasis on alternative lifestyle political action. It is used exclusively by Democrats.

Harry Reid ‘s Connection

PDQ Printing is one of the two union mailhouses Nevada Senator Harry Reid has used for many years.  PDQ keeps Reid’s secrets much better than A&B Printing which Reid also uses.  When anonymity is critical, PDQ is the go-to shop.

PDQ is reliable and quick.  In this busy time, there are not many clients PDQ would drop everything to print for but  Harry Reid and his Majority PAC have priority.  Majority PAC is also influencing Senate Races in other states.  In AZ, Majority PAC is coordinating with League of Conservation Voters (LCV).

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is a well-funded environmental, global warming nut-case group that backs Obama, Tester, and every other flaming liberal candidate in America. They push expensive, unreliable wind power while doing all they can to stop hydroelectric, carbon fuels, and nuclear power. The LCV is anti-American.


The Nevada Democratic support of Dan Cox has Las Vegas political mob values and dirty money all over it.  It’s hard to make a “principled” argument when you allow your “principles” to be used as a weapon to destroy conservative progress.

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